Easter In Bali 2024: Where To See The Easter Bunny, Join Easter Egg Hunts, Enjoy Easter Sunday Brunch and More

Bali is a great place to spend Easter. The weather is warm and pleasant and many hotels offer Easter packages and a great Easter brunch too.

There are several churches on the island where you can enjoy an Easter service in England too.

Here’s everything you need to know about spending Easter in Bali and all the things you can do, including tasty brunches, and hotel packages.

When Is Easter?

Easter in 2024 will fall on Sunday 31st of March. In 2025, Easter will fall on the 20th of April, and in 2026, it will be on Sunday 5th of April.

The reason that the date changes for Easter every year is that it is defined as “the first Sunday following the full moon that takes place on or after the Spring Equinox”.

If the full moon falls on a Sunday, then the following Sunday is Easter.

Is It OK To Celebrate Easter In Bali?

Easter composition on a blue wooden and gray background Cute bunny, colored festive egg, mimosa bouquet and hot drink in a glass

Yes! Indonesia is mainly Muslim though Bali is mainly Hindu. However, the Indonesian constitution allows freedom of religion for all monotheistic faiths.

Both Catholicism and Protestantism are two of six of the official religions of the archipelago and thus, everyone is free to celebrate Christian festivals like Easter or Christmas. Easter is also a public holiday – you can find all the public holidays in Bali here

Balinese Hindus are extremely tolerant of other faiths too and there are churches, mosques, Buddhist temples, etc. all over the island.

5 Churches In Bali Where You Can Attend An Easter Service

If you would like to join a congregation for Easter Sunday in Bali then you can find several English-speaking churches to attend.

These are mainly in the Southern part of Bali where the big tourist areas of Kuta, Canggu, Seminyak and Legian are.

KingdomCity Bali

This church has branches in both Denpasar and Seminyak. It draws a mixed congregation of locals, expats and tourists.

Their English language services usually start at 11 a.m. with a youth service in English in the afternoon before an Indonesian service in the evening.

C3 Church

There are three C3 Churches in Bali, one in West Denpasar, one on the Bukit Peninsula and one in North Kuta.

Each church holds bilingual services and you should check with the local branch as to their service times as they do vary between branches.

Kuta International Christian Church (KICC)

KICC is a very popular church and it is very used to seeing many visitors to Bali.

It was one of the first places to offer a service in English in Bali and their service begins at 11 a.m.

Gateway Community Church

Gateway was the first English-speaking church on the island and has been here for over 40 years in Sanur.

The service begins at 10 a.m. and Indonesian speakers are provided with in-ear translation facilities.

New Tribe Bali (previously ICC)

This church is based in the International Conference Centre Bali which is in the Mal Bali Galeria Mall in Kuta.

The English language service is offered at 11 a.m. every Sunday and follows the Indonesian service at 8.30 a.m.

Things To Do In Bali For Easter Sunday (Fun Kids Activities)

There are plenty of fun Easter-themed activities on the island, we couldn’t find out if the edible chocolate painting class will be running this year but here are some other great ideas:

Have Beach-Based Easter Celebrations

Small yellow chicken and shell on the white beach

Bali is a beach destination and one of the finest places in the world to spend some time on both golden sands and black sands.

Many families will head to the resorts of Nusa Dua at this time of year and an Easter picnic on the soft white sands there will be absolutely lovely.

Of course, that’s not the only option for an Easter beach day, you will find plenty of other pleasant places to set up on the sand in Canggu, Seminyak, Kuta, Legian, Amed, Lovina, etc.

One nice thing about being on the beach is that it gives your kids plenty of places to enjoy fun Easter activities and Easter games without having to worry about the impact on other people’s Easter activities.

Make A Post-Easter Dinner Splash At Splash!

SPLASH Splash Waterpark

Once you’ve had your fill of smoked Australian beef brisket and chilli grilled lobster or whole grilled lemon thyme fish and fresh Lombok rock oysters at your favourite refreshing chilled seafood bar, then it’s time to have some fun as a family!

Why not head to Splash Waterpark in Canggu? Splash is set up for children and adults to play and then for adults to retire to a relaxing lounger with a cocktail while the kids continue to burn off their energy.

It’s in FINNS Recreation Club which means you will also be able to access Strike Bowling, Bounce Trampolining, the Junior Sports Academy (JSA) and the excellent Bistro C restaurant.

FINNS Recreation Club is a great day out for all the family and the perfect place to burn off the calories from a filling and tasty Easter dinner.

Do Some Egg Painting

Festive Easter Table with Easter Cakes and Eggs

Egg painting is so much fun and it’s very easy to do. All you need is some hard-boiled eggs and some paint.

If you’re not in self-catering accommodation, if you ask nicely, your resort will be only too happy to provide the eggs and there are plenty of craft shops dotted around the main shopping areas to source the paints.

You can get some cool ideas for egg painting here and there’s even a local company that specializes in egg painting!

Activities like this are what Easter is all about, a chance to spend time with your family having fun and bonding together.

