The Complete Travel Guide To Canggu: All You Need To Know About Bali’s Hippest Destination

Canggu has moved from “up and coming” to “arrived” in the last few years and it’s one of the most popular places in Bali, now.

But why are people heading to Canggu? What’s there and why is it so awesome?

Well, we’ve put together this guide to help you find out. You’ll learn what there is to do, where you can stay, what the best eateries are and more!

Check out Canggu and see if you want your next Bali holiday to include some time in the surfing capital of Bali!

Where Is Canggu?


Canggu is the name of a coastal village and a 10-kilometer (that’s about 6 miles) stretch of beach known as Canggu Beach.

It’s on the South Coast of Bali and it’s about 10 km (6 miles) to the North of the very popular destination of Kuta.

How Do I Get To Canggu?

The easiest way is to get a taxi or ride-share app ride from the Ngurah Rai International Airport or see if your hotel offers airport transfers and take them up on that service.

We prefer airport transfers if we can get them as they tend to be the most convenient and there are no hidden charges involved.

How Do I Get Around Canggu?

Woman with helmet and scooter outside in bali
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You’ve got several options for getting around Canggu, though our preferred choice is usually to use a ride-sharing app.

This is the most convenient and safest way to travel in Canggu or Bali as a whole.

On Foot

Walking is a wonderful thing and while you’re in Canggu much of what you want will be within walking distance. Sadly, the streets of Canggu are not really designed for walking.

There are few pavements/sidewalks and thus, you have to walk in the road which would be fine if it wasn’t for the fact that the roads here are super busy and dangerous.

One place you definitely can walk in Canggu is along the beach, which is a very pleasant place to walk and has no traffic at all.

Overall, while we love walking, unless something is a very short walking distance away, it’s probably best to use a ride-share in Canggu.


We are not the biggest fan of scooters. Sure, they’re a very convenient way to get around an island with huge traffic jams and small roads.

However, they also result in more accidents than all other forms of transport combined. Falling off a scooter and onto your head is no joke.

We don’t recommend using a scooter in Canggu unless you are an experienced rider, you intend to use a crash helmet at all times and you are road-legal (e.g. you have an international driver’s permit and motorcycle endorsement and a current license from your country) and insured.

Even then, you may find it less stressful to rely on ride-sharing apps than to stay constantly alert on a scooter.

Taxi/Ride Share Apps

There are two main ride-sharing apps in Bali and if you want to get around Canggu for a sensible, fixed price then you want to use Grab or Go-Jek.

You can even connect these apps to a credit or debit card to avoid using cash with the drivers.

Taxis do inhabit the streets of Canggu but they often result in unpleasant scams being carried out on the rider.

We’d recommend only using Blue Bird taxis if you must flag a taxi down, but really, ride-sharing apps provide a better service for getting around in Canggu.

Rent A Car

We wouldn’t rent a car to get around Canggu in. Canggu is simply too congested when it comes to traffic for that to be any fun.

You’ll spend more time stuck in your car going nowhere than you will spend when getting from A to B.

If you want to rent a car in Canggu, it’s best to do it on days when you’re getting out of Canggu and heading out into the rest of Bali.

About Canggu

Canggu Resident and Beach Aerial view
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Canggu is an up-and-coming area and its main competition for visitors comes in the form of the other popular beach resort towns including Seminyak, Nusa Dua, Kuta and Legian.

It has more of a laid-back and dare we say it – hipster – vibe about things than the other popular districts of Bali.

However, it’s definitely up and coming and there have been noticeable improvements to the layout of Canggu and local facilities in the last decade.

Huge names, like the best of the world’s beach clubs, Finns, have arrived in Canggu thanks to the beauty of the beaches and the general atmosphere of the area.

One thing that Canggu’s fans will tell you is that Canggu is like the best combination of everything people come to enjoy in Bali.

It has cool hip cafes like Seminyak, it has great nightlife like Kuta & Legian, it has wonderful rice fields like central Bali, it has so many tasty healthy places to eat that Ubud must be feeling jealous, and so on..

Canggu Districts

There are four districts in Canggu that you will want to become acquainted with if you’re going to spend your Bali holiday in the area.

