The Ultimate Legian Guide: How To Get The Most From This Popular Tourist Spot In Bali

Legian Beach
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Legian is a popular tourist destination in Bali, and while it shares the coast with Kuta, the busiest part of Bali, it’s a bit calmer and more relaxed.

However, like Kuta, Legian offers great value for money, and it’s not far from Seminyak, Kuta, and Canggu, where you want to party all night long.

Our guide to Legian will help you understand the joys of Legian and why you might want to visit during your time in Bali.

About Legian And Legian Beach

Legian Beach
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Legian Beach runs from Jalan Melasti (which is where Kuta ends on the map) north to Jalan Arjuna, which is also commonly known as Jalan Double Six (Beach).

Nearly all the hotels in this part of Bali are on or very near Legian Beach, and Legian is not much bigger than a few city blocks.

It’s a very popular part of Bali because it’s home to more mid-range and budget hotels than most other beach destinations in Bali, which makes it much more affordable than those areas specializing in luxury resorts.

Legian, Bali is very close to Ngurah Rai International Airport, and the online taxi service, Rome2Rio, estimates that you can get from the airport to the town in just 6 minutes if the traffic is perfect!

The most popular part of Legian Beach is the Padma Beach area around Jalan Padma. It’s a nice place to get a cheap beer from a street vendor, and parking is very low cost.

The main road through Legian is Jalan Legian, and it can, like most of Bali’s main roads, become very traffic-heavy at times.

The North-South road along the Legian beachfront is only open for traffic during certain ceremonies and otherwise is used as a footpath.

Where Is Legian?


Legian is to the North of Kuta, and it ends where Seminyak starts a bit further North.

It’s not a huge area, and Legian Beach and the surrounding town are very walkable.

How To Get To Legian, Bali

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If you’ve just arrived in Bali, we’d recommend that you take a taxi from the airport as it’s so close that you won’t spend very much money getting there.

You can also use the Grab or Gojek ride-sharing apps if you prefer.

Most hotels in and around Legian Beach will offer a free airport transfer service as part of their service, and we recommend that you arrange this service in advance if they do.

If you’re coming from the other beach towns, then a Grab or Gojek should be more than sufficient to get you to Legian Beach, and you won’t need to spend a fortune to do it.

For those coming from Ubud, a private car and driver is probably your best option, though a ride-share is certainly not out of the question.

How To Get Around Legian

Legian Beach
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Walk. The area around Legian Beach is so compact that, by far, the easiest way to get around is on foot. Be careful in heavy traffic areas (Jalan Legian) to keep an eye on your bags, as bag snatching is a problem in Bali.

Otherwise, this is a great area for a stroll, and getting from Legian Beach to any hotel or resort in the area is very straightforward, indeed.

What To Do In And Around Legian

42454 Double Six Beach Seminyak
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Legian is small and laid back, and there’s not that much to do around Legian and Legian Beach, but if you’re willing to travel just a little, you will find that there’s more than enough to keep you entertained during your Bali holiday.

Rip Curl School Of Surf

blerong dharmaputra legian boardriders
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The Rip Curl School of Surf is one of the most famous board schools in all of Asia.

It’s been in Legian since 1998 and has an amazing reputation among surfers.

If you want to learn to surf, wakeboard, kite surf, windsurf, or paddleboard, you’re going to find that this is a great place to get started.

It takes just 4 hours of instruction here to get you out on the water and enjoying your new hobby.

Legian Beach

Beach in Bali
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This beach is also known as Blue Ocean Beach by some, and it also runs into Double Six Beach and Seminyak.

It’s a very chilled-out place and great for enjoying some surfing, sunbathing, etc., and they have friendly beach volleyball and soccer (you’re welcome to join in) in the afternoons.

The sunsets here are very impressive, too, and you can chill at one of the local bars with a cocktail and appreciate the light over the ocean.

5GX Bali Reverse Bungy

They call this place “the only legal way to get high in Bali”, and that’s because your system will dump all the adrenalin it can manufacture into your body as you experience this insane ride.

You will travel at over 200 kilometres an hour inside a ball that is hot upwards from the ground and then comes hurtling back again!

Double Six Beach

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Double Six Beach is only 500 meters long, and it connects Legian to Seminyak Beach.

The area around this beach is full of restaurants and bars, and many of them are quite upmarket.