Go On An Easter Egg Hunt

colored eggs 2023 11 27 04 57 44 utc

Many of the resorts in Bali will be offering an Easter Egg Hunt for Easter Sunday.

These are great fun and a super way for your children to socialize safely with other children while they’re in Indonesia.

Just ask around where you’re staying in Bali and you will easily be able to find an egg hunt on Easter Day.

There may be a per person fee to join in an egg hunt.

Get In The Pool At FINNS Beach Club


FINNS is the world’s best beach club and you don’t have to take our word for that, 1 in 8 visitors to Bali comes to FINNS and in the near future, we expect that to rise to 1 in 4.

That means you can come and relax by our family-friendly pool with an amazing view of the blue waters of the Indian Ocean and enjoy a fantastic Easter time.

We’ve got multiple kitchens and bars to ensure that you get tasty treats and quench your thirst all day long as you enjoy one of our enormous day beds that can accommodate even the biggest family.

We don’t have any egg hunts because we don’t want children to get lost in the venue but kids’ activities don’t get much better than floating in a luxury pool with mum and dad, do they?

Opt For Some Crafty Easter-Themed Activities

top 10 must try balinese dishes

Why not get out and make your own crucifix at one of the island’s silver smithing workshops or join a cookery class and learn to make some Balinese delights served sizzling hot?

There are other curious Easter activities available across the island and we can heartily recommend doing something different with the day.

You can always have an a la carte breakfast or authentic Japanese cuisine another day, but there’s only one day where you can make something Easter-themed before an egg picnic.

Create Your Own Easter Cards

Paints, paper, glue and glitter and that’s all you need to have a great time making some awesome cards as a family activity.

We love this Easter tradition because, unlike the fresh seafood, it leaves you with a permanent souvenir of this special time in your family’s history.

The only limit on this is your imagination. Have fun!

Bake Some Tasty Hot Cross Buns

Easter is a great time to make your own tasty treats and if you’re staying in a villa with an oven on hand, why not make the best use of it?

You can easily get all the ingredients for some amazing hot cross buns in the island’s supermarkets and nothing beats homemade bread products.

You could also make some sweet Easter nests or biscuits for the day.

Enjoy A Special Easter Afternoon Tea

Cakes Delicious Dessert Bakery Event Party Reception

One thing we love even more than an Easter BBQ, garlic chicken or poached papuan king prawns is afternoon tea.

You can find some amazing places to have an Easter Sunday Afternoon Tea in Bali and these are a few of our favourites.

Typically, there is a charge per person for afternoon tea and that includes drinks and savoury and sweet snacks.

Canyon Jetty At The Kayon Resort – this gorgeous resort in Ubud serves afternoon tea by a waterfall on a jetty on the riverside. If you want somewhere utterly serene to spend some quality family time at Easter, this is a great option.

Hanging Gardens of Bali – this hotel has the world’s most famous infinity pool and it’s worth a visit just for that. But the Three Elements Restaurant here does one of the most delectable afternoon teas that we’ve ever had the good fortune to sample. They even do an authentic English scone with clotted cream! Yum!

Padma Resort Legian – the Tropical Forest Afternoon Tea here is put together by the legendary pastry chef Pang Youun Hwa. They offer an incredible range of tasty teas to sample as well as more than 20 bite-sized treats for each visitor!

Andaz Bali – if you’re in the mood for an afternoon tea on the beach in quiet Sanur, then Andaz Bali will be happy to oblige. This is a picnic-style affair with some of the most creative and interesting blends of international and local cuisines that we’ve encountered at afternoon tea. They also have an option for unlimited sparkling wine!

Biku – if you’ve decided to pass on Seminyak’s Easter Brunch options, we recommend that you treat yourself to high tea at Biku, instead. They have a range of over 50 teas to choose from and they even have a special kids version of afternoon tea for the little ones to enjoy without having to stock up on caffeine!

Where To Get Easter Eggs, Bunnies & Other Chocolate Goodies In Bali

Bali has some excellent chocolatiers too:

  • Jungle Gold – this Mengwi-based company has a flagship store in Sanur and used to be called Pod Chocolate. You can sample all 25 flavours in the store before you buy!

  • Karakoa Chocolate – Bali’s best-known chocolate brand makes products that hold their own against any international brand.

  • Mason Chocolates – this is one of our favourite chocolate shops and it regularly experiments with new ideas.

  • Ubud Raw Chocolate – if you must have plant-based chocolate for Easter, this is the place to get it.

  • Primo Chocolate – this local chocolate maker was founded by an Italian in 2008 and it loves to blend Indonesian cacao beans with European classic flavours

Where To Get Hot Cross Buns In Bali

There are some brilliant bakeries in Bali where you can easily rustle up some tasty Easter treats. We’d recommend that you try:

  • Rusters in Ubud – this amazing bakery is owned by a Danish expat who has worked in several Michelin-starred restaurants. He’s won dozens of international baking awards too.

  • Mades Banana Flour Bakery – if you need something gluten-free for Easter, this is the place to come for it. It’s just around the corner from FINNS too.

  • Livingstone – this Seminyak legend is brilliant at creating custom sweet goods for its clients.