Berawa (Beach)

finns beach club berawa beach

Berawa is the area around Berawa Beach and it’s one of the busiest parts of Canggu.

If you’re driving just find Jalan Pantai Berawa and Jalan Raya Semat and you’ll be in the heart of Berawa.

Finns Beach Club is based in this part of town and there are plenty of restaurants, shops and cafes to enjoy in Berawa.

Batu Bolong (Beach, Echo Beach & Nelayan Beach)

Batu Bolong incorporates a lot of beaches including Batu Bolong Beach, Echo Beach and Nelayan Beach.

The main streets include Jalan Munduk Catu, Jalan Pantai Batu Bolong, and Jalan Nelayan.

There are plenty of pubs, bars and restaurants in this area and it’s arguably home to some of the best coffee shops and cafes in Canggu.

Pererenan (Beach)

Pererenan beach investment opportunity MAIN
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Pererenan is the area around Pererenan Beach and, for now, at least, it’s a bit quieter than the other areas in Canggu.

Having said that, if you come back in 5 years, it will probably be just as busy as the Batu Bolong and Berawa areas. Development is picking up speed in Pererenan.

The main street is called Jalan Panti Pererenan. It’s home to some decent cafes and restaurants and a few shops too.


Linjong is off to the side of Batu Bolong and Pererenan and while it definitely sees a few tourists, it’s less popular than the main beach areas.

It’s within a short walk of the other areas, however, and it’s a great place to stay if you want to make your budget go a bit further.

Who Does Canggu Appeal To?

a group of people riding surfboards on top of aw ave
Photo by David Gor on Unsplash

We think that most travellers to Bali will find something about Canggu that appeals to them.

However, there are three groups that seem to head to Canggu more often than others:

  • Surfers – while Canggu is not as good as Uluwatu for high-risk surfing, it is home to a ton of surf schools and surf camps. Thus, it’s become one of the most popular places in Bali to learn to surf. Surfers are easy to spot as they look permanently chilled and are often seen whizzing around town with a board balanced precariously on their scooters.

  • Digital Nomads – Canggu, Bali has become something of a new Mecca for influencers and other digital nomads in the post-pandemic world. In fact, if we had to guess, we’d say that Chiang Mai is no longer the spiritual home of digital nomads in Southeast Asia, Canggu is. This is probably because you can get excellent internet in Canggu and there are lots of co-working options.

  • Foodies – Canggu offers a great balance of great food options. Unlike say, Nusa Dua where there’s an emphasis on fine dining, Canggu has an emphasis on “something for everyone”. There are great restaurants, cafes and bars everywhere. And they tend to be a bit more experimental than in other parts of Bali.

When’s The Best Time To Visit Canggu?

FINNS Beach Club Party VIP Drone Shot Canggu Bali

There is never really a bad time to visit Canggu or Bali in general. While there is a wet season (from November to March), it never gets so wet that it’s unbearable and most of the days are hot and sunny even at this time of year.

We would note that the busiest time of year in Bali is the Christmas and New Year period and while this is awesome if you love to party, it’s also the most expensive time to visit Canggu.

You will pay a premium for hotels and most services at this time of year as there is a long queue of people competing for them.

The dry season tends to be a bit cooler and less humid than the wet season and it’s the “peak season” which again means higher prices.

So, it’s up to you. If you don’t mind a little rain and humidity, you can save money by coming in the rainy season. If you do, then it’s best to come in the dry season.

However, it’s worth noting – that it rains in Canggu during the dry season too.

How Long Should I Spend In Canggu?

It feels very prescriptive to tell people how many days they should stay in a particular part of Bali.

This is doubly so when it comes to Canggu a place that we call home.

You can easily spend weeks in Canggu if you’ve come for surf lessons, to work as a digital nomad or you just want a vibrant place to chill out i n.

In the same breath, if you only have a week in Bali, then a day or two in Canggu is enough to catch the main sights and enjoy some great meals and a day at Finns Beach Club before you move on.

How Much Will I Spend In Canggu?