While there are no explicitly “LGBT beaches’ in Bali, this beach is hugely popular with the gay community in Bali as well as locals.

Seminyak Beach

If you keep going down Double Six, you will hit the main Seminyak Beach area, which is full of high-end resorts that tend to monopolize a lot of the space on the beachfront.

However, it’s a great place to take a long walk and enjoy the sunshine, and the sunset here is as lovely as it is anywhere in Bali.

This beach isn’t great for swimming, but the ocean looks amazing from the safety of the sands.

Ground Zero Memorial

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This is a monument to the people who lost their lives during the 2002 terrorist bombing in Bali.

It was built over the site of Paddy’s Pub, which was destroyed in the explosion.

It is home to a marble plaque that lists all the victims of the tragedy.

Each year, on October 12th, there is a ceremony held here to honour those who died.


The surf on the beach here is very gentle, and it’s a great place to learn and just practice if you’re new to the sport.

Many of the board rental shops here will throw in a free (if somewhat basic) lesson as part of the rental service.

You can’t say fairer than that, can you?


Biasa ArtSpace

This is a contemporary art gallery that is also heavily involved in restoration and conservation projects.

They exhibit both local and international artists’ work, and some of that work is for sale.

However, you’re not obliged to buy anything to take a walk around and appreciate the talent on display here.

Pandora Experience Bali

Pandora Experience Bali
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This is one of the more unusual experiences in Bali, and it’s an escape room that contains four themed rooms.

You can go as a group of 2-10 people and enjoy all the puzzles and activities on offer.

It’s perfect for a family day out or a bit of team building with colleagues.

Nyaman Gallery

This is a lovely gallery that has plenty of emerging local talent on display.

They have some unique “wearable art” that can make for the perfect holiday souvenir, too.

Dalem Kahyangan Temple

This is a lovely temple that gets you away from the traffic-filled road nearby.

The gate here is very Instagrammable, and you will find very few tourists who ever bother to explore this spiritual oasis of calm.

Just remember to dress respectfully at temples, please.

Singosari Temple

This is a pleasant Balinese temple with some interesting insight into local culture.

If you haven’t been to a temple in Bali, this will make a great first place to visit.

Dalem Penataran Desa Adat Temple

This is a very beautiful place that is well cared for by the local worshippers.

Take your camera, it’s super photogenic and gets next to no visitors.

Shopping In Legian

Shopping in Bali

While this area isn’t as famous as Seminyak for its shopping, there’s plenty of fun to be had at the stores in Legian.

You also won’t spend huge amounts of money on most things, which are aimed more at mid-market and budget tourists than they are in some of the other beach towns here.

Jalan Legian

Some of the best jewellery and clothing stores are on the main strip running through town.

It’s also home to most of the best nightlife in the area if you want to party after you shop.

Garlic Lane

This street is an eclectic mix of fabric shops, clothes stores, cafes, restaurants, bars and live music.

It’s also home to some of the best souvenir stores in Bali.

Merta Nadi Art Market

This shopping street is home to plenty of boutique shops and stores, as well as some decent art markets.

It’s a great place to pick up your Bintang singlets and shirts and gifts for the folks back home.

Haggling is absolutely mandatory here. We’d start by offering roughly one-quarter of what you’re asked for and negotiating to about half of the starting offer from the vendor.

Where To Eat In Legian

Padma resort
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Legian has some exceptional places to eat, and some of our favourites include:

  • DONBIU – this is one of the best Balinese restaurants on the island, and the food is first-rate. Their themed buffets are legendary, and you can enjoy both breakfast and dinner here.

  • Asian Spice Restaurant – this is a fabulous Indonesian place with excellent cocktails and some of the best cakes that we’ve ever had the good fortune to try.

  • Tenkai Japanese Nikkei Restaurant – if you’ve ever wondered what would happen if you crossed Peruvian cuisine with Japanese, you can find it here, and it’s great.

  • Big Fish Grill – this is an elevated steakhouse at The Stones Hotel, and their sharing plates are famously huge.

  • Makan Place, Bali -for some casual dining on the beach, you can’t really beat Makan Place.

  • Stones Kitchen – for live cooking stations and an awesome set of international and local options, you can’t beat Stones Kitchen (also at The Stones Hotel).

