FINNS Beach Club FAQs

What Time Does FINNS Beach Club Open?

FINNS Beach Club and FINNS VIP Beach Club open at 10 a.m. every day of the year except for Nyepi. (Nyepi is the Hindu Day of Silence – nearly all businesses on the island are closed for Nyepi not just FINNS).

What Time Does FINNS Beach Club Close?

FINNS Beach Club and FINNS VIP Beach Club close at 12 a.m. (midnight) each day.

What Is The Entrance Fee At FINNS Beach Club? Is FINNS Free To Get In?

FINNS Beach Club does not have an entrance fee. It’s free to come into the beach club and to use most of the facilities, you only pay for your drinks, food, smoking products and any services that you use.

There is no entry fee at FINNS VIP Beach Club either.

However, if you book furniture at FINNS VIP Beach Club until the 15th of July 2024, the reservation fee includes additional privileges such as:

  • Priority bookings at St. Tropez and Monsoon Restaurants
  • Exclusive VIP Menu Selections
  • Free flow water for drinking
  • Cold face towel
  • Sunscreen & face mist
  • Sunglasses cleaning service
  • High-speed internet
  • Power bank charging service
  • Complimentary coffee and juice
  • Complimentary gelato stick
  • Complimentary locker
  • Surf valet service
  • Valet service

After the 15th of July 2024, these privileges will be updated to:

  • Escorted entry & valet service
  • Welcome Mimosa
  • Complimentary snack
  • Exclusive menu selection
  • Cold face towel
  • Sunscreen & face misty
  • Sunglasses cleaning service
  • Power bank charging service
  • Priority booking at St.Tropez and Monsoon restaurants
  • Complimentary gelato stick
  • Complimentary locker
  • Afternoon Lemon Spritz

The only exception to this rule is for special events such as the New Year’s Eve Party or the Anniversary Party. There is an entry fee to attend special events and this is not credited towards your food and drink spending while at FINNS.

What Is The Minimum Spend At FINNS Beach Club?

Unlike most beach clubs in Bali, FINNS Beach Club has no minimum spend and you only need to pay for the services you use and food and drinks that you consume.

However, if you wish to use a day bed, there is a minimum spend associated with this service.

There is no charge to use the day bed, itself, and the minimum spend can be used of food and drinks from any of the available bars, restaurants and kitchens within FINNS.

What Online Payment Options Does FINNS Accept?

You may pay using any debit or credit card using one of three payment gateways:

  1. Australian Users – SecurePay
  2. International Users (other than Australians) – Airwallex
  3. Indonesian Users – MidTrans

What Payment Methods Can I Use At FINNS?

FINNS accept almost all cards (except WISE Card) and cash in any of its venues. We also have ATMs onsite if you need to withdraw cash.

What Is The Entry Price For 2 People Please?

We offer free entry with a minimum spend if you would like to book a bed. For two people we would recommend booking 2 x single beds in either our Beach Club or VIP areas.

Do You Have To Book A Bed To Enter FINNS Beach Club?

No. You are welcome to walk into FINNS at any time, subject to available space, and there is seating that you can use in the restaurant and bar areas for free.

However, if you want the ultimate beach club experience, we strongly recommend that you book a day bed in advance on our website, this service is free but there is a minimum spend requirement for food and drinks.

This ensures that you will get to sit where you want to sit in the venue and that your seat is guaranteed.

Is The Cost Of Day Beds Always Credited To My Food & Drink Spending At FINNS?

Yes! Once you have paid a reservation fee all the cost is refunded towards your food and beverage bill during your time at FINNS Beach Club or FINNS VIP Beach Club.

However, the credit must be used on the day of your booking and cannot be rolled over for future visits and you must use all of the minimum spend credit, there is no refund given for any unused portion of your reservation fee.

We should also note that there is an exception to this rule, if you have bought a ticket for one of our Special Events such as the New Year’s Eve Party, you are paying for entry and the fee is not refunded as a credit.

I Made A Booking But Have Not Received A Confirmation, What Can I Do?

