The Best Bali Gifts: How To Bring Back The Best Bali Souvenirs That People Will Truly Appreciate

If you’re coming to Bali for a holiday, you’re probably thinking about buying some souvenirs and some gifts for the folks back home.

Well, good news! We’ve got a list of 26 awesome Balinese souvenirs for you as well as 11 great shops and traditional markets to buy them in and 6 shopping tips that will really help you get the best deals and enjoy your shopping experience here! Check them out.


Our Top 26 Bali Souvenirs

As much as possible, we’ve tried to stick to things that are produced here in Bali and where possible to traditional Balinese arts and crafts.

However, there’s no denying that some souvenir types are universally loved, even if you can find variants of them everywhere, and we’ve included a few of those too.

Silk Batiks And Traditional Textiles

the process of making indonesian batik with floral 2023 11 27 05 19 49 utc

Sure, you can buy a cheap sarong on the beach in bright colours, but it will be a poor-quality print.

It’s fine for laying on top of the sand but to take home, you want a real batik from a place like Popiler Batik (in Tenganan Village).

There are other local textiles to keep an eye out for such as Ikat which is a local cotton produced in East Bali.

Balinese Paintings

An elderly painter at The Royal Family Temple in Bali painting a Buddha Indonesia

The Balinese are famous for their paintings and there are three centres of Balinese painting today, Ubud, Sanur and Batuan Village.

Each area has a distinct style and paintings from working artists are not very expensive but are very good.

They’ll look great on your wall at home.

Balinese Woodcarvings

Wooden Barong mask from Tegallalang in Bali, Indonesia

If you visit Tegallalang (and you should because its rice terraces are legendary) then you should also stop at the Pakudui Village.

This is where some of the best wood carvers in Bali are and they can make amazing statues from Hindu folklore. Why not take a Garuda home to mum?

Balinese Coffee (Kopi Luwak)

Fresh roasted kopi luwak coffee

You don’t have to opt for Kopi Luwak, the Balinese civet poop coffee that gets some people up in arms over animal rights, because coffee in Bali is all awesome.

Choose your favourite flavour on the local coffee plantations and then have it roasted and take it home with you. Everyone loves good coffee as a gift.

Gold & Silver Work

If you want handmade silver jewelry, Bali is an excellent place to get it. In fact, if you have the time and patience you can make your own exquisite silver jewelry in a workshop here or you can let one of the local artists create something truly special for you.

The gold and silver smiths of the island use traditional techniques to create gold and silver jewellery that is absolutely unparalleled elsewhere in Southeast Asia.

The village of Celuk is well known for this kind of work as is Sidemen.

Spa Treatment Products

Lavender spa products on wooden table Body care products with l

Given the huge number of spas on the island, it won’t surprise you to learn that Bali makes a lot of amazing spa products.

The easiest place to buy these items is in the spas themselves, but you can often find them in stores too.

The best local products are completely cruelty-free and leave Body Shop products standing in the dust.

Balinese Ceramics

peach fuzz color of mug of hot cappuccino with volcano view in Bali

There are a bunch of excellent producers of high-quality ceramic items in Bali including Gaya, Kevala and Jenggala Ceramics.

We recommend visiting one of their factory stores to scoop up some lovely tabletop decor. Many of the local hotels and villas have their dining sets uniquely commissioned on the island.

Balinese Homeware Items

wooden bowls and utensils 2023 11 27 05 06 53 utc

It’s worth noting that you don’t have to buy an intricate woodcarving, one thing the local artisans excel at is making wooden homeware.

You can find bowls, spoons, coasters and much more made out of wood in markets and stores and they’re very reasonably priced.

Spices & Seasonings

Palette of spices and seasonings, top view

Balinese cuisine depends on spices and seasonings and the island was once the centre of the spice trade in the archipelago. It’s why Bali was seen as such an attractive place for colonization, sadly.

However, there’s no fighting over food here any more and you can pick up plenty of amazing spices and take them home with you. Just make sure to buy sealed bags and bottles.

Boutique Fashion

Bali is home to a huge number of world-class fashion designers and you can find incredible style products at places like Paul Ropp and Biasa.

Both men and women can really up their fashion game in Bali and while it’s not “cheap”, it’s certainly affordable compared to boutiques back home.

Rattan Bags, Placemats, Etc.

trendy round rattan woven bag sunglass and sneake 2023 11 27 05 17 13 utc

Rattan Bags, Placemats, Etc.

Rattan items are a big deal in Bali and we love the interior decor products offered in places like Kara Home Living.

We’re also big fans of rattan bags which can be found in markets all over the island, they’re very durable and they look great. They’re also very affordable and make for great gifts.

