Green Bowl Beach, Bali: A Secluded Beach With Just One Drawback

If you love secluded beaches then you’re going to love Green Bowl Beach in Bali.

It’s a small beach with pleasant but coarse white sand at the bottom of a large limestone cliff.

One very interesting feature of this beach is the pair of shrines that you will find in the caves by the sands.

Here’s everything you need to know about Green Bowl Beach one of the best beaches that most visitors have never heard of.


Where Is Green Bowl Beach Bali?


Green Bowl Beach is on the South Coast of Bali a little way outside of the Uluwatu area.

The address of Green Bowl Beach is Ungasan, South Kuta, Badung Regency, Bali

How To Get To Green Bowl Beach

Anonymous driver at steering wheel and riding car in summer

A lot depends on where you’re coming from in Bali. If you’re just coming from Uluwatu or the other Southern Beach towns you might consider:

  • Using Grab or Go-Jek – we’re big fans of Bali’s ride-sharing apps and they’re super convenient for getting around short distances. However, we do have to warn you that it can be hard to get a ride share from some of the beaches, particularly in the early evening as they are a bit further away from the main towns. So, we’d recommend that you arrange for your driver to come back for you at a certain time.

If you’re coming from further away then you could consider:

  • Renting a private driver and car service – this is way cheaper than you think it will be and it’s much safer and more convenient than the alternatives. Your driver will wait for you and take you to as many destinations as you like, so if you want a tour of the best beaches in the area, this is a good way to go about it.

  • Renting a scooter – we never recommend scooter rental in Bali, the road conditions aren’t great and the rules of the road here aren’t so much rules as fondly desired outcomes and this leads to a lot of accidents. Worse, because it’s hard for visitors to be road-legal here, they often find their insurance is invalid in the event of a crash. Scooters may be cheap but hospitals are expensive in Bali, it’s best to spend a little more on transport and get to Green Bowl Beach in one piece.

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When’s The Best Time To Visit Green Bowl Beach?

There are only two seasons in Bali and they’re both great times to visit Green Bowl Beach and most of the other sights on the island too.

However, the rainy season means it’s hotter and more humid, and though we get plenty of sunshine most days at this time of year, there’s less sun than in the other season.

Surfers may prefer to come in the wet season if they want to really test their mettle because the waves are often more severe at this time of year.

The dry season, on the other hand, offers gentler waves, cooler temperatures, less humidity and more sun but it’s also more expensive to stay in Bali at this time of year too and Bali holiday packages can get much pricier.

Is There An Entrance Fee For Green Bowl Beach?

Yes, there is an entrance fee of 5,000 IDR for Green Bowl Beach. You will also need to pay to use the parking lot and the current fee is 2,000 IDR per vehicle.

Please note: There are wild monkeys in the car parking, they are best avoided unless you want them to steal things from you. Never, ever get into a fight with a monkey, they can carry rabies.

What To Expect At Green Bowl Beach, Bali

Azure pure turquoise ocean sea blue water waves foam on tropical Green Bowl Beach Bali island Indonesia Go everywhere relaxing travel concept

Firstly we should note that high tides restrict access to this beach and if you want to visit, you need to check the tides.

Stairs, hundreds of stairs. You need to be aware that this is not an easy beach to get to and if you want to enjoy the sand and crystal clear waters, you’re going to have to climb for them.

Going down to the beach isn’t so bad and each step carved into the cliff makes the steep descent much easier than it might have been.

However, going back up is a lot of work and it can take up to 20 minutes to get to the top. Green Bowl Beach is, for fairly obvious reasons, not accessible to those with mobility impairments.

However, if you do make the climb, you will be greeted with pleasant white sand, in an exotic location with, perhaps a few die-hard surfers for company (the Green Bowl Beach surf is considered some of the best in Bali).

What To Do At Green Bowl Beach Bali

We need to stress that while this is a great place to spend some time, there are no facilities on the beach (as there are at more popular beaches) and you should take food and drinks down to the sand with you. There are warungs in the parking area where you can buy refreshments before you walk down.

Fortunately, the cliff does provide shade and you can easily get out of the sun when you need to after some sunbathing.

There are thus, only six things to do at Green Bowl Beach:

top view of two blond girls sunbathing on the sand

Sunbathe – it’s one of the best things about island life and kicking back on the sand to relax in the sun is wonderful. However, please make sure you don’t sit in the sun for too long, seek shade after 15 minutes and do use high SPF sunscreen (waterproof if you go into the ocean) because burns are no joke.