2023.10.27 seaside brunch st tropez 19

It all depends on the life you want to lead while you’re in Canggu. If you want to stay in a private villa with an infinity pool and eat in fine dining restaurants, you’re going to spend much more than someone in a more basic hotel and eat at local warungs every day.

As a rule of thumb, we think most people will spend $50-$150 a day in Canggu including their hotel or hostel, food, fun activities and a few beers at night.

It is possible to do Canggu on less money than that but it would mean staying in homestays and doing very little in the way of fun of an evening.

If you want to break down your Canggu budget then you might want to examine:

  • Accommodation – you can pay as little as $15 a night for a dorm room and $300+ for a luxury resort or villa. We would note that if you stay in Canggu for more than a couple of days, you can easily get long-term discounts on accommodations.

  • Food – if you intend to chow down on nasi goreng from a street stand in Canggu, you probably won’t spend more than $2. If you go to one of the best fine dining places, you might not see any change from $500. The way you live can make food costs vary dramatically.

  • Transport – scooter rental is only $5 a day but you may find you spend $10-$20 using ride-share apps. We say this slight premium in costs is worth every penny. It’s better to enjoy seeing Canggu from in a car with air conditioning and seat belts than to be in an accident.

  • Fun – a lot depends on what you want to do in Canggu, you might want to spend several hundred dollars on a set of surf lessons at a surf camp or you might just want to visit Tanah Lot Temple which will only set you back $5.

17 Awesome Things To Do In Canggu

There’s an awful lot to do in Canggu and some of the best ways to spend your time include:

La Brisa Farmer’s Market

La Brisa is held near the beach every Sunday and as you might expect, there’s an emphasis on fresh local fruit and veg.

If you’ve never tried fresh coconut before, this is a great place to do so and you’ll get an awesome view of the sea while you drink!

They also have a swimming pool area for you to enjoy after you’ve bought something!

Surfing/Surf Lesson

Surf Lesson canggu
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If you want a surf lesson or to rent some surf gear, then you’re in the right part of Bali! Canggu is home to some of the best surf spots on the island.

It’s best to hit the beach early if you want to make the most out of your surfing time. That’s when the pros are out in force. Surfing at sunrise is a glorious pleasure in Bali.

Top spots for surfing in Canggu include Echo Beach, Berawa Beach, Batu Bolong Beach and Pereranan Beach.

Nusa Clay Club

Potter making ceramic pot on the pottery wheel
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If you love to make things with your hands, why not visit Nusa Clay Club> This is a lovely local pottery set-up run by a local lady called Susan.

She offers tuition to all potters and would-be potters at reasonable prices and there’s plenty of material available to work with!

FINNS Beach Club: The Best Of The World’s Beach Clubs


There are beach clubs and then there’s Finns Beach Club, the world’s best beach club, and if you’re in Canggu for so much as a single day, you have to visit FINNS.

With multiple bars, restaurants, pools and entertainment options, being at Finns is a world-class experience that you will never forget. It’s one of the best reasons to visit Canggu.

FINNS Recreation Club

best gym canggu finns rec clubs new   improved fitness centre

Of course, you can’t spend all your time in Canggu partying and having fun. FINNS Recreation Club (or Rec Club as it’s affectionately known) is the perfect place to get a workout in.

They have boxing classes, a top-notch fitness centre, and many other sporting activities. They also have an excellent sports bar for when you need a little refreshment.

Pura Tanah Lot Temple

tanah lot temple bali
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The Pura Tanah Lot Temple is an ancient Hindu shrine that plays a large role in the spiritual life of Bali.

It’s a beautiful spot with some iconic views of the local area and the Indian Ocean. So, don’t forget to take your camera.

Chill On Canggu Beach, Echo Beach, Berawa Beach, Pererenan Beach, Batu Bolong Beach, etc.

Sunset at echo beach in Bali
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If there’s one thing that Canggu is not short of, it’s amazing beaches to chill out and sunbathe on.

From Echo Beach to Berawa Beach, there are warm sands, wonderful surf and great views to enjoy.

There are also some amazing beach bars to enjoy a cold one at during the heat of the day.

