Best Breakfast Bali – Finns Can Suit Any Morning Mood

No matter how you like to start your day, Finns venues have breakfast options for every day and every way, depending on if you’re a morning person or a night owl. Whether it’s sweet or savoury, light or hearty, come to Finns for the fuel you need to jumpstart your day.

Healthy Breakfast Canggu. Options to nourish your body and soul

If you have a busy day of sports, surfing, swimming, or touring Bali’s beautiful waterfalls or temples, or if you generally like to eat healthy in the morning, you have come to the right place. At bistro.c at Finns Rec Club, you’ll find healthy options to help fuel your body for the day, with proteins and superfood ingredients for any diet plan or activity regimen. Eggs, avocados, whole grains, fresh fruits, and loads of leafy greens and vegetables provide a jumpstart to keep you going all morning. Our top picks for healthy dishes from bistro.c breakfast menu are our scrambled tofu, egg benedict, egg white omelette, or green detox chill smoothie bowl. For added punch, try one of our choices of jamu or healthy potions with ginger, wheatgrass, or a protein shake.

Gym & Sports first, then refuel after

If you like to work up an appetite first thing in the morning, come to Finns Rec Club, Bali’s premier sports facility, where you have endless options to get your body moving and your blood pumping. Our newly renovated and improved Fitness Centre opens at 6 am, so you can come early for the free weights and machines and your personalised workout. You can also take a nice cool morning dip and swim laps in the 25m pool. After your workout, or swim, stop in for breakfast at bistro.c (Finns Rec Club) and reward yourself, and recharge your batteries with breakfast and refreshing smoothies and juices.

Don’t forget that after sports, you can recover at Finns Rec Club in the state-of-the-art recovery centre with sauna and ice baths and head to Body Temple Spa for a therapeutic massage. 

Coworking Canggu. The productive digital nomad breakfast 

If you are working remotely from Bali or have set yourself up here as an entrepreneur, you are one of the many digital nomads who have found their way to Bali for the ultimate balance of work and lifestyle. Come to Finns Rec Club for everything you need for a productive work environment – espresso and coffee drinks for that all-important caffeine fix, healthy and light breakfasts to keep your mind active and to avoid a sluggish feeling. Breakfast is served in bistro.c’s open-air cafe, with plenty of spaces to set up your workspace for the morning or to stay throughout the day. Our Coworking Hub also has the benefits of fast wifi and quiet meeting and working rooms. Plus, you get access to the Finns fitness facilities and venues for a highly productive breakfast and morning of work and working out.

Poolside breakfast or brunch for the hangover cure 

You’re in Bali’s party capital of Canggu, so we would certainly expect a few late nights and a sore head in the morning. To ease your suffering, come to Finns, where we have your hangover cures. If you are awake before 10 am, come to Finns Rec Club and lounge by the pool with a hearty dish to settle your stomach – such as the Shakshouka or English Breakfast, and then add on a fresh coconut or bloody mary. Take a dip in the pool, and you’ll feel better soon. Finns Beach Club opens at 10 am, after breakfast, but you can find your way to a sunlounger or daybed for a hangover brunch, to set your head straight after a fun Bali night. Try a curry from Mumbai Kitchen or a pizza from Bondi Cafe alongside a mimosa or nice cold beer. After a night of bar hopping or party-going, laying by the pool with a cool drink and savoury brunch bites is our go-to recommendation for a go-to hangover cure.

UFC Sunday brunch at the Sports Bar

All around Bali, and especially in Canggu, the Sunday morning tradition is to watch UFC fights, and one of the best places to watch them is at Finns Rec Club in our sports bar. The weekly UFC events are usually played to a worldwide audience from Las Vegas, USA; so, due to the time zone differences, they are played to a Sunday morning crowd here in Bali. There are fights every week and high-profile events approximately every 4-6 weeks, which draw a crowd of enthusiasts to the sports bars for some MMA action while they enjoy brunch and beers throughout the morning and into the early afternoon. Be sure to check out our schedule for the UFC events, where you can watch on our 11 massive screens in our air-conditioned sports bar.  

Breakfast places Canggu 

You can stop in for breakfast or brunch any day of the week at Finns Rec Club or Finns Beach Club, with savoury and sweet dishes for any mood. At Finns Rec Club, get your fitness in, then take some time to enjoy any of our awesome facilities, such as Splash Water Park, Bounce Trampoline Centre, Strike Ten Pin Bowling, or even enjoy a treatment at Body Temple Spa.

Start your day right with breakfast in Canggu at Finns!

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