The Best Places To See A Bali Sunrise

A great Bali sunrise is a truly magical sunrise and if you want to enjoy the sun rising over the land or sea on the island, you’re going to want this guide.

That’s because we’ve found 20 amazing places to watch sunrise in Bali and each of them promises a stunning sunrise and a moment that you will never forget!

The 20 Best Places To Catch Sunrise In Bali

Atuh Beach, Nusa Penida

atuh beach nusa penida island coastline landscape
Picture Source: Freepik

High tide at Atuh Beach in Nusa Penida is a spectacular place to watch the world at sunrise.

Of course, it’s high tide, you won’t be on the beach itself, you’ll be on the cliff tops above the beach looking down on the gorgeous turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean.

You can see for miles from this spot and there is island after island, fading away into the distance.

Of course, if you want to see this, you’ll need to take a boat trip out to Nusa Penida Island. We think it’s worth it.

Beratan Lake, Bedugul

Pura Ulun Danu Bratan temple in Bali island. Hindu temple at sunrise s on Beratan lake, Indonesia

A long way from the beach, you will find Lake Beratan in Bedugul in North Bali.

The temple here appears to float on the water during the rainy season when the lake fills up with water.

The spectacle of Mount Beratan in the background gives you a striking volcano to add further drama to your photos.

Just one note of warning: you’re welcome in the temple complex, but please dress sensibly for it. Bali remains a very conservative place when it comes to religion.

Lempuyang Temple, Karangasem Regency

Woman at Pura Lempuyang temple in Bali

This temple opens at 6 a.m. and you’ll want to be there as soon as it does. That means an early morning hike up the side of the mountain.

It’s worth it though for the amazing photos you can take at the “Gates of Heaven” that form the entrance to one side of the temple.

The view over the mountains and with the clouds behind the gate is totally unforgettable and one of the coolest things you will see on a holiday in Bali.

What about a sunrise without the sun rising? That’s what you get at the lovely Lake Tamblingan in Munduk.

The lake is home to a lovely Hindu temple and it’s a very serene and elegant spot that will look great in your photos.

However, the sun doesn’t appear above the horizon until much later than it does in most other sunrise spots.

Instead, the sky shifts colours constantly providing you with an amazing light show as the backdrop to the temple!

Jatiluwih Rice Terraces, Tabanan

Rice fields of Jatiluwih in southeast Bali

If you want to catch sunrise at a UNESCO World Heritage site in Bali then the Jatiluwih Rice Terraces are the place to do so.

Climb up to the top of the terraces for a truly stunning view as the light peaks out from behind Mount Batukaru in the distance.

Then the golden light seems to rush over the rice paddies and fields themselves until everything comes alive in vibrant detail.

We can’t recommend this spot in Bali enough for a sunrise-watching session.

Pinggan Village, Kintamani

Hills covered in fog under the sunlight during a beautiful sunrise in Pinggan, Bali, Indonesia

If you want to see the Bali sunrise in the shade of Mt Batur then, you might opt to see it from Pinggan Village.

The best place to stay if you want to see the sunrise here is the local Pinggan Sunrise Glamping sight which is quite popular with backpackers.

The view here is romantic and unforgettable, with the mist and clouds over the Ubud rainforest and the sun breaking across the fields as light pours around and then over the volcano.

We recommend breakfast and coffee from the benches laid out here for the easiest bit of sunrise-watching ever.

Mount Batur


On the other hand, if you fancy putting in a bit more effort, you can always see the sunrise from the slopes of Mount Batur itself.

In fact, you can see it from the Mount Batur caldera at the peak. You’ll need to get up very early to do this (particularly if you will travel from South Bali to catch the Mount Batur sunrise) but it’s worth it.

You can easily get up Mount Batur with the services of a local guide and then be ready with a cup of steaming coffee and a freshly boiled egg in hand for the light to strike the volcano.

The good news is that this hike is nowhere near as challenging as the one at Mount Agung and pretty much anyone can make it with some resolve and a decent pair of shoes.

Bukit Campuhan, Ubud

Young beautiful woman walking on Campuhan Ridge way of artists,

The ridgeline at Campuhan Ridge is considered to be one of the finest walks in all of Bali.

The rice paddies and rice fields are incredible as is the jungle backdrop to every inch of this walk.

If you want an amazing Bali sunrise as part of this hike, then take a very slow, easy walk to the top of the ridge and let the spread over the island before you.

