Bali Weather In November: Your Complete Guide To The Pleasant Weather Of November

The weather in Bali in November is warm and somewhat muggy and it’s the first official month of the rainy season.

It’s a superb month to visit Canggu in Bali and enjoy the beaches, the world’s best beach club at FINNS and you can always take refuge from any rainfall in FINNS Rec Club, the spas, cooking schools, restaurants and other attractions in the area.

If you’re on a budget you might want to consider travelling in November. Bali is in the “off-season” this month and that means cheaper flights, hotels and resorts.

So, let’s take a close look at the pleasant weather you can expect when visiting Bali in November.

What Is The Weather Like In Bali In November?

Breathtaking sunrise views on Batur volcano, Bali

An Overview Of The Bali Weather In November

We can’t give you an accurate weather forecast for what the weather will be like in your visit in November but we can give you some hard numbers for you to understand what you can expect in the “wet season” in Bali.

Minimum to Maximum Temperatures (Average Temperatures)

The average daily minimum temperature range in Bali is from 22-25 degrees Celsius (that’s from 72 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit) and that’s a higher average temperature than much of Europe sees in the peak of their summer!

The range of average daily maximum temperatures is 31 to 32 degrees Celsius (that’s about 88 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit) in November.

Bali is warm and pleasant all year round and the average temperature doesn’t vary much from month to month with just 2 degrees between the hottest month of the year (May) and the coldest (January).

Monthly Rainfall And Rainy Days

There are only 10-13 days of rain in Bali in November and that means that between 55 and 65% of the days are rain-free and you can enjoy Bali to your heart’s content without fear of getting wet.

Bali in November does see some fairly substantial rain when it comes though and the island will get 18.8 – 29cm of rain (7.4 – 11.4 inches) which is going to mean that if you get caught in showers, you’re going to want something waterproof to put on.

Hours Of Sunshine Per Day

There are 7-8 hours of sunshine every day in Bali in November, that’s more than enough to spend hours at the beach at Nusa Dua, Canggu, Kuta, Uluwatu, Sanur or Seminyak indulging in water sports, etc.

Ubud the cultural heart of the island is also a great place to see at this time of year as the short bursts of rain tend to make the lush vegetation in Ubdu really come alive.

Relative Humidity Levels

The weather in Bali does feel a bit hotter than it is at times due to the average humidity and it’s quite humid in Bali in November.

The average humidity is 80-85%, mind you this isn’t that much more humid than June, the driest month, where the humidity is about 79-80%.

Average Sea Temperature

The sea temperature at this time of year is around 28-30 degrees Celsius (that’s about 82 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit).

If you want the best trip time for swimming, then November is a great time to come with slightly warmer seas than average.

But then, again, the sea is always pleasant to swim in here in Bali at any time of the year.

What Are The Best Places To Visit In Bali In November?

There are plenty of awesome places to visit in Bali during November including:

Take In The Sunset Seminyak

Seminyak – this busy beach town is great at this time of year and it’s packed with people looking to see and be seen as they enjoy great deals at the luxury resorts in the area and find a table more easily at the local fine dining options before partying the night away.


FINNS Beach ClubFINNS is always ready to welcome you to the best beach club in the world and there’s no minimum spend or entrance fee required to get in. That means you can come and enjoy an experience that 1 in 8 visitors to Bali enjoy. We can’t wait to see you here.

long tailed monkey enjoying bananas in natural habitat

Bali Safari and Marine Park – if you like to get in touch with the natural world when you’re on holiday then this park is a great way to meet local species (the park is engaged in many. 

What Are The Best Things To Do In Bali In November?

There are also some great things to do in Bali during November including:

summer seascape from air nusa penida island indo 2023 11 27 05 30 54 utc

Beach hopping – this season brings a quieter time to Bali’s beaches, so why not roam around the island and see if you can find a favourite spot? Even Kuta Beach is more chilled out at this time of year and it reminds you of why the area became so popular in the first place. Make sure to squeeze in some black sand beaches on your travels.