Please check your junk/spam folder as it may have landed in there.

Otherwise please email [email protected] letting us know the name and email used to book the ticket and we can check further.

What is the difference between a VIP bed and a normal bed?

Our VIP Beach Club offers exclusive benefits and inclusions including: exclusive menu selection, complimentary free flow water,  complimentary daily refreshments at 3pm, complimentary lockers, cold face towel, sunscreen & face mist, sunglass cleaning service, power bank charging service, premium high-speed Wi-Fi connection, surf valet service and valet service. All bed bookings include complimentary towels.

Can We Come With 7 people And Take 1 Deluxe Bed? Any Extra Charge?

Our Deluxe beds accommodate up to a maximum of 6 people.

If you have 7 – 10 people we recommend booking a Super Deluxe Bed or two Deluxe Beds side by side.

We strongly recommend pre booking to ensure you can all sit together.

Does ‘Arrive before 1pm’ Mean That You Can Arrive At Any Time But Have To Leave At 1pm Or Does It Mean That You Need To Arrive before 1pm But Can Stay As Long As You Like?

If you book based on ‘Arrive before 1pm’, then you must arrive and be on your reserved furniture before 1pm. If not, we reserve the right to release your booking and give it to another guest.

If this happens, then, when you arrive you will be placed on the waiting list until a bed becomes available. You are welcome to open a tab and start using your minimum spend during this time.

If you aren’t sure that you will Arrive before 1pm we suggest you book ARRIVE ANYTIME to enjoy full flexibility. This means your bed will be held for you until you arrive. Either way, you are welcome to stay as long as you wish.

We Will Be Running Late, We Cannot Make It Before 1pm. Can We Please Have The Bed Held For Us?

As above, we will release the bed at 1 p.m. You will be place on a waiting list for a bed when you arrive and can use your minimum spend at the bars or restaurants in the venue until you are allocated a new bed.

Is The Cost Of The Day Bed Booking Credited To My Food And Drinks ?

Yes! The minimum spend paid to secure your booking is 100% credited towards food and beverage on the day of your visit/booking. All of the minimum spend credit must be used, no refund is provided for unused credit. You may order takeout to help use up your credit.

The only exception to this is Special Events which are sold as Ticket Only – eg NYE

What Is The Difference Between Walk-In And Arrive Anytime?

Walk-in means you come directly to the venue without reservation, any beds will be subject to availability upon arrival and the walk-in minimum will be applied.

As we get busy, if there aren’t any beds available when you arrive you will be placed on a waitlist and can sit in the bar or restaurant area.

We strongly recommend making a reservation prior to coming to FINNS which guarantees that you will get a bed when you arrive, and you can also take advantage of our book and save offers with a discounted minimum spend.

If you pre-book for “Arrive Any Time”, your reservation will be held for you until you arrive.

Hi, Do You Have Special Arrangements For Honeymoon Or Birthday Celebrations?

We offer a pre ordered special occasion cake service, which is available if booked in advance at least 4 days before your visit.

Please email [email protected] to see the menu and price list so you can order.

If you would like to celebrate with a group or a private event area, please email [email protected]

I Would Like To Organize A Private Event At FINNS, Who Should I Contact?

We offer a number of private spaces suitable for small to large groups. Please contact our Event team via [email protected]

Do You Accept Mixed Group Bookings At FINNS?

Yes, you may make reservations for large mixed groups of people or for female only groups at FINNS. The standard group booking is for 12-35 people but larger groups may be accommodated with enough notice.

We have just launched our pre-wedding and post-wedding events group booking services too which can be arranged via [email protected]

Please contact [email protected] to discuss group booking requirements.

Is It Possible To Book The Entire FINNS Beach Club Venue?

Yes, you can book all or part of the venue for private events. Please contact [email protected] to discuss this.

Can I Have A Hen’s Night Or Bucks Party At FINNS Beach Club?