Pie Susu

A lot of people want to take home snacks from Bali and perhaps the most famous is Pie Susu, that’s a sweet milk pie that is very popular here on the island.

We think the best ones come from Pie Susu Enaak, which we hear was the first-ever Pie Susu vendor in Bali!

Bali Banana

The Bali Banana brand is found in many places on the island and it focuses on all things banana-flavoured.

Their banana cake with a chocolate topping is to die for. So, don’t forget to buy some for yourself or you may end up eating your gifts for others.

Bali T-Shirts

If there’s one thing that’s ubiquitous in markets across Bali, it’s the Bali t-shirt.

These all have prints that say something about the island or about the beer, Bintang shirts are among the more popular items here.

Pia Legong

pia crispy with chocolate filling 2023 11 27 05 18 15 utc

A Pia Legong is a Chinese-style Balinese pastry and they are so crumbly and tasty that they’re impossible to resist.

They are so popular that there’s a daily limit on the number of boxes you can buy!

Indonesian Wine & Arak

Vodka in shot glasses on rustic wood background

Dewi Sri in Sanur makes lovely Arak (a local spirit for cocktails) and a fabulous rice wine too!

Balinese Chocolate

Broken chocolate bars on dark background

There are chocolate makers popping up all over Bali and that’s because the local cacao is perfect for chocolatiers.

MiBabi Instant Noodles (Note: They’re Not Halal)

These instant noodles are super cheap and really tasty. However, be aware that they are pork-flavoured and shouldn’t be given to Muslim or Jewish friends.

Bonkers Bali Bike Helmets

Bali excels in crazy helmet design you can find Viking horns, jester helmets and so much more on them. They’re also pretty cheap.

Wooden Masks From Mas

Happy tourist in local shop stock photo

The village of Mas is best known for making wooden masks that are used in traditional Balinese art performances. They make for an amazing souvenir of Bali.

Tailor Made Balinese Kebaya

indonesian women using kebaya mixed with modern hi 2023 11 27 05 15 33 utc

The Kebaya is a traditional local dress and you can visit a tailor almost anywhere on the island to have one made to suit your tastes.

Keripik Ceker Ayam

These are “chicken feet crackers” and they are extremely tasty. Just dont give them to anyone squeamish about what they eat.


Puzzle Boxes

Bali’s wood carvers make some awesome puzzle boxes with hidden compartments in them. They make super gifts for children and adults with a healthy sense of curiosity.

Kacang Disco

Organic peanuts background

Kacang Disco is a local brand of spicy peanuts that have been cooked in dough and spices. They’re super tasty and very inexpensive.

Gamelan Instruments

Traditional balinese percussive instruments instruments for "Gamelan" ensemble music, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

The traditional instruments in Bali are known as “gamelan” and you can buy these instruments to take home for display or even to try and learn to play them yourself.

Incense Sticks

Incense stick in porcelain craft ceramic holder on marble table

Bali also makes a lot of incense thanks to its use in temples, spas and the like. The local sandalwood makes for a really pleasant scent.

Our Favourite 11 Souvenir Shops In Bali

There is an endless list of places where you can go shopping for your souvenirs and gifts in Bali, however, these 11 places are our favourites and you’re sure to be able to land everything from traditional Balinese goods to unique locally made products in these venues.

Love Anchor Canggu

This iconic market in Canggu is a great place to pick up a range of locally made clothing and jewelry.

If you love to seek out interesting and unique pieces, this is a great place to do it.

Where Is It? Jl. Pantai Batu Bolong No.56, Canggu, Kec. Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80351, Indonesia

Bali Niki Natural Art Market Canggu

Canggu can get pretty busy at times but this is one of the less-touristy markets and you can find a lot of cool stuff here.

Think home decor, jewellery, bags, locally made clothing, etc. The prices are super affordable too.

Where Is It? Canggu, Kuta Utara, Badung Regency, Bali, Indonesia

Ubud Art Market

ubud art market gianyar bali

This is the biggest art market in Bali and, in our view, one of the best, nearly all the products you find here are made either in Ubud or in the surrounding villages.

If you love arts and crafts, this is the perfect place to get some amazing gifts for the folks back home.

You will need to bring your best haggling game to get the best prices though.

Where Is It? Jl. Raya Ubud No.35, Ubud, Kecamatan Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80571, Indonesia

Kuta Art Market

If you’re in Kuta, you can’t miss this shopping strip which is right by the main beach.

It’s a collection of charming local stalls with some of the most persistent salespeople in the world.