Go Exploring In The Rice Paddies Of Canggu

Aerial View of Canggu Village
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While we’re not huge fans of scooters, renting a scooter and using it to explore the rice paddies and rice fields around Canggu is not the worst idea ever.

You’ll be amazed at how attractive the countryside is around here. It’s every bit as good as Ubud’s.


Enjoy Brunch

Bali brunch is something of a tradition and there are so many great restaurants and cafes in Canggu that it would be a real shame not to take part, at least, once.

Decide on the kind of food you like, how much you want to spend and whether you want alcohol included and then head out to start the party early!

Have A Spectacular Sundowner

Cocktails 12 (1)

There’s no finer moment of your time in Bali than having a great cocktail as the sun sets.

Sunset drinks at Finns are always awesome as the beach club has one of the best views over the Indian Ocean ever.

Take Part In A Beach Clean-Up

Concept of global trash pollution of the seas and oceans
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You often read of tourists coming to Bali and then complaining that Seseh Beach or Echo Beach wasn’t as clean as they’d hoped for.

Well, the beaches don’t clean themselves and much of the waste you see is washed ashore from elsewhere.

If you take part in a beach clean-up that beautiful black sand beach will be as pristine as you dreamed it would be.

It doesn’t take long and it’s nice to give something back while you’re on holiday, right?

Do Some Graffiti Spotting

This is really easy to do. Just go for a walk around Canggu and keep an eye out for all the amazing street art contributions here from artists from around the world.

Canggu has its own street crews too and they are regularly out and about and making the area prettier to live in.

Consider Co-Working

2023 10 24 Co Working 11

If you’re in Canggu solely for a holiday, then you can skip this but if you’re here to work and play, then co-working can make a nice break from staring at the walls of your apartment.

You can often make friends in co-working spaces in Canggu too, which will help improve your social life on the island.

Have A Horse Ride At Bali Equestrian Centre

Indonesia, Bali, Woman with horse
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If you’ve always wanted to ride a horse but have never got around to having your first horseback ride, why not start at the Bali Equestrian Centre (BEC)?

This 2-hectare site has lessons running on a daily basis and they even have ponies for kids too small to ride a horse!

Take Up Yoga In Canggu’s Yoga Studios

Yoga 108
Picture Source: Tripadvisor

While Ubud has traditionally been the place to go and tend to your spiritual self while you’re in Bali, Canggu has plenty of awesome places to do meditation, yoga, etc.

We can recommend checking out the Canggu Studio, The pRactice, Revive and Pilates, and more. Don’t forget Finns Recreation Club has plenty of classes too!

Splash Water Park

SPLASH Splash Waterpark

If you’ve got a Finns membership you can get access to the Splash Water Park for free!

Otherwise, it’s very reasonably priced for a day’s access and one of the best ways for a family to get together and have some fun in Canggu.

It gets hot in Bali, so why not cool down by enjoying some water slides, swimming pools, etc.?

Get A Massage

body temple spa top spa bali

One thing that can really make your time in Canggu magical is a little massage and the best place to get one is at one of the lovely spas that are dotted all over the area.

You do get what you pay for in Canggu but even the cheapest massage shop will do a decent massage, it’s just that the surroundings might be very basic.

Check out Body Temple Spa, Spring Spa, Tonic and Muka Concept for spa ideas in Canggu.

Where To Stay In Canggu

Whether you want a villa with a private pool, a luxury resort with a fantastic pool, a mid-range hotel with an outdoor pool or something more basic, Canggu has you covered.


  • The Slow – this is the kind of resort that rock stars opt for when they visit Canggu. Everything in their 12 suites is opulent, elegant and tasteful. Some even have private plunge pools. We love that The Slow has its own art hub too!

  • COMO Uma Canggu – if you visit Canggu and want an amazing place to stay on the beachfront, then COMO is a good option. However, it’s very much an A-Lister destination and the price tagis very much in accord with that.

  • Hotel Tugu – we love the obvious Balinese influences throughout this hotel and it feels like escaping to another world. If you want to spend time in Canggu in comfort and style, Hotel Tugu is a great option.