And once you’ve enjoyed the view from this incredible place, why not stop for breakfast at the Warung nearby (also on top of the ridge)? It’s open from 6 a.m. onward.

Sanur Beach

sunrise over fishing boats on Bali

You don’t have to climb Mount Agung or Mount Batur to enjoy an amazing sunrise in Bali, Indonesia.

In fact, one of the most spectacular sunrises is over Sanur Beach in the sleepy village of Sanur.

If you love the idea of watching the boats on the water from the soft sands of Sanur Beach as the sky lights up and the dawn’s beautiful reds and oranges cascade over the waves? You can’t go wrong at Sanur Beach.

There’s no entry fee either. Just sit on the sands of Sanur Beach wrapped in a sarong and hold a cup of coffee from one of the cafes in Sanur and everything will be magical.

Bukit Asah, Karangasem Regency

Bukit Asah or “Asah Hill” is one of the most hidden gems in Bali and we’re almost reluctant to share it with you.

You can camp on the hill itself (you just pay a small fee plus a tent rental fee) and you can wake as the sun lights up the sky here.

You rarely see any foreign tourists at this exceptionally scenic spot, the locals appear to be keeping it mainly to themselves, for now.

We couldn’t believe the reactions on Instagram when people saw this dramatic place for themselves.

Bukit Cinta, Karangasem

You don’t have to climb Mount Agung to appreciate its dramatic impact on the landscape at sunrise.

You can visit the viewpoint at Bukit Cinta, instead and look down over the mountain and the incredible landscape below it.

This is definitely one of the places that a keen photographer is going to be very glad to visit at sunrise in Bali.

Watch as the light reveals detail after detail on the cold rock below, it’s an enchanting sight.

Bukit Batu Madeg Songan

This wonderful viewpoint gives you the ability to see the sunrise over a whole mountain range.

If you want to see Mount Batur, Mount Abang and Lake Batur all light up together then you have to visit Bukit Batu Madeg Songan.

We’d recommend camping or glamping in the area the night before, so all you have to do is stumble out of your tent to enjoy the wonderful views from here.

Amed Beach, Amed

Top view of Amed beach and volcano Agung at sunset. Bali, Indonesia

Amed is a delightful fishing village on the East Coast of Bali and that means it’s an amazing spot for watching the sun rise.

Many people come to Amed for diving as it’s close to some of the more interesting wrecks and reefs in Bali too.

However, we think if you have stood on the nearby hills and watched the rays of light bringing life and vigour to the land of Bali, you haven’t really experienced the island at all.

Once you’ve enjoyed the sunrise, we can recommend heading to the nearby beach and having breakfast right there on the beach, because you’re worth it.

Mount Agung

Mount Agung volcano in sunrise

OK, Mount Agung is a hard-core climb, so unless you are very physically fit and used to climbing mountains, you might want to pick a different Bali sunrise to enjoy.

But if you’re up to the challenge, this is the tallest place in Bali and it’s a wonderful sight at any time of the day.

If you can get up the slopes before sunrise, however, you will get one of the best views over the island imaginable.

It’s the sort of thing that leaves you speechless. It’s just so powerful.

Desa Sukawana, Kintamani

There’s a wonderful viewing platform at Desa Sukawana in Kintamani and if you get there on the right day, the clouds form below the platform.

This gives you an almost other-worldly view over to the mountain in front of you and the fields and rainforest on its slopes.

If you want a truly thrilling shot for your Instagram but you don’t want to have to climb any mountains to get it, this could be your perfect sunrise observation deck.

It’s ridiculously cheap to park and get into the area too.

Patal Kikian Villas Sidemen

patal kikian villas sunrise bali

The Patal Kikian Villas are, in their own right, some of the most Instagram-worthy villas you’ll find anywhere in Bali.

We love that their infinity pool gives you an amazing view over the local rice paddies and runs right up to the volcano looming over the valley below.

It’s also the perfect place to grab some amazing sunrise shots and after you’ve enjoyed the spectacle, you can enjoy a dip in the pool!

As you might expect, however, if you want this view, you will have to stay in the villas for a night.

Jemeluk Bay Viewpoint, Nusa Penida

If you want a place far removed from the crowds on the beaches of the rest of Bali for sunrise, then why not visit the island of Nusa Penida to enjoy the sunrise at Jemeluk Bay?

The coastline below forms a perfect leading line for your Instagram shots and the water is a glorious turquoise colour that glistens in the glimmering sun rays.

