Top Indoor Activities in Bali on a Rainy Day

Don’t let the rain ruin your Bali vacation! Despite its sunny weather and beaches, Bali can experience heavy rains during the monsoon season (October-April), with occasional showers lasting all day long. But that doesn’t mean you need to miss out on a fun-filled day during your holiday. There are plenty of activities that you and the family can do around Bali when the weather is less than favourable. Many of the activities are with us at FINNS, at the FINNS Recreation Centre, but for our full list of favourite rainy day activities, check out our list below.

top indoor activities in bali on a rainy day at finns rec club bali

1. Relax and rejuvenate at the spa.

One great way to avoid the rain and indulge in some self-care is by visiting a spa. Bali is renowned for its luxurious spas that cater to all budgets and offer a wide range of treatments, from traditional massages to facials and beauty treatments. Our on-site spa, Body Temple Spa, is located on the lower floor of FINNS Rec Club, meaning you can enjoy your pampering session with zero worries about the rain. Spa treatments are perfect for any day, but on rainy days in particular, it’s the perfect way to escape the weather, relax and rejuvenate.

2. Watch a movie at a cinema.

No matter where you are in the world, catching a movie at the cinema is a go-to rainy-day activity, and in Bali, it’s no different. There are three popular cinemas that are close to Seminyak and Kuta, connected to large shopping malls or multiplexes such as Beachwalk or Trans Studio Mall. So you can do some shopping or grab a bite to eat before or after watching the latest blockbuster hits on the big screen. At FINNS Rec Club, we also have movie nights every week, with the latest favourite films or the most beloved classics. You can check our schedule at our front desk or ask our team.   

3. Shop ‘til you drop at the malls. 

Head to one of the island’s luxurious malls and indulge in a day of shopping and browsing. Bali is a paradise for shopping enthusiasts, with a vast selection of shops ranging from small, local boutiques to international brands. From trendy designer boutiques to outlets, souvenirs, and handicraft shops, Bali offers everything your shopping heart desires. If you are in the Seminyak or Canggu area, you have a number of malls to choose from, less than 30 minutes away by car, including the small and chic Seminyak Village or Kuta’s famous Beachwalk or Mal Bali Galeria. For a bigger shopping adventure, go to Bali’s biggest mall, Living World in Denpasar, where you can get lost in a sea of boutiques and designer brands. 

4. Let the good times roll at Strike Ten Pin Bowling.

Who doesn’t love a game of bowling? It’s a popular rainy day activity because anyone can play – any age or skill level. At FINNS Rec Club, we have an on-site bowling alley at Strike Ten Pin Bowling. At Strike, there are 6 lanes, along with a full menu of food and drinks. There’s plenty of space for a party, and there are also lane bumpers to avoid the dreaded – and all too common gutterballs. Everyone is welcome, and friendly competition is always encouraged. Book your lane today or on the next rainy day for a fun-filled game of bowling at Strike.

things to do during the rainy season in bali

5. Jump, dunk and fly at Bounce Trampoline Centre.

You can bounce off the walls and nearly every other surface at Bounce Trampoline Centre at FINNS Rec Club. Bounce is Bali’s only trampoline park, and it’s a great place to stay active and have fun when it’s raining in Bali. It’s an adrenaline-filled activity that will certainly lift your spirits! Kids can have a blast, and parents can join in or just watch everyone flip and fly around the courts and into the foam pits. Socks are required and can be provided. Indoors and air-conditioned, Bounce is one of Bali’s most uniquely fun locations to visit on a rainy day. Book your day pass for Bounce or talk to our team today. 

6. Have an out-of-this-world experience at White Rabbit VR.

If you have never tried a Virtual Reality experience, come to White Rabbit VR in FINNS Rec Club for a totally mind-bending, out-of-the-ordinary afternoon of fun. Let your imagination run wild as you go through doorways into new dimensions, into a brand new 3D setting that takes you through an adventure that is out of this world. You’ll be fully immersed in different scenarios, such as exploring new places, playing video games, or undertaking a simulated adventure. You’ll feel like you are actually there, with high-quality visual and audio experiences that enhance the perception of being in the virtual world. Book your session at White Rabbit VR, strap on your headsets, and hold on tight!