  • The Coffee Club, Legian – for an excellent cup of coffee and a fine brunch with a mix of Asian and European influences, you can’t go wrong with The Coffee Club.

  • Warung Napoli – this tasty Italian restaurant in Legian is a fabulous choice for vegans and vegetarians as well as omnivores. It also has a very good value but still an extensive wine list.

  • The Pad on Bene is a very sensibly priced place that seeks to help you get the maximum value from your holiday dining and drinks budget.

  • Sheppy’s Bar & Restaurant – this Australian-owned restaurant offers friendly service and great food, and it’s very near the local markets for a bit of after-dinner shopping, too.

Where To Stay In Legian

Whether you need a King Bed, a pool bar, in-house restaurants, spacious rooms, a spa facility, a great bar, or just an outdoor swimming pool, Legian has all the facilities you need within its resorts.

It’s a great value place to stay, too, and you should find that your spacious bedroom costs less in Legian than it would in much of the rest of Bali.

Luxury Resorts

Padma resort 1
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  • Padma Resort Legian – this is a really upscale resort with wonderful grounds that include some of the nicest tropical gardens in Bali. Each king bed here is guaranteed to be comfortable and pleasant, and the room service is top-notch. There are so many swimming pool options that you may not be able to try them all before you leave.

  • Astagina Resort Villas & Spa – we love the pool bar at the swimming pool of this swanky hotel. Their onsite spa is very pleasant, and you’ll get the perfect relaxing massage here. Each room has a private balcony and a king bed. The ocean views are excellent, and guests say that once you’ve been, you will keep coming back here.

  • The Stones Hotel – Legian Bali Autograph Collection – this Marriott hotel has some of the most spacious and luxurious rooms that we’ve seen. They offer complimentary drinks at the room bar for all their guests, and the free bath bomb for use in the tub is a really nice touch, too. The swimming pool is excellent, and the gym is great as well.

Mid-Range Hotels

  • Grandma’s Plus Hotel Legian – This is a modern and chic hotel with a wonderful name. They provide guests with access to the De Nyuh Spa, which is one of the best spas in Bali. It’s a very short walk from the beach, and the service is on par with the best resorts. The price tag for this hotel’s rooms is very reasonable too.

  • AlamKulKul Boutique Resort – this is an award-winning boutique resort that is also home to the Malaysian Consulate in Bali, so you know it’s good. It blends Balinese and Japanese culture to provide a unique experience among the hotels in Legian.

  • Siesta Legian Hotel – this pleasant three-star gets rave reviews from its guests. The rooms are spacious, and the beds are big and comfortable. Their breakfasts are very good too. However, be warned that when this hotel is busy, its Wi-Fi can slow down to a crawl.

Budget Options

Euphoria Hotel
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  • Adys Inn – this is a beautiful property with its own garden. It’s set back far enough from the main streets to give you privacy and something of an oasis of calm. There’s no traffic noise here, just the sounds of nature. We like that breakfast is delivered to your room each day as part of the standard service.

  • Euphoria Hotel – This clean and comfortable hotel offers excellent value for money. Their onsite restaurant makes an excellent satay that is worth trying at least once during your stay here. You’re a very short walk from all the local bars, restaurants, etc.

  • LOFT Legian Hotel – this is a very low-cost hotel that delivers decent service. They have air conditioning in every room, an onsite cafe, and a working lift. It’s about a 15-minute walk from the beach though.

Note: Confusingly, the hotel known as “The Legian” is, in fact, The Legian Seminyak Bali. Yes, the hotel named after this part of Bali is not in this part of Bali.

Consulates In Legian

Most of the major consulates in Bali are to be found in Denpasar, and not every country has a consulate in Bali because it’s not the capital of Indonesia – Jakarta is.

However, the Honorary Consulate of Malaysia can be found at the Alam Kulkul Boutique Resort, which is going to be very handy for any Malays in this part of Indonesia seeking to replace a lost passport, etc.

Other Areas To Visit From Legian


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Bustling Kuta is right next door to Legian and is often lumped in with Legian in guides to Bali.

However, Kuta has its own distinct identity, and it’s the busiest tourist hot spot on the island.

It attracts Australian families and partygoers in equal measure, and if you want cheap drinks, cheap nights out, and a busy beachfront with plenty of hawkers, cafes, and bars, Kuta is great.

It also has plenty of attractions to visit, though traditional Balinese culture has taken a back seat to modern tourism.



