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Is there anything better than a spa visit while on holiday in Bali?  Maybe you want to have a massage after a long flight, or some reflexology on your legs after spending a day walking around temples, hiking volcanoes, and riding in a car.  Or what about a rejuvenating facial to detox and brighten your complexion after a late night out? You actually don’t need a reason to want some pampering … after all, you’re on holiday!  And the spa scene in Bali is second to none, with treatments for the mind, body, soul, and more.

Body Temple Spa at Finn’s Recreation Club has everything you need and more to sit back and relax and rejuvenate, whether you want to calm tense muscles or have gorgeous glowing skin. At the best Spa BaliBody Temple Spa Canggu focuses deeply and accurately on what you need and will create a body ritual to help you get there so you can walk in and float out.

Make a day of it, and take the kids to Splash Water Park or Bounce Trampoline Centre, or drop them at their sports activities at Junior Sports Academy, and then enjoy some time to yourself for a beauty or body treatment.

Relax and Refresh at the best day spa Bali.

We’ll take you through the Ultimate Spa experience and extensive range of tranquil treatments at Body Temple Spa, located at FINNS Recreation Club Canggu, Bali. Choose from our menu, which mixes traditional treatments and the most popular services for beauty and wellness including massage, facial, hair treatment, body treatment, lash lift, manicure & pedicure, kids treatments and spa packages. 

All of the treatments at the Body Temple Spa have been meticulously crafted and designed to bring specific benefits to your mind and body. We use specialised techniques, along with aromatherapies and teas to provide a well-rounded experience for your spirit and senses. You’ll walk out feeling energised, relaxed, rejuvenated and refreshed. 

One of the essential parts of the best spa Canggu experience is the staff who operate the Spa. The team are not only extremely knowledgeable, but they truly enjoy their jobs and work and pride themselves in helping guests to feel pampered and amazing.

Best massage Bali. Select your treatment for the ultimate, personalised relaxation

Massages at Body Temple Spa range from traditional to relaxing, to deep-pressure massages to release muscle tension. If you’re unsure what massage is suitable for you, we’ll go through the different styles and what to expect from the best massage Canggu.

Body Temple Signature

The signature massage at Body Temple Spa, compromises a unique combination of medium and strong pressure for a traditional experience, to soothe away the tension in the neck, back, and shoulders and leave your entire body feeling refreshed and serene. 

Foot Reflexology

This technique is targeted on your feet using pressure points to restore the flow of energy throughout the whole body. 

Face Massage

To relieve tension throughout your face and boost your youthful glow,  this massage stimulates blood flow, reduces puffiness and rejuvenates a tired complexion. By Including a head massage, you’ll leave feeling fresh, healthy and ready to show off your glowing complexion. 

Balinese Traditional Massage

A traditional balinese massage originates from the traditions here, on the Island of the Gods. The therapist applies soft to medium pressure using a combination of long strokes, kneading in the deep tissues, and gentle stretching, with Balinese spices and oils for aromatherapy, to awaken and revive the senses.

This massage is especially suited for jet lag recovery or for stimulating blood flow after travelling on long flights. It’s also a wonderful way to start your Bali holiday, with stress relief and bringing calm to your mind and body.

Bali’s Best Sports Massage

This is a very popular massage for recovery from workouts, surfing, dancing and any time of fitness activity. With deeper pressure throughout the hands, and thumbs and a combination of stretching, this treatment is perfect for the aches, pain, and stiffness from exercise. Sports massages can assist with alleviating chronic aches and pains, problematic areas such as the upper or lower back, shoulders, legs, hips, or a stiff neck, releasing muscle tightness throughout your whole body. 

Soothing Warm Stone Massage

Similar to a traditional Balinese massage, applying warm stones to points along the body allow heat to penetrate deep into the muscles. The warmth and weight of the warm stone promote deep muscle relaxation, calming the body and has also been known to improve sleep quality.

Bamboo Massage

This massage is a little different from the experience of other massages, but if you haven’t tried it before, it should be on your list. The therapist will glide and roll a Bamboo stick all over the body to release pressure and stiffness. This unique massage promotes deep tissue relaxation along the pressure points of the body, which can help to soothe pain from stiffness and inflammation.