7. Go topsy-turvy at Upside Down World Bali.

One of the most unique experiences you’ll find in Bali is Upside Down World. It’s fun for all ages, offering a one-of-a-kind experience that is perfect for capturing memorable photos Instagram shots. Inside, every room is decorated with upside-down furniture, creating a fun and surreal environment where gravity seems to defy itself. From beds and chairs to bathtubs and toilets, you won’t know which way is up – you’ll have a day full of surprises and laughs for all. 

8. Immerse yourself in cool art at DMZ 3D Art Museum. 

Another out-of-this-world attraction to visit on a rainy day in Bali is DMZ 3D Art Museum, also known as the Dream Museum Zone. This fun and zany art world features three-dimensional art installations consisting of themes such as nature, history, and pop culture. The artworks are created using a method called trompe l’oeil, which means “to deceive the eye” and involves creating the illusion of 3D through the use of perspective techniques and optical illusions. Visitors are invited to interact with the art, take photos and have fun in the creative zones, such as the Underwater World and the Egyptian zone.

9. Take a dance class

Bali is filled with opportunities for dance for all ages. Performance and movement classes are extremely popular, especially in Canggu, as locals and tourists find ways to be active and social. You can find a number of gyms or art centres with classes for contemporary dance, hip-hop, jazz, and even ballet. You can even find salsa or ballroom dance classes as well. There are also classes for traditional Balinese dance to become immersed in the culture through traditional instruments and dress. 

10. Try a Balinese cooking class.

Those interested in culinary arts may enjoy attending a Balinese cooking class. Balinese cooking classes typically offer hands-on experience, allowing participants to learn how to prepare traditional Balinese dishes from scratch, giving a deeper understanding and appreciation of Balinese cuisine. You’ll learn age-old practices handed down from generations and taste the unique flavours and spices that make Balinese cuisine so interesting and delicious. And the best part is, at the end of the class you’ll have quite a delicious feast! 

11. Marvel at the artwork and exhibits in Arma Museum

Arma Museum in Ubud is a hidden gem for art lovers, featuring an impressive collection of Balinese paintings, sculptures, textiles, and carvings from renowned Indonesian artists. Formally, it is the Agung Rai Museum of Art, named after Agung Rai, who devoted his life to the appreciation and preservation of Balinese and Indonesian art and culture. If you are in Ubud, stop into the Arma Museum for an afternoon tea and to explore the grounds and gardens of the beautiful and tranquil location.

12. Join a Batik painting, silver jewellery or pottery workshop. 

Immerse yourself in art and culture by trying a Batik painting workshop, silver jewellery making or pottery classes. Batik is an ancient art form originating from Indonesia that involves using wax-resistant dye to create beautiful patterns. Silver jewellery-making workshops allow you to learn about Balinese techniques and create beautiful earrings or bracelets, while pottery classes teach everything from basics to glazes. Take home a one-of-a-kind souvenir. Our team at Bali Res Centre can help you find and book the best classes in Bali, and recommend other activities in the area as well.

hit the gym at finns rec club best gym in canggu

13. Hit the gym, take a yoga or fitness class. 

If you can’t be outdoors, then you can come to FINNS Rec Club and get fit! With our expansive facility, you have plenty of opportunities to move and train in our Fitness Facility or areas for boxing, tennis courts, basketball courts, and more. You can also take a class for yoga, cycling, flexibility, combat or whatever you desire to get your heart pumping. If it’s raining, and you’ll be wet anyway, you can also use our 25m lap pool. And when you’re finished with your workout, you can recover with sessions in the sauna or ice bath. Rainy days are the perfect time to break a sweat. 

Rainy season in Bali is no excuse to be bored in Bali. There are still plenty of opportunities to be active or enjoy some cultural immersion while on your holiday. Bali’s wet season lasts for 6 months, from October to April, but that doesn’t mean the fun has to stop when the showers come. 

Talk to our team at FINNS Rec Centre for day passes or memberships for all of our indoor facilities and activities for kids and adults. And if it’s culture and art that you crave, our reservations team at Bali Res Centre has you covered and can arrange all bookings and transportation.

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