If you’re looking for t-shirts with a Balinese flavour or some knick-knacks for folks at home, this is the place to be.

Where Is It? Jl.kuta art market no.18, kuta, Badung Kuta Kuta, Kuta, Badung, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361, Indonesia

Mal Bali Galeria

Not in the mood for market shopping? Then why not head to the swankiest shopping mall in Kuta and wander around the retail outlets there, instead?

The prices here are a little higher than you’d pay in the local markets, but you will enjoy cool and comforting air-conditioning as you shop.

There are some great places to eat in this mall too.

Where Is It? Jl. Bypass Ngurah Rai, Kuta, Kec. Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361, Indonesia

Seminyak Square

Seminyak Square

This two-level local shopping mall contains a host of designer boutiques with the best work of the local fashion scene on sale.

You can also pick up plenty of lovely souvenirs here and enjoy some of the best food and drink in Seminyak at the local cafes and restaurants.

Where Is It? Jl. Kayu Aya No.1, Seminyak, Kec. Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361, Indonesia

Sukawati Art Market

paintings sukawati art market bali

It’s not quite as big as the market in Ubud but it’s a fabulous destination for picking up some locally made products.

They’ve just renovated the area and it’s better laid out than it was before. You can find clothing, arts, handicrafts and much more at Sukawati Art Market.

Where Is It? Jalan Raya Sukawati, Sukawati, Kec. Sukawati, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80582, Indonesia

Padi Art Market

This interesting market in Nusa Dua is part of an open-air shopping centre and there’s also a supermarket and a bunch of restaurants and cafes on site.

They say that this place is entirely stakeholder-driven and seeks to benefit the social fabric, economic makeup and cultural heritage of the nation.

Where Is It? Jl. Pantai Mengiat Jl. Raya Nusa Dua Selatan, Benoa, Kec. Kuta Sel., Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361, Indonesia

Discovery Shopping Mall

Discovery Shopping Mall

This beachfront shopping mall is one of the most popular destinations for boutique fashion shopping in Kuta.

There are also department stores, restaurants and even cultural events regularly held onsite here.

Where Is It? Jl. Kartika Plaza, Kuta, Kec. Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361, Indonesia

Krisna Bali Souvenir Shop

Krisna is one of the most popular souvenir stores in Bali and it has just about every product that you can think of.

The prices are fixed, but they’re very reasonable and you could probably get away with haggling if you wanted to buy in bulk from Krisna.

Where Is It? Jl. Sunset Road No.88, Kuta, Kec. Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361, Indonesia

FINNS Beach Club

2023.09.14 FBC DRONE VENUE EW 3

We don’t believe that you’ve seen Bali until you’ve visited the best beach club in the world, FINNS in Canggu.

And FINNS has its own stores where you can pick up merch to remind you of the amazing time you had as well as awesome beachwear and surfwear and more.

Where Is It? Jl. Pantai Berawa No.99, Canggu, Kec. Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361, Indonesia

6 Tips For Making Your Bali Shopping Experience Easier

Haggling 101

Haggling is a part of Balinese culture and if you want a good deal on the best Bali souvenirs then you’re going to need to learn to haggle.

It’s completely expected, so when you’re at Sukawati Art Market with a bunch of handicraft items that you’re dying to get your hands on, this is how it works.

The seller names a price. You make an appalled face and offer around 10-20% of that number as your first offer.

You then commence a series of offers vs counteroffers until either you reach a price that you’re happy with or you walk away.

You can walk away any time during the negotiations (and this is a negotiating tactic – you will often find you get a better price after you walk away) but once you agree on a price, you’re expected to complete the purchase – so be certain you want those key chains before you start a bidding war for them.

Don’t be disheartened if a vendor looks sad about a deal, it’s another part of the sales ploy, no Balinese salesperson will make a deal that results in a loss.

Payment: Cash or Card?

close up hands taking out money from wallet indonesian rupiah

While souvenir shops is malls will tend to have credit card facilities, you may find that at markets and street vendors, you have no hope of paying with a card.

That means it’s always a good idea to carry cash and whenever possible to have some small denomination bills handy.

This makes transactions easier and vendors less likely to claim they have no change in the hopes of driving their profit margins up.

If you need cash, make sure to use a reputable ATM, ideally inside a bank or mall to reduce the chances of card skimming.

Distinguishing Legit Products From Imitations

While many souvenir shops sell lovely products made in Bali, some sell fakes that are mass-produced in China.

It’s not always easy to tell the legitimate from the counterfeit but it’s probably a fake if the price is far lower than the market price.

It’s certainly a fake if you can find two different brands in the same item (for example, a pair of trainers recently purchased here has a different brand’s insole compared to the markings on the shoe).