2023.12.15. VIP BOUTIQUE ROSE 38

Shopping – the markets and walking streets of Bali are always happy to see you at any time of the year but in the quieter months of the off-season, you’re more likely to be able to haggle your way to a bargain. The market stalls expect you to haggle and it’s welcomed. While the boutiques don’t usually allow haggling, they often have sales in November where you can get bargain-priced designer gear.

Legian Beach

Legian Beach Festival – the area of Legian is not far from Kuta, Seminyak or Canggu and this is a pleasant cultural festival that is held around the beach area. If you want to catch some awesome local dance, theatre and musical displays, you’re going to very much enjoy this festival. There are also displays of artwork including paintings and sculptures to take in.

What Should I Bring To Bali In November?

You don’t have to pack very much that you wouldn’t bring at any other time of the year but we strongly advise that you bring light, breathable clothing as this makes it easier for your sweat to evaporate and cool you down in the humidity.

A light jacket and a rain poncho make sense to keep you dry and you might also want to bring some closed shoes in addition to your thongs, if you intend to go hiking make sure you have shoes with a good grip as things can get slippery in the wet.


Is November A Good Time To Go To Bali? Should I Visit Bali In November?

Yes! In fact, the weather in November is very pleasant in Bali and you will have plenty of sunny days to enjoy a trip to the beach and it’s a good month on the island for going out at night too.

You can always enjoy good food in Bali but the rains bring more choice of fresh ingredients for the restaurants.

It’s the perfect time to enjoy discounts on hotel rooms and villas too as the name “rainy season” is code for “off-season”.

Is Bali Rainy In November? Does It Rain A Lot In Bali In November? Is It The Rainy Season?

The weather in Bali during November is rainy and while it doesn’t rain “a lot” only 30-40% of the days get any rainfall. It rains more than it does during the dry season.

It is the rainy season in Bali in November. However, it’s right at the start of the season and most showers are short-lived. It’s a good month to explore some of the more unusual destinations and not just the glorious beaches.

What Season Is It In Bali In November?

It’s the season for rain in Bali in November. Bali only has two seasons as it’s a tropical destination.

That doesn’t mean, however, that all days are rainy days and, in fact, it will only rain on roughly 1 in 3 days during November.

A trip to Bali at this time of year is guaranteed warm and pleasant weather and there’s more than enough sun for a great time on the beaches.

We think that November holidays in Bali are often the best value for money. You can enjoy great offers on your accomodation and still go surfing to your heart’s content!

What’s The Weather Like In Bali In November/December?

This is the wet season but that doesn’t mean that you should visit Bali at this time of year. In fact, as you approach Christmas in December, Bali is at its busiest!

We’d recommend that you visit Bali in November if you want to enjoy a trip without too many crowds and when the accomodation is cheapest.

Visit in December if you want some hot sun for your Christmas Day but be warned, there will be a lot of others out there surfing with you at this time of year.

Is November Part Of The Wet Season In Bali?

Yes, it is. Though the November Weather is hot and sunny and it only rains roughly once every three days.

What Are The Sea Conditions In Bali In November?

The sea here in Bali is always nice to swim and surf in and November is no exception to this rule. While the surf can be more aggressive after bad weather and the water can get a bit murky for diving, it doesn’t rain often enough to be anything but a temporary hindrance in November.

Is Bali Better In October Or November?

This all depends on you. October is the last month of the dry season and it has more crowds than November and you’re still paying peak rates for hotels, etc.

However, it has fewer crowds than the main school holiday months and if you want to come during the peak season one of our top travel tips would be to come in October if you can.

November, on the other hand, has slightly worse weather but it’s much cheaper than October and has even fewer crowds.

How Should I Book A November Holiday In Bali?

We always recommend that people book any trip to Bali, whether it’s in November or not, through the Bali Res Centre.

That’s a very helpful local travel agent who can provide competitive prices and lots of local knowledge to ensure you have the perfect trip to Bali.

Final Thoughts On Bali Weather, November

The November weather in Bali is very nice and while it is, officially, the wet season the weather is warm and sunny most of the time.

Visitors can enjoy the beaches and explore places like Ubud and Bedegul too knowing that they will be cool and pleasant.

November is one month out of twelve awesome months in Bali and if you do visit in November, we hope to welcome you at FINNS Beach Club in Canggu while you’re here.