23 Best Bali Beaches In 2024 – A Paradise for Sun, Surf and Sand!

Bali is a tropical island paradise with beaches all along the coastline, from north to south. What’s surprising is how different the beaches are.

You’ll find varying terrains and wonders around the island, from surf havens with rolling waves to calm, clear waters perfect for wading and soft white sands to black sands from volcanic rocks. 

Not sure which beach to choose for a relaxing day trip or fun in the sun? We’ve compiled a full list of Bali’s top spots – from well-known tourist locales to some of our favourite hidden gems.

Grab your sunscreen, swimsuit, and a nice big towel, and let’s explore Bali’s best beaches.

Berawa Beach (Canggu Beach) – Super Sunsets

FINNS Beach Club Party VIP Drone Shot Canggu Bali

We have to start our list with our favourite beach on the island – Berawa Beach or Canggu Beach.

It’s just on the doorstep of FINNS Beach Club, the best of the world’s beach clubs, and it’s one of the best beaches in Bali, where you’ll find all sorts of people enjoying a picture-perfect beach day.

There are waves for surfers of all abilities and levels, joggers and beach workout buddies, dog walkers, kite surfers, sunbathers and more.

All along the beach, local vendors will offer beach chairs, umbrellas, and ice-cold soft drinks, beers, and coconuts.

Grilled sweet corn and Bintangs are a popular treat for sunset goers. This is one of the best spots on the island for uninterrupted sunset views all year round.

When in Bali, visiting Berawa Beach is a must, whether for an early morning walk, a relaxing beach day, or to catch the stunning sunset.

And stop into FINNS to enjoy a cocktail or a meal with oceanside views. 

Seminyak Beach – Upscale Dining

Take In The Sunset Seminyak
Picture Source: hotels.com

Seminyak Beach is located just north of Kuta and is one of the most popular beaches in Bali. It’s a long, pristine stretch of sand with luxurious resorts and beach clubs.

Beach chairs and umbrellas are available to rent for the day from the local vendors on Seminyak Beach to provide shade from the sun.

People come to Seminyak Beach for stunning sunsets and gorgeous views. Plus, there are excellent cafes and bars nearby.

If you’re hungry, try local dishes from stalls along the beach or visit nearby restaurants with popular international cuisines like Italian, Mexican, or Japanese.

The Seminyak nightlife is alive, with bars and clubs playing live music until late. This Bali beach never disappoints.

Padang Padang Beach – Cliff Based Beach Views

Padang Padang Beach 1440x960 by nothingfamiliarcom
image source: nothingfamiliar.com

Padang Padang Beach is also called Pantai Labuan Sait, and it’s located in Uluwatu, tucked into a hidden cove on the south peninsula’s western coast.

Visitors to this naturally beautiful beach are captivated by the stunningly clear and crystal blue ocean and the dramatic cliffs surrounding the area. It’s a great place for secluded beach walks.

Padang Padang is one of the more popular beaches in Uluwatu, a favourite spot among locals and tourists alike.

Visitors can rent umbrellas and sun loungers for the day, and purchase coconuts, small snacks and refreshments from the local vendors.

You can also lounge on sarongs or towels on the white sands and enjoy snorkelling or swimming in the clear waters.

From the white sandy beach to the thrilling surf, Padang Padang is one of Bali’s best beaches to explore.

Balian Beach – Natural Wonder

Balian Beach is the place for you if you want peace, serenity and nearly untouched natural beauty. Balian Beach is located on the western side of Bali, approximately a 30-minute drive north of Canggu.

Surfers make the trek here for the long, consistent waves far from the crowds of Canggu and Berawa.

The sands of Balian are created from volcanic ash, so the setting is a vista of black sand, rolling waves, and a lush green backdrop of fields and palm trees. The sunsets are spectacular here.

Pull up a stool at the local warungs away from the crowds and big resorts and enjoy the sunset with a Bintang beer and a satay or two. Balian is unique and unlike any other beach on Bali’s west coast.

Nusa Dua Beach – Golden Sand Beauty

Aerial symmetric shot of beach umbrella rows at the Nusa Dua beach in Bali, Indonesia

Nusa Dua Beach is famous due to its proximity to Bali’s most renowned, large-scale resorts. Situated on Bali’s southern coastline, it is one of the top beaches in Bali.

