Canggu Beach – Bali’s most popular beach

FINNS Beach Club is located right on one of the best beaches in Bali – Canggu Beach. Canggu Beach stretches from Jl. Pantai Berawa, where FINNS is located, all the way up to the famous surf breaks of Batu Bolong and Echo Beach. It might not be the most picturesque beach, whereas other beaches in Bali have crystal blue waters and white sands. But Canggu Beach is one of the most beloved locations in Bali, attracting locals and tourists from morning into night. The sands are soft, and the stretch of the beach is wide and a few kilometres long, so there are plenty of opportunities for fun in the sun and various activities. 

What can you do on Canggu Beach? We have rounded out some of the best ways to spend your day on the beach or with us at FINNS Beach Club. The beach is open to the public, and there are usually no lifeguards, so if you are going into the water, please use caution.

canggu beach balis most popular beach

Canggu Beach Club. Book at Daybed at FINNS Beach Club or FINNS VIP Beach Club

Of course, the first and we think the most fun thing to do on Canggu Beach is to visit us at FINNS Beach Club or at the ultra-chic FINNS VIP Beach Club. Wherever you are in our venue, you’ll have uninterrupted views of the beach and ocean beyond. Book a sunlounger or daybed with your friends, and sip on poolside cocktails or grab a few bites from our full menus of dishes or any of our 5 on-site restaurants. You can stop in for breakfast on the beach, starting at 7 am, join us for lunch and pool time, or stay all day and night. Sunset hour is magical, with the best views on the island as the sun sets over the horizon, with a show of golden and pink colours throughout the sky. Our famous happy hour is from 7-9 pm, with 2-for-1 drinks, daily in-house resident DJs, and live vocalists keeping the party vibes going into the night.

Book your daybed or sunlounger online instantly, or for ultimate savings and VIP treatment, book a FINNS Ultimate Experience package for savings on your minimum spend and pre-booking for bottles of wine and spirits. 

Canggu Beach for surfing, sun and more  

If you are looking for beach action with friends, family or even your dog, there’s plenty to do at Canggu Beach. The beach is family-friendly, but we do caution that the undertow can be quite strong, especially as the tide recedes. There are typically no lifeguards, so please take caution when swimming. Below are all the activities we recommend at Canggu Beach.

bali surfing lessons at finns beach club

Bali Surfing lessons 

Canggu is a surfer’s paradise, known for consistent surf breaks that can be suitable for all levels – beginner and elite athletes alike. The tides change throughout the day, but hourly surf reports are online to see each day’s rating and when the waves will be optimal. The popular surf breaks are just outside FINNS Beach Club at Berawa Beach, further north at Batu Bolong, then at Echo Beach, and on to Pererenan Beach. At the best times, there will always be beginners and longboarders, along with more advanced or intermediate surfers taking their turns. Sunrise and sunset are popular times since the sun isn’t as harsh, but no matter what time you go, you should always wear sunscreen or a rash guard to protect your skin from the sun’s rays.

If you want to try a lesson or simply to improve your skills, we have one of Bali’s best surf schools – FINNS Surf Academy. Sign up online or at FINNS Rec Club for any of our private, semi-private or group lessons courses. There are lessons and instructions in and out of the water, and everyone is welcome to learn at his or her own pace. Take a full immersion of courses, from a 3-day Learn to Surf program or a 2-day Fearless & Survival program for more experienced surfers to better understand the water and ocean. Every weekend we have a weekly surf trip with a coach who can give you a watchful eye on your form and stance and offer some guidance and tips. We also have a Kids Surf Program for kids ages 8-14 who want to learn to surf in a safe environment. 

Sign up for FINNS Academy online, or kids can also join through the Junior Sports Academy.

canggu dinner. beachside dining at st. tropez

Canggu Dinner. Beachside dining at St. Tropez

Book a table at St. Tropez for oceanside dining that you won’t find anywhere else on Canggu Beach. There are very few restaurants for lunch or dinner along Canggu Beach, so if you want to have a meal while overlooking the beach and ocean, St. Tropez can deliver. Located in FINNS VIP Beach Club, St. Tropez has a breezy, Mediterranean-inspired feel, with a wide selection of seafood, artisan dishes, pastas, and grilled dishes that are sure to please. Come for sunset, enjoy some champagne or pre-dinner cocktails, and then move on to dinner with one of the best ocean views on Bali’s west coast. Book your table online or speak to our team for a group or special occasion. 

Canggu or Berawa Beach. A day at the beach. 

Since Canggu is one of the most popular places in Bali to stay and live, it’s no wonder that the beach draws everyone to the sand and sea. Early morning, you’ll see plenty of residents walking their dogs or enjoying morning jogs. The beach is exceptionally wide when the tide is low, allowing for playing and wading in puddles and rock pools. The morning hours are cooler, with the sun’s golden glow coming up over the island’s east side. Later in the day, the local warungs open for business, renting sun loungers and umbrellas and selling refreshments of soft drinks, coconuts, or Bintang beers. At sunset, the beach comes alive, with crowds coming to see the last few rays of the sun and the colourful display at dusk. No matter what time of day, plenty of beachgoers enjoy the sun, sand, and activities at Canggu Beach. 

Canggu Beach Sports. Join a friendly game of volleyball or football. 

If you are interested in a bit of team sports or friendly competition, you can find a few at Canggu Beach if you know where to look. Beyond Batu Bolong, there are volleyball nets, with games typically starting around 5:00 pm nightly. There are clubs that may reserve the nets and playtime, but anyone can usually join the games without hesitation. It is also not unusual to have locals set up football pitches just near the Berawa Temple, where the sands are flatter. At sunset, you can usually find recreational sports and activities along Canggu Beach, where groups are friendly enough to welcome anyone to play. 

Ask our team if you have questions about what to do at Canggu Beach. We are local experts and can help you with tide or surf forecasts and weather reports so you know the best time to go. And after your day at the beach, or anytime, stop into FINNS Beach Club for a nice cold refreshing drink or an oceanside snack or meal.

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