German Beach Bali: Is It Time For You To Visit Pantai Jerman?

Jerman Beach (or Pantai Jerman) and often miswritten as German Beach in English is one of Bali’s less visited beaches.

It’s actually a very nice beach area, but it’s super close to the airport which can make relaxing on Jerman Beach a little challenging at times.

Here’s everything you need to know about Jerman Beach and the nearby attractions, to help you decide if you want to visit the area.

Where Is Pantai Jerman?


Jerman Beach is right next to the North Side of the Ngurah Rai International Airport (Denpasar Airport and Bali’s only airport).

You can walk there easily from the airport and we recommend that you visit the beach before you leave Bali, rather than making a special trip to see it.

How To Get To Pantai Jerman

We’d get a Grab or Go-Jek to Jerman Beach on your way to the airport, spend an hour or two in this very casual environment and enjoy the sunset before you walk to the airport (it takes about 15 minutes on foot as the road is not the most direct route to the airport entrance, sadly).

Is There An Entrance Fee For Pantai Jerman?

Silhouette of a group of young people on a beach at the shore

No, the beach is completely free to access. However, if you choose to use the parking around the beach, you will need to pay a small fee for this (10,000 IDR is typical for a car and 2,000 IDR for a scooter).

How Accessible Is Jerman Beach?

Kuta beach in Bali

This beach is very accessible from the rest of Bali and can be reached by scooter, car or on foot.

Wheelchair users will have no problem rolling onto the beach but will need specially adapted tyres if they want to avoid sinking into the sand and becoming stuck.

If you have a suitcase with you, you can easily leave it at one of the local warungs, just make sure to pick it up before sunset as most of the restaurants and bars close before dark.

Alternatively, you can go to the airport first and leave your luggage there (the left luggage office charges 50,000 IDR per piece).

What To Expect At Pantai Jerman

This is one of the calmest and most peaceful beaches in Bali. Jerman Beach doesn’t draw a crowd like Kuta or Legian Beach, for example, nor is it overwhelmed with stray dogs.

Mostly, you will find local kids playing games on Jerman Beach, fishermen trying to fish the sea and a few people just chilling out.

There are some nice restaurants and beach bars where you can enjoy a cold Bintang and some excellent local cuisine.

Things To Do At Jerman Beach

As a relatively undeveloped area, you won’t find a huge amount to do at this beach but you can do the following:

Baruna Bali Statue

The Baruna Statue is one of the most colourful monuments in Bali and it’s a tribute to the Balinese God of the Sea.

It’s on a road junction as you reach the beach, you can’t miss it and it makes for a great Instagram shot.


Above view of couple snorkeling in sea water

This beach is great for swimming, though we recommend that you keep an eye on your children if they swim, like every beach in Bali – the tides can occasionally be a little unpredictable.


If you want to get your last dose of natural Vitamin D before you fly, this is a lovely beach to lay out in the sun. However, please make sure to use some sunscreen, you don’t want to burn before your flight.


portrait of woman in swimming suit and cap lying on surfing board in ocean

The waves here are nothing to write home about, but if you want one last break before you fly, you can grab one on Jerman Beach and there are plenty of places to rent a board from.

Where To Stay Near Jerman Beach

As you might expect this area is all airport hotels and two of the best are:

Palm Beach Hotel Kuta

A classic Balinese-style hotel within a short drive from Jerman Beach. It’s also within walking distance of the Lippo Mall/Lippo Plaza Kuta which can make it super handy for a bit of last-minute shopping for the folks back home.

Holiday Inn Baruna Bali

You can’t miss the Holiday Inn branding in the area around Jerman Beach and the hotel is a perfect example of this kind of elegant and slightly corporate hotel brand.

Other Great Beaches In Bali

Kuta Beach

Kuta Beach in Bali

Yes, we know it’s been condemned online as a ” very filthy beach” by an “influencer” recently but Kuta Beach is still a great beach.

It does get cleaned on a regular basis and the reason it’s not the cleanest beach in Bali is that it’s probably the most popular beach on the island. (Also, the influencer saw it at the worst time of year when ocean currents force garbage from much of the rest of Indonesia onto the beach, sadly).

The beach shacks and shopping environment make Pantai Kuta worth your time and at least there are no stray Bali dogs wandering around the area.

If you want to follow the Kuta traveller resources and go somewhere else, however, then we can strongly recommend…

Berawa Beach

finns beach club berawa beach

This is the home of FINNS Beach Club and has one of the best sunsets on the island. You can visit FINNS and kick back with a drink and some food and enjoy the light show over the Indian Ocean.

The sand itself isn’t the prettiest as it’s a brown/black sand beach but it feels good underfoot and it’s a lovely place for a coastal walk.

Berawa is also popular with surfers in Bali who say that the waves are consistent and exciting.


What Is The Nicest Beach In Bali?

This is highly subjective but most people consider Nusa Dua Beach to be the best in Bali. Its soft white sands and the surrounding high-end resorts make it a very popular pick, particularly in high season.

What Is The Most Relaxing Beach In Bali?

One of the “hidden beaches” like Thomas Beach would be our pick as they have very few visitors. Jerman Beach is a pleasantly relaxing beach too.

Does Bali Have Beaches?

Yes. In fact, there are dozens of beaches on the shores of this beautiful tropical island.

How To Book A Beach Holiday In Bali?

We always recommend that you book your holiday in Bali through the awesome Bali Res Centre.


Final Thoughts On Jerman Beach Bali

Not many travellers have visited Pantai Jerman and we think that’s part of the appeal of Jerman Beach.

The best time to experience Pantai Jerman is on your way to or from Ngurah Rai International Airport as this small quiet beach is within a short walk from the terminal.

We find Pantai Jerman makes a nice introduction to the Kuta area before you explore the rest of the island.

Sure, Jerman Beach will probably never top the “Tripadvisor llc charts of best beaches in Bali” but it doesn’t have to, it has its own unique charms, instead.