If you asked most tourists, they’d say it deserves to be in the first three spots of the best beaches in Bali.

Tourists and locals love this white-sand beach; the waters are calm and crystal-clear. It’s a very popular beach for families. Swimming, snorkelling and other water activities can be enjoyed here.

Nusa Dua Beach’s calm waves provide great leisurely swimming that is perfect for beginners and kids.

Also, there are water sports activities like snorkelling, jet skiing, and parasailing. You can rent stand-up paddleboards or kayaks. This luxurious beach is the beach other Bali beaches dream of being.

All around Nusa Dua, you’ll find a park-like ambience with manicured gardens and palm-tree-lined streets. There’s even a world-class golf course to enjoy.

It’s no wonder why Bali’s most luxurious resorts and hotels are located in Nusa Dua, close to one of the island’s most beautiful beaches.

Green Bowl Beach – Naughty Monkeys And Clear Waters

Azure pure turquoise ocean sea blue water waves foam on tropical Green Bowl Beach Bali island Indonesia Go everywhere relaxing travel concept

Green Bowl Beach is a stunning cove located in the southwest of Bali, and it’s one of the most amazing beach spots. People know it for its incredible surroundings and natural beauty.

The waters are crystal clear, and this white sand beach has a soft warmness that’s pleasant underfoot, and since it’s a bit of a secret beach, you won’t find many crowds here.

Due to the terrain, you won’t find any restaurants or shops, but there may be a few stalls or local vendors along the beach.

You can also see a few naughty monkeys along the cliff trails to the beach. Bring a towel or sarong for sunbathing, and enjoy swimming or snorkelling in the clear waters.

A day at Green Bowl Beach is well-spent, with the sun and relaxation.

Echo Beach – One Of The Best Beaches In Bali For Surfers

Sunset at echo beach in Bali

Echo Beach is a top pick for Bali beachgoers, situated in Canggu. Its soft sands and awesome surf make it one of Bali’s most popular beaches, renowned for its beach restaurants and world-famous beach bars – perfect for chilling out and taking in the views.

The swell gives some of Bali’s most regular waves which automatically qualifies it to be among the best beaches in Bali.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced surfer, this one of our amazing beaches has waves for all skill levels.

There are some good surfing schools at this beach where you can learn to navigate the warm tropical waters without worrying about any injuries.

The beach is always lively with many local surfers every day and visitors from around the globe. At any time of the day, you’ll find surfers, dog walkers, and sunbathers.

While for sunset, you may find groups for volleyball and maybe a game or two of beach football. Plus, locals often leave their mark by making fire pits in the sand for barbecues or campfires.

The location on the west coast and the lively social atmosphere make Echo Beach one of Bali’s most popular sunset spots. All-in-all, Echo Beach is one of Bali’s best beaches year-round!

Kuta Beach – The Most Popular Bali Beach

Kuta beach in Bali

Kuta Beach is one of Bali’s most famous beaches since it’s right on the west coast, in the island’s most renowned tourist locations.

Just north of Jimbaran Bay, Kuta Beach has white sands, calm waves and beautiful sunsets, and a great atmosphere with many restaurants and shops.

Large resorts and budget-friendly hotels are within walking distance to the beach, along with various restaurants and warungs.

Shopping is great, too – markets, boutiques, surf shops, and department stores are all close to each other.

Plus, nightlife ranges from laidback bars with live entertainment to clubs playing electronic dance music until sunrise – all within walking distance of Kuta Beach.

So if you want a chill afternoon or day, or night full of action and fun for something new, Kuta Beach has it all.

Bingin Beach – A Hidden Gem Among Bali Beaches


Bingin Beach is a hidden gem located on the Bukit Peninsula in Bali. Its crystal-clear waters and golden sand make it a popular destination for surfers and beachgoers looking for a more secluded spot.

This charming beach is nestled between towering cliffs, with charming guesthouses and surf hotels all along the cliffside.

Pantai Bingin is also a great place to relax and unwind, with plenty of sun loungers and beach umbrellas available to rent.

The beach is also home to a small selection of cafes and restaurants and is famous for its fresh grilled seafood.

Getting here requires walking down many stairs that wind through the cliffside. So watch your step and be mindful of the terrain as you walk.