  • Bali Buda Bukit – this Uluwatu gem has been creating brilliant bread products for nearly 3 decades now!

  • Daily Baguette – Sanur’s best bakery is all about European classics and you should find Easter to be awesome there.

Where To Stay For Easter Weekend In Bali

If you want to spend Easter in Bali, it’s best to book somewhere for the whole Easter Weekend, if you can, the time around Easter Sunday is very popular and you may find that for Easter in Bali, it’s hard to change hotels or resorts midway through.

The good news is that many resorts host Easter Egg Hunts (egg hunting is brilliant when loads of kids are involved), have an Easter Sunday Feast (usually a sweet Easter Brunch) and even provide chocolate Easter eggs for their guests.

We recommend checking out:

Karma Kandara – this resort has an annual East event with a big focus on Easter Eggs. They offer an excellent package for a single-bedroom pool villa with loads of extras.

Renaissance Bali Nusa Dua Resort – the emphasis at this resort is on family breaks and their Lava Land Kids Club is one of the best on the island.

Hilton Bali – this luxury Nusa Dua resort offers a top-notch Kids Club and free upgrades for the Easter holiday.

Note: As we go to press, no official Easter packages have been announced for 2024. The list above is based on the previous year’s activity and we will try to add new events as they arise.

Where To Eat The Best Easter Sunday Brunch (Or Good Friday Dinner)

If there’s anything that we love more than a bountiful Sunday brunch buffet, then it’s an Easter Sunday Brunch when the hotels and resorts go to even more effort to impress their guests.

We’ve got some great spots for you to enjoy a tasty Easter Brunch on the island this year including:

Scusa Restaurant (@ Ayana Segaran Dining Terrace) – last year they treated us to braised Australian lamb shank and savoury sea bass with a buffet-style dessert spread that was absolutely incredible. We can’t wait to see what’s coming this year.

Uma Cucina (@ COMO Uma Ubud) – offering both brunch and dinner specials Uma Cucina offers Italian-style Easter treats all day long. Watch out for their legendary lemon herb dressing.

Makase (@ Hotel Indigo Bali) – this Seminyak-based hotel offers entertainment (including a magician), resort activities (such as face painting), a huge brunch (the pork belly is amazing) and drinks packages!

Note: As we go to press, no official Easter brunches have been announced for 2024. The list above is based on the previous year’s activity and we will try to add new events as they arise.


Do They Celebrate Easter In Bali? Do They Celebrate Easter In Indonesia?

Balinese people are mainly Hindu and the majority of Indonesians are Muslims, however, both Catholicism and Protestantism are official religions of Indonesia and people are free to celebrate Easter Sunday as they see fit.

The churches on the island will, of course, be holding Good Friday and Easter Sunday services and outsiders are welcome to join the local congregation.

In addition, if you want your kids to see the Easter Bunny, you will find plenty of hotels with an Easter Egg Hunt, Easter Brunch (with international and local delicacies), Hot Cross Buns, etc.

How Does Bali Celebrate Easter?

Most people in Bali are Hindus and thus, they don’t observe Easter.

However, that doesn’t mean that Christians in Bali can’t celebrate Easter Sunday, quite to the contrary, Easter In Bali is a joyous occasion in the churches on the island.

You will also find that many hotels and resorts are offering specials for Easter in Bali including an Easter Brunch, Easter Egg Hunting, etc.

Do They Have Easter Eggs In Bali?

Yes, in fact, with several chocolatiers on the island, it’s very easy to get chocolate eggs, rabbits, etc. and you can even have your own egg painting or egg hunts.

Is Bali Good At Easter?

Yes! Many families come to the island just to enjoy Easter in Bali. The Easter Weekend is full of fun and your Easter celebration can be as religious or as secular as you prefer.

Is Easter Brunch In Bali Worth It?

Yes! We think a special Easter brunch with free-flow soft drinks and the Easter Bunny present is the ideal way to spend Easter in Bali.

Your typical Easter brunch here will represent excellent (eggcellent?) value for money and give you the chance to sample the best a restaurant has to offer while enjoying the presence of family and friends.

Is The Easter Holiday Peak Season In Bali?

Yes, Easter in Bali is a mini-peak season and if you want the perfect Easter Brunch and the right resort, we recommend that you book early to avoid disappointment.

How To Book A Bali Holiday At Easter

If you have decided to enjoy an Easter celebration in Bali, we recommend that you book a holiday for Easter in Bali through the Bali Res Centre.

They’re a locally owned and managed travel service specializing in Balinese travel. They can ensure that you get great value for money on flights, accomodation, tours and more.

Final Thoughts On Easter, Bali

Celebrating Easter in Bali is just so enjoyable. You can enjoy a ton of fun activities, a tasty Easter Brunch, and so much more.

We hope to see you at FINNS, the world’s best beach club, to enjoy some sunset drinks at the end of a day spent with the Easter bunnies that matter most in your life.

P.S. If you enjoyed learning about what’s on at Easter in Bali, we can recommend reading our guides to Xmas in Bali and Valentine’s Day in Bali too.