  • Astera Resort – this is a lovely boutique hotel that has wonderful rice paddies around and a truly private vibe to it. Each room has a flat-screen TV and Netflix on tap! They also have two great restaurants on site!

  • White Goose Hotel – this is a very pleasant place in the Berawa Beach area not far from Finns, in fact. We like that they have a range of pool options and if you want to splurge a little, the Premier Sunset Suite has a private pool!

  • Shore Amora – this is a real home away from home and has everything you could need at your fingertips. From a wedding chapel to a coworking space, Shore Amora will take care of all your needs!


Where To Eat In Canggu

Canggu has so many amazing places to eat that we can only offer up a few of our favourites here:

Fine Dining

  • Sa’Mesa – this is a very elegant place with a focus on Italian food and “surprise dishes”. They never have the same meal twice at this restaurant and the menu evolves around the limited number of diners allowed into each service. You must book in advance to have a hope of a seat here.

  • Skool Kitchen – achingly cool and curated by two of the island’s best-known chefs, this is a fabulous contemporary restaurant where everything is “touched by fire”. The cocktail list is awesome too.

  • Smoke – Smoke is where we go when we want BBQ and flavour and their slow-cooked meats are simply to die for. This is a great upscale family-friendly food place.


friends bar bali top canggu nightlife
  • The Avocado Factory – if you want a great brunch or breakfast then this is going to be one of your regular ports of call in Canggu. They love their avocado here and are on a mission to show just how flexible and tasty this fruit can be. They also make an amazing choccy mousse.

  • Zali – if you’re in the mood for some Lebanese food that tastes like it was made in Beirut, this is where you go. Zali’s big win is the huge sharing platters (mezze) that you can easily make go around a big group and keep everything fresh and tasty. We absolutely love the hummus here which may be the best in Bali.

  • Touche – if you want a place to go people-watching in Canggu, then Touche is it. They have a gorgeous interior which will go great on your Instagram feed but what makes it fabulous is the slice of Balinese life passing in front of the window.

  • Friends Bar – we’re biased but we go to Friends Bar a lot and the draft beer is cold and the range of plant-based snacks is even better (they even do meat-based meals now too). If you want a light meal before a night out, you can’t beat the service and vibe at Friends Bar.


  • Milk & Madu – it’s a posh coffee shop, so it’s not the cheapest meal you can get in Canggu but it is amazing value for money. We love their smoothie bowls and the poached eggs and pancakes. When we need coffee and a morning pick-me-up, we head to Milk & Madu and so should you.

  • Blou Cafe Canggu – This is a very charming place that offers a range of international cuisine at very low prices. Try the pain-au-chocolat or the Chia Pudding for a pleasant surprise!

  • Warung Dandelion – this lovely little local restaurant does a very good range of Balinese food for a very small asking price. Yum!

Great Shopping In Canggu

Canggu’s main street for shopping is the Jalan Pantai Batu Bolong near Batu Bolong Beach.

It’s home to many boutique stores, restaurants, and cafes. You can also find the Love Anchor Market here.

Near Echo Beach you can find Jalan Padan Linjong where there are quite a lot of new stores and some nice restaurants.

Around Finns Beach Club on Jalan Pantai Berawa, there are also some decent places to eat and drink. Bungalow Living Bali is in this neighbourhood and it’s a great place to buy things for your home.

Cool Day Trips From Canggu

If you’re staying in Canggu for more than a day or two, you should consider getting a private car or joining a tour of some of the rest of the island.

Canggu is a fabulous location to base yourself in for exploring Bali. We’d recommend you start by seeing:

Jatuluwih Rice Terraces

Beautiful sunrise over the Jatiluwih Rice Terraces in Bali, Indonesia
Picture Source: freepik

The Jatuluwih Rice Terraces are a UNESCO World Heritage Site that consists of some of the most beautiful rice paddies on Earth.

They are organized across the hills to deliver the kind of image that most Instagrammers would kill for. It’s also a great place to learn about Balinese culture.

Mount Batur Hike

Beautiful woman at the top of Mount Batur, Bali, Indonesia. Miun
Picture Source:

Perhaps, the best place to witness the sunrise in the whole of Bali is Mount Batur. If you join an early morning hike up its slopes, you can see the sun break over the top of the clouds!