And to cap it all off? Mt Agung is there in the background offering an almost spectral presence in your images. It’s awesome.

Bukit Asah

This one’s for the more adventurous souls as you will need to hike out there the day before and then camp overnight to get the best of the sun at Bukit Asah.

It’s worth it though. You will find a near postcard-perfect view over the sea and land from this spot and the sound of the waves smashing against the cliff below is fantastic too.

There are some nice swings set up here for extra Instagram points too.

Nusa Dua Beach

jarrad horne c UJQKs8fFU unsplash

If you’re a family looking for a really pleasant place to enjoy the sunrise together then you can do much worse than Nusa Dua Beach.

The waters here are calm and blue and there are so many nice spots for breakfast after a walk along the sand as the world transforms in the sunlight.

Karang Beach

karang beach sanur bali 2023 11 27 05 19 37 utc

This beach is just around the corner from Sanur Beach and you get some beautiful shots of the sun emerging from between the traditional gazebos on the lovely shoreline here.

We’ve seen some of the most spectacular light of all our time in Bali at this hidden gem of a sunrise-watching spot. Don’t miss out on it.


What Time Is Golden Hour In Bali?

There are actually two golden hours each day and they’re not unique to Bali.

The term “golden hour” refers to the hour that begins half an hour before sunrise or sunset and ends half an hour after the sun rises or the sun sets.

The phrase “golden hour” is commonly used by photographers to describe the special quality of the early morning or early evening light and the impact it has on the subjects of photographs.

Instagrammers and influencers live their lives around Golden Hour as this is the most productive part of the day for them and there are a lot of influencers in Bali.

How Long After The Sun Rises In Bali Does The Stunning Sunrise Light Last?

The beautiful rays of dawn tend to be over within half an hour of the sun cresting the horizon.

This is because by that time, the sunrise in Bali is over and the sun is high enough in the sky that you see its light directly and it is no longer breaking up as it curves over the horizon.

If you want a sunrise view in Bali, you’re going to have to get up early to enjoy it.

What Time Of Year Gets The Best Sunrises In Bali?

You get the clearest skies during the dry season which means it’s best to watch the sunrise from April to October, when you are most likely to get an unencumbered sunrise view.

However, nobody can guarantee you that you’ll get the perfect sky light on any given day and your trip to the rice paddies or Mt Batur or Mt Agung, might not deliver an amazing sunset at any time of year.

The weather is a capricious thing and sadly, nobody has any control over it. We just put ourselves into the right places to watch the sunrise and at the right time and hope that everything works out.

Why Do We Watch A Bali Sunrise In A Different Place From A Bali Sunset?

The sun sets in the opposite direction from where it rises. This means that you need to be on the opposite side of the island for an amazing sunset view from where you were for an amazing sunrise view.

Which Side Of Bali For Sunrise?

The East Coast of Bali will give you the best sunrises and the West Coast will give you the best sunsets.

One of the reasons that Amed, a sleepy fishing village, has become so popular over the years is that it has amazing sunrises over the ocean there.

Why Does The Sun Set So Early In Indonesia?

Indonesia is very close to the equator and lies within the tropics. This means that there’s less variation in the length of an Indonesian day than there is in somewhere like Melbourne or London, both of which lie outside of the tropical zones.

You may have noticed that many Indonesians rise very early in the day to make the most out of the daylight hours that they have.

How Many Hours of Sunlight Does Bali Get In A Day?

On average, Bali gets 12 full hours of sunlight each day and the sunlight is very strong in Bali.

It’s highly recommended that if you intend to spend a lot of time in the sun, you either cover your skin or use a high-protection factor sunscreen to protect yourself from burns.

Can You See Sunrise In Bali?

Yes! Though, of course, you have to be in the right place to see a sunrise. If you’re on the West Coast, you won’t get much of a sunrise as the sun will be quite high in the sky already when it comes over the horizon.

Whereas on the East Coast, you will witness the rise of the sun as it’s meant to be seen.

Final Thoughts On Where To Watch Sunrise In Bali

Bali is home to so many incredible sunrises that it almost seems unfair to try and find the most beautiful sunrise locations on the island.

However, if you visit any of the places above to watch the rising sun in the early morning in Bali, you will not be disappointed that you did.

Whether you scale Mount Batur, lounge in an infinity pool, or bathe in the golden light at Sanur Beach, you just can’t go wrong with the best sunrise spots in Bali.