Berawa Beach – Our favourite Bali Beach!

Right on our doorstep, we have one of Bali’s favourite beaches – Berawa Beach. This area used to be quiet and secluded, bridging tourist spots of Seminyak and Canggu beaches. But today, thanks to the development of Berawa and some of the island’s best spots (like FINNS!) – moving in, Berawa Beach is now one of the hottest locales to catch some waves and soak up the sun.

Berawa Beach is a hidden gem for surfing enthusiasts. Situated in the southern Bali tourism area, it offers a quieter alternative to the crowded waves just north of Batu Bolong. With its rolling waves and soft sand, Berawa attracts beginners and advanced surfers. In addition to its surf scene, Berawa Beach also boasts a stunning sunset view, becoming one of the most popular beaches in Bali. 

Let’s explore all the reasons why we love the location that is home to our 170m beachfront – Welcome to Berawa Beach!

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Location and Features

Berawa Beach is situated in the southern Bali tourism area and is an alternative beach attraction famous for its water sports activities. It is particularly known for surfing and kite surfing due to its black sand, big waves, and views of the Indian Ocean. Berawa Beach is considered the best surfing location in Bali, suitable for both beginners and advanced surfers. It is less crowded than other nearby beaches like Legian Beach or Batu Bolong, Canggu making it a perfect spot for a more peaceful surfing experience.

Aside from its excellent surfing conditions, Berawa Beach offers one of Bali’s most stunning sunset views. No matter where you sit, you have an uninterrupted and clear vantage point to watch the sun go down over the horizon of the Indian Ocean. Visitors can relax on sunbeds while enjoying soft drinks and beer from the nearby beach stalls. Take a leisurely stroll, or sit back and watch the beachgoers enjoy the setting.

It is important to note that Berawa Beach is not suitable for beginner swimmers, especially those with children. The waves can be quite large, especially during high tide, and some strong undertows or currents can quickly pull you farther out to sea. 

There are two public entrances to Berawa Beach. The first is right outside FINNS Beach Club, taking Jalan Pantai Berawa the whole way to the end, where it meets the beach. There is space to park motorbikes and nearby parking lots for cars. The other entrance is further north, adjacent to Pura Perancak Tibubeneng temple. On this side of the beach, you will find vendors for toys for the beach and water and small local food stalls.

activities at berawa beach

Activities at Berawa Beach

What can you do at Berawa Beach? It’s better to ask what CAN’T you do. Berawa Beach is the perfect spot for everyone, whether you want a lazy beach day or a little more action and sports. 

You can start early in the morning with a sunrise beach walk. This is where you’ll find dog walkers and early risers getting their steps in before the tropical heat and harsh rays from the sun come later. For some, it’s the best part of the day, when the beach is empty and peaceful, with blue waters and rolling waves in the distance.

If you are a surfer, you can find waves at almost any time of the day at Berawa Beach. A few sites can tell you the times of the tides and when to expect the best waves. The morning is the most popular time, particularly for surf lessons.

Berawa Beach is quickly becoming one of the best surfing locations in Bali, suitable for both beginners and advanced surfers. Its black sand and big waves overlooking the Indian Ocean make it a popular spot for surf enthusiasts, and as of yet, still relatively uncrowded compared to the surf spot further north in Canggu or Echo Beach.

If you want to become a surfer, sign up with the FINNS Surf Academy at FINNS Recreation Club. We have classes for beginners and intermediates who want to perfect their skills and technique. Classes are taught on land and in the water, giving students the best opportunities to learn how to stand, move along with waves, and read the tides. If you want to learn in a professional environment with the island’s best instructors, sign up for FINNS Surf Academy today!

In our opinion, Berawa Beach is one of the best spots for a lazy beach day. There is plenty of space, and the views of the ocean and horizon cannot be beaten. There are vendors all along the shoreline who have bean bags and sun loungers and plenty of space for groups and families. You can lay in the sun, work on your Bali tan, or relax under a large umbrella. Most of the vendors also have coolers or small kitchen areas to buy soft drinks, cold coconuts, beers, and a few local dishes from the grills, such as satays or spicy corn on the cob. 

We want to note that Berawa Beach is perfect for families with young children who want to stay in the shallow waters and play in the waves on the sand. However, there are better areas for swimming because of the steep shelf, where the water gets unexpectedly deep, and the currents are strong. It is suitable for surfers and strong swimmers, but small children and novice swimmers should take caution. The waves are strong, with a force that can knock over grown adults, and the riptides can pull you out to sea very quickly. Please take caution when swimming in this area.  

Other than swimming, Berawa Beach is perfect for anything you want to do. Lay in the sun or under an umbrella, build sand castles or sculptures, surf or kite surf, or engage in a friendly game of football, volleyball or ultimate frisbee on the beach. 

Remember to mention our favourite time of day at Berawa Beach – the Golden Hour of sunset. This is when you will find the most people and biggest crowds on the beach, who come to enjoy the last few moments of the daylight and then marvel at the colours that light up the sky at dusk. You’ll find everyone from all walks of life on Berawa Beach for sunset – dog walkers, surfers, families and kids playing in the waves; friends circled up in groups of bean bags, a few football games and more. Berawa Beach comes alive for a spectacular sunset show any day of the week or year.

finns beach club on berawa beach

FINNS Beach Club on Berawa Beach

As we said, we may be biased in our opinion, but the main reason that Berawa Beach is our favourite beach is because it’s our home! FINNS Beach Club and FINNS VIP Beach Club are in the middle of Berawa Beach, with 170m of prime beachfront space. If you have had enough of the sand or you want more variety for food and beverage, then make your way inside to join us. You can relax on a daybed or sun lounger by the pool with your choice of drinks, cocktails, and food from our various restaurants. Our location on one of Bali’s best beaches is the best of both worlds – beach and day club – and remember our famous happy hours for sunset. 

So if you are hitting the beach, we’ll see you at Berawa Beach, and then stop in and see us at FINNS Beach Club!

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