Hen’s Nights which consist of all female participants may come to FINNS Beach Club as long as they adhere to the dress code (your group may not wear all matching shirts or outfits). We do allow some bookings for Bucks Party’s but these must be pre-arranged with [email protected] and your group may not wear all matching shirts or outfits, the same as for Hen’s Nights.

We currently do not admit all-male, Australian, New Zealand or British sporting team groups.

These policies apply to both FINNS Beach Club and FINNS VIP Beach Club.

What Time Does The Live DJs Start At FINNS Beach Club?

FINNS Beach Club and FINNS VIP Beach Club have live DJs from 12 p.m. (noon) to 12 a.m. (midnight) each day.

The resident vocalists arrive at 4 p.m. each night to accompany the DJs at FINNS Beach Club and 12 p.m. in Monsoon and St. Tropez.

What Time Is Happy Hour At FINNS Beach Club?

FINNS Beach Club and FINNS VIP Beach Club Happy Hour runs from 8pm – 9pm daily with a buy 1-get-1-free promotion.

I Want To Change The Date Of My Booking For FINNS Will I Be Charged?

You can make a request to change the data of your booking at FINNS at any time to [email protected]

However, if you want to change within 2 hours of making your booking, this will not incur any charges.

If you want to change the booking after 2 hours, there is a small admin fee to be paid (this is a fee and not an addition to the minimum spend credit).

What Happens To My Minimum Spend Credit If I Don’t Come To FINNS On The Day I Booked?

If you do not change the date on your booking and you don’t show up to FINNS Beach Club on that date – your booking is cancelled and the credit is forfeit.

What Is The Difference Between A VIP Bed And A Normal Bed At FINNS Beach Club?

FINNS VIP Beach Club offers additional benefits to users which include a bigger menu selection, complimentary free flow water, complimentary coffee, complimentary refreshments, complimentary lockers, cold face towel, sunscreen & face mist, sunglasses cleaning service, power bank charging, high speed Wi-Fi, surf and car valet services.

However, the actual furniture used for a day bed is the same at both beach clubs and all-day bed bookings include complimentary towels.

Is FINNS Beach Club Family Friendly?

Yes, but while FINNS Beach Club has an area where families can enjoy the venue, the atmosphere and environment is very party orientated and can at times become extremely high energy. All ages are welcome to join the fun at FINNS Beach Club. To ensure that children have a great time, we have one all ages swimming pool – the FINNS Beach Club family pool. There is no family-friendly pool in the FINNS VIP Beach Club.

When you make a booking for a day bed online, you can select these areas for your reservation.

Can Children Go Anywhere In FINNS Beach Club?

No, while most of the venue is all ages, there are three areas which are restricted to adults (over-18 years old) only and they are:

  • The VIP Oceanfront Pool
  • FINNS Beach Party Area (children may not use the party beds or party platform)

We would also ask that your children are supervised at all times and that you ensure they don’t cause any undue disturbance to our other guests. We would remind you that while FINNS Beach Club has an area where families can enjoy the venue, the atmosphere and environment is very party orientated and can at times become extremely high energy.

What Is The Legal Drinking Age At FINNS?

You can only drink at FINNS if you are over the age of 21. This is in line with Indonesia law and FINNS Beach Club and FINNS VIP Beach Club both reserve the right to request photographic ID before accepting a drinks order.

Can We Bring Our Pets With Us To FINNS?

We’re very sorry but for the safety of both the animals and our guests, no animals may enter either FINNS Beach Club or FINNS VIP Beach Club.

What Happens If It Rains At FINNS Beach Club?

The fun goes on! FINNS Beach Club and FINNS VIP Beach Club both have covered seating areas where you can shelter from the rain and continue to enjoy the food and drinks from our bars and restaurants.

The live DJs, music and entertainment at FINNS will continue while it rains too.

Is There A Dress Code At FINNS Beach Club?