Above view of couple snorkeling in sea water

Swimming – it’s fine to take a dip in the water to cool down when you need to a Green Bowl Beach

Surfer girl

Surfing – if you want to go surfing, the best time is mid-tide when you can catch the breaks here safely

Tide Pools – during low tides, you can enjoy a wander along the beach and peer into the tide pools that are formed, the water is so clear that it’s easy to see the creatures in the pools

Breathtaking view of the reflection of the sun and the sky on the beach captured in Bali

Sunset Watching – don’t forget that you’ve got to get back up the cliff but if you like a spectacular sunset, you will really enjoy the opportunity to see one at Green Bowl Beach

See the small rock shrines – go into the caves (there are two) and see a unique facet of Balinese life

Where To Stay Near Green Bowl Beach Bali

There are some great places to stay near Green Bowl Beach including:

There are some great places to stay near Dreamland Bali including:

  • Samabe Bali Suites & Villas – this luxury resort is a short drive away in Nusa Dua and they offer one of the best “all-inclusive” resort packages in Bali.

  • Renaissance Bali Uluwatu Resort & Spa – offering iconic views and luxurious rooms, you can’t go wrong at the Renaissance.

  • The Ungasan Clifftop Resort – an incredible resort on top of a cliff with just 7 amazing villas to choose from. It’s ideal for a honeymoon or special occasion.

  • Alila Villas Uluwatu – the first all-pool villa resort from Alila offers amazing views off the cliffs and full butler service too.

  • Umana Bali, LXR Hotels & Resorts – this village-inspired villa complex offers 72 villas each with their own private infinity pool and awesome views!

Where To Eat Near Green Bowl Beach

You won’t get much to eat on Green Bowl Beach itself but you can try these places nearby:

  • Pizza Inch Bali – if you’re in the mood for a large value-for-money pizza with a nice view of the ocean, this is the place to be.

  • Wood Shack – they do a fantastic salad and some excellent local fare at this elegant local place.

  • Di Mare Restaurant – if you’re in the mood for some fine dining and excellent service, look no further than Di Mare.

  • Record Cafe Cintalam – this simple and unpretentious cafe is a little off the beaten path but the food is excellent.

Other Great Beaches In Bali

Melasti Beach

indonesia bali melasti aerial view of karma kan 2022 12 16 22 27 06 utc 1 1 1

Melasti is another relatively secluded beach with some interesting local warungs and beach bars to enjoy.

Nusa Dua Beach

Aerial symmetric shot of beach umbrella rows at the Nusa Dua beach in Bali, Indonesia

Many people consider Nusa Dua Beach to be the best beach in Bali and it’s certainly brought a lot of luxury resorts to the area.

Dreamland Beach

Aerial Photo of Dreamland Beach at Sunset, Bali, Pecatu, Uluwatu, Indonesia

This is also in Uluwatu and it’s another fine white sandy beach where you can enjoy some great surf.

Bingin Beach

This stunning beach offers some great clifftop views over the Indian Ocean and it’s hugely in demand with surfers.

Pandawa Beach

Pandawa Beach

This hidden beach on the Southern Bukit Peninsula is absolutely gorgeous and worth visiting if you’ve made it to Green Bowl Beach.


Can You Surf At Green Bowl Beach?

Yes, though Green Bowl Beach is best tackled by intermediate and advanced surfers.

You’ll find surfers paddling out during mid-tide to get the best of the surf as it passes the natural reef barrier in front of the beach at Green Bowl.

You can expect to enjoy fairly consistent waves at this time of day.

High tide is not good at Green Bowl Beach as the paths get washed out and you could easily get trapped.

Low tide, on the other hand, is a good time to explore the shoreline and enjoy the tide pools that are revealed.

Where Is Green Bowl In Bali?

Green Bowl Beach is just near Uluwatu (the home of the Uluwatu Temple and its famous grey long-tailed macaques) and that’s in the South of Bali on the Bukit Peninsula.

Is Green Bowl Beach Worth It?

If you want to get away from it all and enjoy some real seclusion then Green Bowl Beach is the place to be.

They’re never going to build a beach club here (though they did once build a resort on the clifftop with a lift down to the beach – both resort and lift are long since defunct) and it seems unlikely that there will ever be any free WiFi or other services too.

However, if you really want to explore Bali and enjoy a beautiful beach with uncrowded waves then you can’t go wrong at Green Bowl Beach.

How To Book A Holiday Near Green Bowl Beach Bali?

If you want to book a holiday near Green Bowl Beach you should contact the Bali Res Centre. They are a locally owned travel agency and can help you to arrange your dream holiday in Bali.

Final Thoughts On Green Bowl Beach Bali

Green Bowl Beach is one of the places in Bali that most tourists will never see. It’s hard work to climb up and down the steps to the white sands below the clifftop and you must avoid high tide when you do.

However, if you do make the effort to time your arrival for low tide, you will be greeted by a very pleasant beach that you won’t have to share with many other people.

We think that makes the long walk worthwhile.

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