For this reason, there are few crowds in Bingin Beach. But those who venture down the cliffs would say it’s worth the effort. Whether you’re a surfer or just looking to escape the crowds, Bingin Beach is a must-visit destination in Bali.

Amed Beach – The Jewel Of East Bali


Amed is located on the eastern coast of Bali, and visitors often overlook it in favour of more popular beaches in the south.

However, this beautiful beach is a hidden gem that’s worth discovering. This black sand beach offers a peaceful, laid-back atmosphere, and crystal-clear waters perfect for snorkelling and diving.

Amed is one of the island’s most popular spots for underwater adventures; visitors can spot various marine life, including colourful vibrant coral reefs, tropical fish, and even sea turtles.

Amed Beach is also known for its stunning sunrise views and the backdrop of the majestic Mt. Agung.

While in the eastern part of Bali, we recommend touring around to see the incredible beauty and scenery of the surrounding hills and rice paddies.

East Bali is noticeably more remote, away from the bustling tourist hot spots.

In the evenings, gaze at the fishing boats on the water, enjoy a nice local meal at one of the local warungs, or simply unwind with a cold drink and watch the stars come out.

Sanur Beach – Family Friendly Fun

sunrise at sanur beach bali

Sanur Beach is a popular destination on Bali’s south-eastern coastline, which is great for families due to its nice, slow, relaxed pace compared to Seminyak or Canggu.

The beach has a crescent-shaped bay and stunning blue waters, with a boardwalk promenade that winds around the waters.

With the golden and white sands and areas for sunbathing, snorkelling, and swimming in the nice calm waves, Sanur Beach is a paradise for families and beachgoers.

Just off the beach, you’ll find a variety of resorts and hotels, restaurants and cafes, and shops for souvenirs and anything else you may need.

This beach is renowned for its tranquil atmosphere and gorgeous sunrises. Sanur Beach is perfect for a day in paradise!

Kelingking Beach – Dramatic Rock Formations And Scuba Diving

aerial view at sea and rocks kelingking beach nu 2023 11 27 05 07 59 utc

Kelingking is a remote and unspoiled destination, on the island of Nusa Penida, just off the coast of Bali.

This secluded beach is famous for its stunning natural beauty, with turquoise waters and towering cliffs creating a dramatic and breathtaking landscape.

Access to the beach requires a steep and challenging hike down a cliff, but the effort is well worth it. Once on the beach, visitors can relax on the soft white sand or swim in crystal-clear waters.

Kelingking Beach is also a popular spot for snorkelling and diving, with various marine life to discover. Visitors can explore the nearby coral reefs and swim alongside colourful fish and sea turtles.

In addition to the beach activities, visitors can explore the surrounding area, with plenty of hiking trails and scenic spots to discover.

Kelingking Beach is also close to several other popular destinations on Nusa Penida, such as Angel’s Billabong and Atuh Beach.

Visitors can rent scooters or hire a local guide to explore the island’s natural beauty.

Whether you’re a nature lover, adventure seeker, or simply looking for a peaceful and secluded spot, Kelingking Beach is an unforgettable destination that should not be missed as one of the best beaches in Bali.

Virgin Beach – A Wonderful Sandy Bay

Virgin Beach is undoubtedly one of the best beaches in Bali.

Its name tells you exactly what to expect when you get to Virgin Beach, virgin, unspoiled sand.

This Bali Beach takes a bit of work to get to but it’s so worth it. So head out to Bali’s Eastern Coast and enjoy.

If you love clear waters, lots of local warungs and soft sand, you just can’t go wrong at Virgin Beach.

The best of it is that this beach on the East Coast rarely gets crowded and you’ll have a real slice of paradise on your hands when you visit.

Dream Beach – A Real Adventure

This attractive sandy cove on Nusa Lembongan is one of the best beaches in Bali thanks to the natural infinity pool that forms at low tide.

If you’re looking for your next island adventure away from Mainland Bali then Dream Beach is a great choice of destination. It’s less than an hour’s boat ride from the Southwest Coast of Bali.

It offers a gorgeous stretch of powdery white sands but be careful when swimming at low tide as the ocean waves here can get a bit rough.

There are some decent surf breaks and you can find surf shops in the area where you can rent gear so that you can go out and tackle a decent barrel.