Yes, both FINNS Beach Club and FINNS VIP Beach Club have some basic rules regarding dress in the venues and they are:

  • No face or head tattoos – there are no exceptions to this policy
  • For men – t-shirts, shorts (including board shorts), thongs/sandals are the minimum standard of dress required
  • For women – shirt/blouse, shorts, sarong and footwear are the minimum standard of dress required
  • For groups – it’s not permitted for groups to come to FINNS with matching shirts or costumes
  • Gang colors of any kind may not be worn within any FINNS venue
  • AFL Jerseys are not permitted in FINNS
  • Swimwear must be worn while using the pools – t-shirts and other items of clothing are not permitted in the pools.

In addition, there is a stricter dress code at St. Tropez and Monsoon:

  • Smart casual dress is required
  • For ladies – shirt, blouse, shorts and appropriate footwear are the minimum standard of dress
  • For men – t-shirts, shorts/board shorts and sandals are the minimum standard of dress
  • Singlets and swimwear are not permitted

Do You Have To Pay To Use The Pool At FINNS?

No. All of our guests are welcome to use our pool free of charge. However, if you have not reserved a day bed or a booth, we would ask that you rent a locker in order to ensure that your personal belongings are safe during your time in the pool.

You may not leave belongings unattended in the bar or restaurant areas or by the pool.

If you need pool towels, these can also be rented along with the locker. If you have booked a day bed or booth, a towel is provided free of charge.

The cost to rent a locker at FINNS is 100,000 IDR but there is a deposit of 400,000 IDR for the key and to ensure the locker is not damaged.

Does FINNS Beach Club Have Halal Food?

It is not possible for FINNS Beach Club or FINNS VIP Beach Club to guarantee that any item on our menu is 100% halal.

You can find a list of ingredients on the menu and make your own decision regarding what you consume.

Is There Luggage Storage Or Suitcase Storage At FINNS?

Yes, both the FINNS Beach Club and FINNS VIP Beach Club can store luggage for you. Please stop by the valet counter if you need to use this service.

Is There Parking At FINNS Beach Club?

Yes. All vehicles parked at FINNS must be fully checked by our security team before being admitted to the valet service.

All the car parking at FINNS is administered by our valet service, the valet service is provided free of charge to all FINNS guests.

If you park at FINNS, FINNS accepts no responsibility or liability for your car.

The car park remains open during the operating hours of FINNS Beach Club unless otherwise agreed in writing with management or at management discretion.

There are onsite parking lots for motorbikes and again, FINNS accepts no responsibility or liability for your vehicle.

Can You Smoke At FINNS Beach Club?

Smoking is not permitted at the entrance foyer and reception and in the locker rooms. FINNS may also make other areas of the venue non-smoking on a case-by-case basis.

What Is The Best Day To Visit FINNS Beach Club?

There is no bad day to visit FINNS Beach Club. It’s busy and fun all year round. Fun fact nearly 1 in 8 of all visitors to Bali come to FINNS Beach Club and FINNS VIP Beach Club!

Is There An Age Limit At FINNS Beach Club?

There is a deluxe all ages area at FINNS Beach Club where families may relax together.

Do You Need ID For FINNS?

You are not required to present ID to enter FINNS. However, in some circumstances you might be asked for ID as a verification check when paying by card or for the purchase of alcohol.

Is FINNS The Best Beach Club In The World?

Yes, FINNS is the world’s best beach club and we’ve got the evidence to prove it.

Where Is The Best Place To Sit At FINNS Beach Club?

That really depends on you, we have a map on our website when you book and we’d suggest that you book a place to sit near your favourite facilities or the family area if you have children with you.

All our day beds are awesome and of the same standard throughout FINNS Beach Club, so don’t worry, you can’t choose a bad place to sit.

FINNS Beach Club WhatsApp

You can contact FINNS Beach Club by WhatsApp at +62 8518 269 1713

Please note: We can only offer text-based support via WhatsApp and video calls will not be accepted.

What Do I Do If I Lose Something At FINNS?

FINNS cannot be responsible for your property while you’re at the venue and we strongly recommend leaving any unattended possessions in a locker,

However, we do operate a lost and found service and you contact that service on WhatsApp at +62 8518 269 1713.