Unlike with Mount Agung, anyone with a basic level of fitness should be able to tackle this hike and the view is definitely worth the effort!


Why Is Canggu Famous?

Canggu is probably best known for its surf schools and surf shops as it’s become the most popular destination for surfers in Bali.

It also has a great combination of hotels, restaurants, bars, beach clubs, etc. and at very competitive prices when compared to the more popular tourist areas.

We suspect that Canggu will grow in popularity and that in 10 years, it may be most famous for its digital nomad movement.

Is Canggu A Good Area In Bali?

Yes! That’s why we’re here! Canggu has a wonderful energy that really is vibrant and exciting.

There are hipster cafes and chic restaurants galore. Surf spots that really make the sport fun and so much more.

Canggu, Bali sees travellers and visitors from all over the world and that’s because it’s a great area in Bali to enjoy.

Is Canggu A Party Area?

Canggu is no longer the sleepy village it once was and it has some great nightlife. It’s not as busy as Kuta or Seminyak, perhaps, but it’s not far behind.

The best thing about Canggu is you can go out and enjoy the parties wor you can leave them behind without any effort at all.

There are plenty of parts of Canggu that still retain that quiet, village-like appeal.

Is Canggu Bali Cheap? How Expensive Is Canggu Bali?

It really depends on how you want to live your life. Canggu is not the cheapest part of Bali but nor is it the most expensive.

You can find a decent place to stay for a month from $700 a month and if you don’t mind shared accommodation, you can pay less than that.

Food and drink in Canggu is more reasonably priced than in some of the more expensive areas of the island too.

Is Seminyak & Canggu The Same Place?

No! Seminyak and Canggu are definitely not the same places but Canggu has been referred to as “the New Seminyak” by some tourist guides.

This is because Canggu is starting to get a reputation for being even hipper and more trendy than Seminyak, which used to be the island’s “in-destination”.

Is It Better To Stay In Seminyak Or Canggu?

It depends on what you want from your vacation. Seminyak has almost no trace of real Balinese life at all, whereas Canggu retains much more of its authentic character.

Seminyak has more luxury resorts and high-end nightclubs, but they come at a significant price premium and may only appeal to a certain group of people.

Canggu, on the other hand, has more egalitarian nightlife and one of the best beach clubs in the world in the shape of Finns Beach Club.

Is It Better To Stay In Kuta Or Canggu?

Kuta is, by far, the busiest part of Bali. It draws a mainly Australian tourist crowd and it’s full of pubs, bars, clubs, hotels and restaurants.

In fact, Kuta is so full that it’s practically bursting at the seams. It’s an ideal holiday destination if you absolutely have to be among crowds.

Otherwise, Canggu is more refined. It has more opportunities to do something less touristy and most of all, it’s slightly less expensive.

Is Canggu A Digtal Nomad Paradise?

Yes! Canggu has become something of a digital nomad paradise and a desirable destination.

The surfing lessons, the co-working spaces, and the low cost of living (compared to most of the rest of the world) make Canggu very appealing to those who work online and travel around.

In fact, Bali has become a very popular place for influencers and online workers of all kinds in recent years.

This may be, in part, due to Thailand making it increasingly difficult for digital nomads to obtain long-term visas.

How Do I Book A Trip To Canggu Or A Holiday In Canggu?

Whether you’re coming to Canggu or to any other part of Bali there’s only one place we recommend you talk to, in order to book your trip, Bali Res Center.

This is the best local travel agent service on the island and they’re plugged in on the ground to ensure you book somewhere in Canggu that suits your needs perfectly.

They can also get you very competitive pricing as they’re local and can quickly respond to changing market conditions.

Final Thoughts On Canggu

Canggu is our favourite part of Bali, that’s why we live here and we’d be lying if we said we didn’t think that Canggu was worth a visit from everyone who comes to Bali.

It has amazing volcanic black sand beaches, the best beach club in the world, rice paddies, views over the Indian Ocean, private villas, Splash water park, and so much more!

Come to Canggu, we guarantee that you won’t be disappointed by what you find here.