Canggu is the hippest place to be in Bali right now.

It used to be one of the quieter areas in this part of Indonesia, but an amazing amount of investment has turned it into something very different.

It’s home to the amazing FINNS Beach Club, which is the best beach club in the world.

It also offers a better balance between tourist development and traditional heritage than Kuta does.

Seminyak (And Seminyak Beach)


Seminyak and Seminyak Beach attract the upwardly mobile and youthful section of the market.

The area is home to posh resorts, and many people will stay in a multi-bedroom pool villa or something even more luxurious if they’re based in Seminyak.

It’s also home to some of the best fine dining and upmarket boutique stores on the island.

If you’re young and love to see and be seen, Seminyak is a great location to hang out in, and for everyone else, Seminyak is certainly worth visiting.


Is It Better To Stay In Seminyak Or Legian?

It depends on what you’re looking for in a holiday destination.

The Legian/Seminyak debate is an odd one as they are both great locations for a holiday, but Legian is a quiet place with an excellent beach in the form of Legian Beach and enough amenities to keep most holidaymakers happy.

Seminyak, on the other hand, is home to expensive restaurants, spas and resorts. The beachfront is cluttered with brand-name hotels offering high-end suites and villas.

If you like to go out and drink at night in hip clubs and prefer to swim in a swimming pool than at the beach, you may find that Seminyak is your ideal holiday destination.

We think they’ve both got a lot to offer and that, mainly, couples and families will prefer Legian and singles, and youngsters will tend to opt for Seminyak.

We’d pick Canggu over both, of course, because there’s only one FINNS Beach Club in the world, and that’s in Canggu.

What Is Legian Like In Bali?

Legian is a pleasant tourist destination with plenty of access to shops, bars, and restaurants, just as there is in nearby Kuta or Seminyak.

However, Legian is a lot more low-key. There are fewer obvious tourist attractions in the area, and the big draw is the blue ocean beachfront of Legian Beach.

Everything you need is within walking distance in Legian, and it’s easy to find a hotel with the amenities you want. An infinity pool, a pool bar, a spa, or a shop won’t be a challenge in this part of Bali.

There are some exceptional resorts here by the Indian Ocean.

There are some great restaurants in Legian, too, though they tend to be less about fine dining and more about family and friends sharing meals and pursuing relaxation together.

What Does Legian Mean In Bali?

The name “Legian” means “sweet” in Balinese.

The town was given the name of Legian in the hopes that travellers who visit would leave with sweet memories of an amazing vacation.

What Is Legian Known For?

Legian isn’t known for a stand-out feature in particular, though Legian Beach is what binds the area together.

It is known for:

  • Good surfing opportunities

  • Great value spa and massage treatments

  • Decent nightlife – it might not be quite as busy as Kuta, Canggu or Seminyak, but don’t let that fool you. You can party in Legian

  • Shopping – the shops in Legian are varied and interesting. There aren’t as many high-end boutiques as there are in Seminyak, but people with tighter budgets will prefer shopping in Legian

  • Affordable hotels – you won’t pay as much for infinity pool access in this part of Bali as you will in, say, Nusa Dua or Seminyak

  • Tattoo studios – seriously, the surfer crowd say that if you want your blue ocean beach tattoo, this is the best place to get it

How Do You Book A Trip To Legian?

We recommend that you book a holiday to Legian using the excellent services of the Bali Res Centre .

They’re our favourite local travel agent, and that means they’ve got their ear to the ground to get you great deals in a great location and with a minimum of fuss.

Local knowledge benefits you because it means you’re not going to book a resort right next to a building site (something that happens quite often in Bali, given the rate of development here).

You also get to be certain that your money is staying in the local economy and not being sent overseas to make a multinational richer.

Final Thoughts On Legian

Legian is a great part of Bali that really should be celebrated in its own right rather than always being lumped in with Kuta.

Kuta is brash, bright and bold, whereas Legian is more chilled out and a place to spend your time on a blue ocean beach.

You still get the same great value as you do in Kuta but with fewer crowds to share it with.

It’s a solid choice for a family holiday or for the budget traveller who wants somewhere less hectic to spend their time in Bali.

You can easily use Legian as a stepping-off point to explore the rest of the Bali beach resort areas of Canggu, Kuta and Seminyak.