Day Club in Bali – All You Need For A Perfect Day

Is there anything better than being at a fabulous day club on one of the world’s most beautiful islands and tourist destinations? We think not! When you come to Bali, you have endless possibilities for how to enjoy your day. There are explorations of ancient temples and majestic waterfalls, treks through incredible rice paddies and up to the tops of volcanoes, and let’s not forget the adventures continue from the land and into the sea, with swimming, surfing, snorkelling and diving. One thing you must do while here is sit back and take it all in – enjoy the sunshine, listen to the soothing sounds of the waves, and enjoy a cold juice or cocktail. Even though you can enjoy fun in the sun on white sand and beaches, there is something special about a day at a day club. It’s the style, the vibes, the services and the people. 

Below are our top reasons to love Bali day clubs. And our course, our favourite day club above all others, is FInns Beach Club! FINNS is the World’s Beach Beach Club because we take Bali’s day club experience to the next level, with endless good times and great people. 

To book your day at FINNS, you can easily and conveniently book everything you need online – daybeds, sun loungers, and even pre-book your bottles to meet your minimum spend requirement. With our Ultimate Experience package, you can enjoy extra savings on your bottles and spending. If you have any questions, get in touch with our team today.

finns beach club the best day club in bali

Bali day clubs. Soak up the sun in style.

Holidays in Bali would not be complete without spending a day or two at one of the famous beach clubs in Bali. Every day, crowds of beautiful tourists, singles, couples and families head to the beach clubs that line the island’s shores to enjoy beautiful scenery, amenities and a lively atmosphere. Here are our top reasons why we love Bali’s day clubs. 

Comfort. Relax on a sun lounger or with friends on a daybed while you soak up ocean views. Either way, you can kick up your feet on very comfortable furniture, with umbrellas for shade and extra towels for sunbathing or after the pool. There’s plenty of space for everyone to enjoy the sun and ocean breezes. You don’t have to worry about sand and rocks while laying on plush daybeds or relaxing poolside. For us, the comfort level of FINNS cannot be beaten. 

Service. You don’t have to worry about a thing while the day club staff caters to your every whim. You’re treated like a VIP with endless choices for food, and cocktails are delivered right to your hands. You don’t have to get out of the pool when you can order your cocktail at our two swim-up bars. Our staff goes the extra mile, especially at FINNS VIP Beach Club, with sunscreen, sunglasses cleaning, and free ice cold water. Sit back, relax, and let our team take care of the rest while you enjoy a pool day in style.

Amenities. Day clubs in Bali come complete with a variety of on-site amenities. At FINNS, we have 5 beach club restaurants, 2 oceanfront infinity pools, 2 additional pools and 9 bars. You have plenty of options for booking daybeds and sun loungers, and you can go from day until night with happy hour from 7 pm-9 pm and dancing until the night. We also have boutique stores with designer swimwear and accessories, hookahs for your daybeds, a lush green garden area, and private event spaces. We also have two areas suitable for families: kids can splash and play in the pool all day. FINNS has something for everyone! 

Food. When you are on the beach, you may be limited to what you can eat, if there are only local warungs around. This is not the case when you are at a day club – and certainly not at FINNS. Day clubs will often have menus of food that are perfect for eating around the pool, easy to eat with hands and not too heavy. At FINNS, we have a full menu of options for sharing or eating at your daybed or sun lounger, with choices for kids and vegetarian and vegan options. We also have 5 on-site restaurants that you can order from – Flippas Bar, Bondi Cafe, Mumbai Kitchen for Indian dishes, Sushi Bar for fresh and raw seafood, and our main restaurant in FINNS VIP; St. Tropez. No one goes hungry while at FINNS. We guarantee it!

Drinks. Quench your thirst or stay refreshed by sipping ice-cold beverages while spending the day in the sun. You can have healthy options of coconuts and juices, or ask our bartenders to serve up your favourite tropical cocktails. We have 9 bars around the venue, including 2 swim-up bars. You can also order your favourite bottles of wine or spirits for the best value. With our Ultimate Experience package, you save big with free premium bottles.

finns beach club experience the world class day club in bali

Entertainment. Bali is one of the world’s best places to party, with the best acts and entertainers booking appearances at the beach clubs. FINNS has world-famous live acts at our parties, especially for New Year’s Eve when we throw the island’s biggest party. Every day of the week, we have live DJs and vocalists who entertain our guests with live music from 4 pm through the sunset hours and into the night. It’s a party every day at FINNS, and our live entertainment is the best on the island.

Exclusivity. We treat all our guests like VIPs, but if you want an experience above and beyond, you should book your day club experience at FINNS VIP Beach Club. There is an extra level of chic and style here, with exclusive services and amenities. We offer bottle service on top of complimentary coffee, juices, gelato, and ice-cold water. There are also free services for our VIP guests, including lockers, cold towels, sunglasses cleaning services, sunscreen and face mist, and valet parking. You can also dine at our open-air Mediterranean-style restaurant, St. Tropez. If you are looking to elevate your day club experience, book your day beds at FINNS VIP Beach Club. 

Safety. This benefit is often overlooked, but compared to the beach, where there can be dangerous waves, rip tides, or rocks, a day at a beach club is a much safer option – especially if there will be alcohol. The safety of our guests is of utmost importance, and every team member is dedicated to ensuring that all guests enjoy a safe, welcoming environment. There are lifeguards on duty, security guards and CCTV.  

Vibes. The best part about coming to a day club in Bali is the fun-filled atmosphere. It’s a great mix of relaxing and unwinding, lively and uplifting. Every square meter of FINNS has good vibes and fun people. You can lay on your daybed, or you can cool off in the pool, or you can dance your cares away. Either way, a day at a day club is non-stop laughs and fun, especially when surrounded by your favourite people.

spend the day at finns beach club the best day club in bali

If you are looking for Bali’s best day club experience, you won’t find a more fun or better experience than at FINNS Beach Club. Our guests’ enjoyment is priority number one, and we strive daily to prove why we are the World’s Best Beach Club!

Book your daybed, sun lounger, or Ultimate Experience package online today!

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