Mommy to Be

There is nothing better than a bit of pampering when pregnant. The Body Temple Spa pregnancy massage gives mamas-to-be the chance to relax, and soothe back and leg pain, as well as melt away stress and stiffness. This massage is safe and perfect for after the first trimester.

Quick Fix Back Therapy

Need a quick tune-up?  This treatment is perfect if you love to exercise or surf, and back and shoulder massage to quickly release tension. 

Whatever your pain, or stress, or even if you simply want to relax your day away, choose from the menu the best massage Bali at the tranquil Body Temple Spa Bali and you won’t regret it.

Top Spa Bali: Beauty and pampering treatments for all

Body Temple Spa Facials

The comprehensive facials at Body Temple Spa are designed to reveal your skin’s beauty and radiance. We combine massages, cleansing, exfoliating and scrubbing in a full range of facials, to awaken your skin and leave you feeling fresh, glowing and fully relaxed.

Beautiful Body & Skin Treatments

You will be stunned and delighted at the incredible body treatments Body Temple Spa has to offer. 

Using natural and innovative technology, Body Temple Spa has a powerful range to choose from to leave you with healthy, beautiful skin all over your body.

  • Cellu Fight Body Treatment is a smoothing and soothing treatment that uses a coffee and mint scrub, packed with Vitamin E and moisturisers to eliminate dead skin cells while also reducing the appearance of cellulite.
  • Body Contour with Active Oxygen technology, this high-performance treatment is designed to correct cellulite, deep fat and loss of firmness. 
  • Traditional Balinese Boreh body wrap, where you are scrubbed with Boreh spices that exfoliate while aromas relax tension away, then wrapped so the heat can balance and relax the body and muscles.  
  • Royal Javanese Lulur Ritual, a beauty treatment fit for royalty, it begins with a massage, followed by a body scrub with spices, and then cooling yoghurt is applied to the skin, and the treatment ends with a serene flower-filled bath. 
  • Sandalwood Body Treatment is excellent for anti-ageing and balancing the skin with its natural healing abilities, and when combined with scrub, mask and lotion, you’ll leave feeling revived and rejuvenated.  
  • After Sun cooling and cleansing. If you’ve spent a bit too much time in the sun, at the beach or at FINNS Beach Club, stop into the spa for a cooling, cleansing, ultra-moisturizing treatment.

Hair Treatments Bali

Whether you want a gorgeous blowout for a night out, or a treatment to spruce up dry, beach hair, stop by Body Temple Spa for gorgeous locks. 

The most popular treatment to have while you’re in Bali is the cream bath…. oh la la!   Enriched with water lily and traditional purified water, the cream bath nourishes your hair, including a scalp massage and relaxing shoulder massage, finished with a hair drier.

Or, ask about the exclusive hair mask options if you’re looking for more moisturising, nourishing and softness.

Kids spa treatments Bali

You’re never too young to enjoy a spa day!  For some downtime with the little ones, one of the best things to do with kids in Bali, is to stop into FINNS Recreation Club and into the spa.  Kids can also enjoy a calming massage, our signature Happy Facial, Pamper Package, Chocolate Full Body treatment or colourful nail treatment. 

Best couples spa Bali

Could there be anything more romantic than a massage right next to your partner?  Or how about a mani and pedi for both?  Yes, guys can get their nails done too!  Enjoy some quiet time together, while our team goes to work providing the ultimate relaxation experiences, including the signature Amore Couples Delight package. 

body temple spa the best spa packages bali

The Best Spa Bali has the Ultimate Spa Packages

Create your own bliss by combining two treatments of your choice according to your specific needs. The range of Ultimate Packages at Body Temple Spa is unique and is designed for a personalised treat to soothe your mind, body and soul and offers one of the best Bali spa package experience

If you are looking for a gift idea for your loved one, Body Temple Spa also provides gift certificates, which are excellent presents for anyone to choose their own perfect treatment.  

When visiting Bali, spa treatments are a must-do!  Soothe your sore legs, revive your sun-kissed skin, or give your nails or hair some TLC. For families, groups of friends, couples, or even just some always-needed self-care, Body Temple Spa is one of the island’s best locations for pampering and relaxation.

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