Bowling Bali – Everyday Fun for Everyone

Did you know… there is a bowling alley at FINNS Recreation Club? Among all of our facilities for fitness and fun, there is Strike Ten Pin Bowling . It may not seem like a usual Bali activity, amongst all the fun and sun, but bowling is for everyone, whether you’re playing with family, friends, coworkers, a networking group, or even a crew you just met while travelling.  No matter the group size, skill level, or age, bowling is an all-inclusive game for everyone to enjoy.

Strike Ten Pin Bowling Bali is located at FINNS Recreation Club , among our many facilities that are some of the top things to do in Bali, especially for kids, families, and groups. Only a couple minutes from Berawa Beach, you can easily spend an entire day (or more!) at our venues and try our activities. In addition to Strike Bowling, there’s wet and wild fun at Splash Water Park , jumping and dunking at Bounce Trampoline Centre , or joining up any of the activities at Junior Sports Academy. Schedules for kids’ sports are online, so check throughout the year for programs such as Klim Swim (with Australian swimming legend Michael Klim) or our famous FINNS Surf Academy.

Talk to our team for bookings and reservations and day passes to enjoy everything that FINNS Recreation Club has to offer, as well as your daybed or group booking at FINNS Beach Club

strike ten pin bowling balis best bowling alley

Bowling Canggu at Strike Ten Pin Bowling

As the best bowling alley Bali; Strike Ten Pin Bowling is a fresh, modern, and epic bowling experience! The venue has 6 lanes, of course, there are bumpers for the kids and anyone else who needs them to avoid the embarrassing gutterballs. Also, there is a computerised scoring system so you can keep an eye on your score while trying to beat your bowling buddies. 

Why is bowling so popular in Bali?  There are many reasons to come to Strike Ten Pin Bowling!

It can be played by all skill levels and ages.

Our first reason that comes to mind for why bowling is a fun activity in Bali is that anyone can do it, no matter your skill level or age.  It’s fun for everyone and can be quite funny and casual.  It’s an easy choice for things to do with kids in Bali, and it’s a good choice for groups that have a mix of people with different interests and abilities. 

It’s low-key and casual. 

In addition, bowling is a relatively low-key activity that doesn’t require a lot of physical exertion, so it’s great for people who want to relax and have fun and a few laughs without feeling too competitive or physically taxed. It’s easy to chat, drink, eat, while participating and cheering on your teammates. 

It can be played any day, rain or shine.

Another reason to come to Strike Ten Pin Bowling is that it’s indoors and air-conditioned, so you can escape the heat or the seasonal Bali rains, rather than sacrificing the fun on your holiday. 

It’s social and fun for all!

Strike Ten Pin Bowling has everything you, your friends, and your group need for a fun afternoon and evening. It’s perfect for a friendly group, date night, kids birthdays, digital nomads gatherings, family reunions, and more. There are 6 lanes and menus for food and drinks, with a selection of pizzas, pastas, and more. 

strike ten pin bowling at finns recreation club bowling alley bali

Bowling Seminyak at Strike Ten Pin Bowling

While the #1 rule at Strike is to have fun, we have a few other tips for you to keep in mind while you are joining us. 

You must wear the proper bowling shoes.  We’ll provide bowling shoes for you, free of charge, and they must be worn instead of your own shoes.  This is first, for your own safety as you bowl, as regular sneakers stick to the floor and prevent a range of motion, and can lead to tripping. But also, bowling shoes protect the flooring from damage, divots, and scuff marks.

Socks are also required. For sanitation purposes and also for comfort, we require that you wear socks with bowling shoes. You can bring your own, or we can provide them for you for IDR 25,000.

There is no age limit for bowling. Bowling really is fun for everyone, no matter your age or skill level. However, the smallest shoe size that we have available is 28, and the smallest ball is 1.80kg. Anyone who cannot use our bowling shoes or carry a ball of that size will not be permitted to play.

Food is permitted at the lanes. The food is all part of the fun!  We have menus available for you and your group to order and eat during your game. The party doesn’t have to stop when you’re hungry.

It’s free to watch.  If there is anyone in your group who does not want to play, but only wants to provide moral support, there is no charge for watchers and there is plenty of space around the venue and in the cafe or bar area.

We recommend 6 players to a lane. To keep the game moving and to finish in your allocated time, we recommend 6 players for each lane. If you have a bigger group, we will spread you out amongst the 6 lanes, depending on availability.

family friendly bowling alley in bali strike ten pin bowling

Bowling alley Bali at FINNS Recreation Club

No matter your age, size of the group, or occasion, you can ‘Let the good times roll’ at Strike Ten Pin Bowling.  Strike is the best group or family entertainment venue in Canggu, Bali for your party or event, hosting all events from birthdays, themed nights, corporate events, date nights, and family-friendly occasions. Combine competition and fun with drinks, food, and our lively atmosphere to get your party going. 

Come experience the latest and most modern tenpin bowling at Strike. Our facility boasts six lanes, which is very accommodating for big groups. The facility is also equipped with automatic pinsetters and a computerised scoring system, so you don’t have to worry about keeping track of scores and the game. You can focus on the fun!  For younger or less experienced bowlers, we also offer bumpers to prevent the forever-embarrassing gutterballs. Join us for an exciting and enjoyable time at Strike Bali!

Things to do in Canggu: We have it all at FINNS Rec Club

As you are probably aware, we have a lot more than just Bali’s best bowling alley at FINNS Recreation Club.  You won’t believe everything you can do under one roof with us, bowling is just the start.

Splash Water Park. 

We also have our very own water slides and water playground at Splash Water Park, as well as a 25m lap pool for fun and fitness too. Book your sun loungers and daybeds, and bring a group for a fun day of wet and wild action at this family-friendly water park.

Bounce Trampoline Centre.

Jump, flip and dunk all day long at Bali’s only trampoline park, Bounce Trampoline Centre. This is the perfect place for kids and adults to, literally, bounce off the walls.

Body Temple Spa.

For a quieter, more relaxing pace, stop into Body Temple Spa for massage treatments that will rejuvenate, hydrate, and soothe your stress and tension away, as well as a range of beauty treatments for hair and skin. Kids treatments are also available. 

Strike, Bounce, and Body Temple Spa are indoors and air-conditioned, so rain or shine, join us at FINNS Recreation Club for endless holiday fun.

bowling canggu at strike ten pin bowling

Bali holidays with kids are the best at FINNS!

Everyone can have fun at Strike, Bounce, and Splash. But if you are looking for activities that are just for kids, we have programs that will suit them.

Junior Sports Academy. Our sports academy caters to kids ages 3-17, with a full range of sports and activities, including basketball, fencing, dance, capoeira, and more. The coaches are some of the best in their fields, and each one is dedicated to helping kids participate and have fun.

Cubby House  Kids Club. Parents, if you need some time at FINNS for yourself and without the little ones, you can drop them off at Cubby House Kids Club, where they will be fully supervised and entertained with our activities, toys, movies, games, and books. Cubby House is open for kids ages 2-12.

All Day Pass for 3 of Bali’s coolest venues 

Book your day passes, including our special All Fun Deal. It is the ultimate entertainment package, with one hour of trampolining action at Bounce, one hour of bowling at Strike, and 30 minutes of exhilarating axe throwing at Mother Huckers, which also shares our space under one roof.

Book your party or group at Strike Ten Pin Bowling. You can book your lanes online, and contact our team for groups and events.  We’ll have the lanes ready and beers or sodas nice and cold for you. See you at FINNS! 

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