Dreamland Beach – Laid Back Vibes

Aerial Photo of Dreamland Beach at Sunset, Bali, Pecatu, Uluwatu, Indonesia

This pleasantly secluded beach has a certain rugged charm that appeals to surfers and sunbathers alike.

Sadly, the local warungs that once lined this beach all appear to have moved on, but you can still find beach peddlers offering cold beers when you need them.

Make sure to watch out for flags on this beach as only some sections are swimmable and the other sections have strong undercurrents that can easily sweep you out to sea.

It’s a fantastic place to enjoy a dramatic sunset too.

Balangan Beach – Scenic Superstar

Beautiful descent to the beach
Picture Source: clickstay.com

This may be the most scenic beach in Bali with incredible views along the golden sand and the fantastic cliffs that line the shore.

The surf break here is, perhaps, one of the longest left-handers on the island and if you’re visiting Uluwatu, Dreamland, Suluban, etc. then Balangan Beach is a must-see.

There are no lifeguards on duty here and the beach is swimmable but we’d still recommend taking care as tides can be unpredictable.

The area around this beach has some of the best budget accommodation in Bali.

Lovina Beach

Dolphins on the island of Wasini Kenya

If you’re all about dolphins, then you’re going to need to visit Lovina Beach as it’s the stopping-off point for anyone seeking a boat ride among the cetaceans.

The beach itself is very attractive too and this point on the North Coast isn’t as busy as beaches elsewhere in Bali.

The big selling point here is the black sands which provide a stark contrast to the white sands of other famous Bali beaches.

Jimbaran Beach

four seasons jimbaran bay

If you love fresh seafood and luxury resorts then you can’t go wrong at Jimbaran Beach, of course, you don’t have to stay in the resort to enjoy the golden sands and crystal bay.

The local market will be happy to supply you with as much fresh fish and other seafood as you can handle and the warungs there will be delighted to cook it for you too!

There are also more than a few restaurants in the area that will have already been out to buy fish and be waiting for you and your appetite to come along and take advantage of their hard work.

Thomas Beach

We still can’t believe how few visitors this gorgeous beach in Bali gets. It’s not far from Padang Padang and Uluwatu but it sees far fewer visitors than either of those better known locations.

If you want soft sands and warm turquoise waters, you just can’t go wrong at Thomas Beach.

Diamond Beach

Young woman tourist on Bali swing at Diamond beach at Nusa Penida island Bali, Indonesia

This lovely beach on Nusa Penida often tops the list of most beautiful beaches on the island.

The white sands and soft blue waters are just about the perfect beach location.

There is one thing that ensures Diamond Beach will never be overrun with tourists – a long and steep staircase from the top of the cliff to the beach.

It’s quite a lot of work to get back up again.

Uluwatu Beach

ocean coast near uluwatu temple in bali 2023 11 27 05 07 04 utc

Famous for its world-class surf breaks and towering limestone cliffs, this booming tourist destination is a brilliant place for sunsets, sunbathing and surfing.

It’s a proper surfing mecca as many international standard tournaments have been held on this beach and on other beaches nearby.

If you’re just passing through, we’d recommend that you combine a visit to the world-famous Uluwatu Temple with a visit to this beach.

That way you can enjoy one of the finest pieces of Balinese cultural life and still get a suntan while you do!

Suluban Beach

This isn’t the best beach for sunbathing as it’s shaded by the cliff face above it, but surfers absolutely love this location.

It’s a challenging break to surf and you should be aware that most people here are pros, not beginners.

However, it’s a beautiful beach with plenty to offer beach spotters and and there are some decent bars here too.

Geger Beach

Geger Beach, Bali Island

A kilometre-long stretch of some of the most golden sand in Bali is waht Geger Beach (just south of Nusa Dua) has to offer visitors.

It’s the sort of beach that you can easily fall in love with and never want to leave.

Just grab a cold beer and let the sun shine down on you, or take a gentle walk in the cool blue waters before you.

Final Thoughts On The Best Beaches In Bali

Bali island boasts some of the world’s best beaches, and there are many ways to appreciate the splendours – sunbathing on dreamy beaches or dipping toes in crystal waters.

From around the world, the island attracts surfers looking for the best waves and divers wanting to explore the seas of the archipelago.

Come visit us at FINNS Beach Club, but save the day in your Bali holiday to relax and soak in the sun at one of Bali’s many beautiful beaches.