If you’re going to spend serious money on things like handmade silver jewelry, it’s best to buy directly from a craftsperson or to buy only from a reputable dealer or gallery.

Don’t take chances. You don’t want to leave Bali island having spent $10,000 on $500 worth of goods.

When To Go Shopping In Bali

Young woman traveler at ubud market in bali

We recommend visiting local markets and art markets early in the day. Check the opening hours online before you go.

That’s because many vendors see the first sale of the day as “lucky” and offer a better price than they might at other times of the day.

Otherwise, it’s still good to go early in the day in most places as it helps you avoid the crowds (and weekdays are usually better than weekends for this reason too).

In peak tourist seasons even the traditional markets can get very busy. There’s not much you can do about that except grin and bear it.

Remember To Stay Hydrated

Balinese coffee doesn’t just make for a good souvenir, it’s one way to stay hydrated as you go around the shops.

While places like Ubud Art Market (just down the road from the famous Monkey Forest) are a little cooler than the beach towns, it’s hot and sunny all year long and it’s very easy to get dehydrated in Bali.

At a minimum take a water bottle with you, but you should also stop at a cafe every now and again and perhaps sample some Balinese cuisine to get your strength back up.

How To Get Your Shopping Back To Your Home Country Safely

Group of three colorful suitcases.

Before you go wild in the souvenir shops, it’s best to have a good idea of how you will get your souvenirs home with you.

Photos of traditional dance performances will be fine on social media, but physical things will require either putting in your luggage or shipping.

That means you want to know how much extra weight you can take in your luggage as excess baggage can be very expensive. Nobody wants to spend $100 transporting $50 worth of souvenirs.

There are also some excellent souvenir shipping services in Bali, that can handle bigger pieces (so, that chair that you saw at Ubud Art Market, for example, can come home with you) and ensure they are delivered to your front door back home.

However, they can also be a little pricey, so it’s best to know what the shipping costs are before you haggle for any given item.


What Is Famous In Bali To Gift? What Is Famous In Bali As A Souvenir?

Perhaps the most famous souvenirs from Bali are Balinese masks, silver jewellery, rattan bags and batik clothing.

We recommend that people give gifts that help showcase the beauty of Balinese culture and which will be useful to and appreciated by the recipient.

Unique souvenirs made by skilled artisans are great, but if they’re beyond your budget, we’ve always found that t-shirts with a taste of Bali about them are very popular with folks at home.

What Can I Bring Back from Bali?

You can take almost anything out of Bali as long as it’s legal. You’re unlikely to be offered any priceless works of cultural heritage in the art galleries here, so don’t worry about picking up some wall hangings or paintings of local religious ceremonies.

The island’s artistic heritage is very rich but the best pieces are all in museums around the world or in private collections in Bali.

However, you also need to work out what you’re allowed to bring into your country of origin. So, for example, many people think you can’t take wooden masks into Australia, but you can as long as your Barong masks are “uncontaminated”.

This means, in practical terms, that there are no obvious signs of insect damage or pieces of bark on the surface.

If you buy the intricately crafted masks directly from the craftspeople in Mas village, you can be certain that they will be uncontaminated.

However, you will need to declare any wooden items when you arrive in Australia.

That means if you’re souvenir shopping for something a bit unusual, you don’t need to worry about what you can get off this lovely Indonesian Island but you should check your country’s import rules to be sure that you can get your items home.

What Is Bali Most Known For?

Bali is best known for being a paradise island that’s part of the Indonesian Archipelago and for being a Hindu enclave in an Islamic nation.

What Is Bali Known For Producing?

Bali is best known for making silver jewelry, Barong masks, paintings, and local textiles coloured with natural dyes.

What Food Souvenirs To Buy In Bali?

Before you buy any food souvenirs, you should be aware that most countries won’t allow you to import fruits, vegetables, meat, etc. if they’re fresh and just kept in a plastic bag.

So, it’s best to opt for processed products to avoid any issues with customs when you get home.

We can recommend the local coffee, chocolate, noodles, etc. as great choices of souvenirs to take home and share with your friends and family.

Final Thoughts On Bali Souvenirs

There’s a souvenir you can buy in Bali for everyone made from local materials by local artisans that captures the essence of the island and its culture.

You’ll also find a wealth of souvenir shops and traditional markets to buy those souvenirs. Most people find souvenir shopping for unique souvenirs to be a fun and exciting part of their holiday.

Some will even enjoy attending traditional Balinese religious ceremonies just to ensure their purchases are in line with what’s used in traditional ceremonies.