The Bali Curse: What It Is And How To Avoid It

If you’re thinking of visiting Bali, you may have heard of the Bali Breakup Curse. But what is the Bali curse and how do you visit Bali without destroying your relationship?

We take a look at the Bali Breakup Curse in detail, where it comes from, and how to ensure that your time in Bali doesn’t lead to the destruction of your relationship.

What Is The Bali Curse?

Couple on the beach in Bali Indonesia

The Bali Breakup Curse comes from a local Hindu folk tale and it says that many years ago, a Brahmin Prince and Brahmin Princess came to Bali from Java. (The Brahman Caste is the highest caste in Hindu Society).

They visited the famous Tanah Lot Temple, which is famous for its incredible sunsets and in the throes of this romantic vision, the two naughty royals engaged in pre-marital sex.

As with many young couples who engage in premarital sex, the prince left the princess in the early morning and then refused to marry her.

The princess was ashamed of how easily she had become intimate and she uttered a curse on all future couples who visit Bali in an unwed state.

She said that their relationships would all fail within 6 months of having intimate relations.

Thus the “Tanah Lot Curse” was born. This curse only affects unmarried couples visiting Bali but there are several variations of the curse that you should be aware of.

The Variations Of The Bali Curse

The Tanah Lot temple with strong waves. Indonesia

The three different versions of this curse that are best known are:

  1. The Bali Breakup Curse affects unmarried couples who set foot anywhere on the whole island

  2. The Bali Breakup Curse only affects an unmarried couple at the iconic Tanah Lot Temple

  3. The Bali Breakup Curse only affects couples who visit Tanah Lot without a chaperone

Now, it’s fair to say that this old wives tale of a Bali Break Up Curse or a Tanah Lot Curse is probably not true and it certainly doesn’t seem to affect every unmarried couple that takes a Bali trip.

However, the reason that there is a regular resurgence in tales of the Bali Breakup Curse, is that some people visit Bali and find their relationships are not quite as strong as they first thought them to be.


How Unmarried Couples Can Avoid The Curse When They Visit Bali

So, how can you avoid the Bali Breakup Curse on your holiday in Bali and is there a way for unmarried couples who travel to Bali together to enjoy an intimate vacation without succumbing to a breakup?

Of course, there is. In fact, young couples can dramatically improve their chances of surviving the Bali Breakup Curse by taking the following actions:

Couples Who Visit Bali Should Set Out Their Expectations In Advance

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It’s not the Bali Breakup Curse in action, if you don’t have some sort of shared vision for your trip to Bali, that’s you and your other half failing to talk through the things you want in life.

Island life is exciting and it’s easy for a new girlfriend or boyfriend to have a very different set of expectations for a holiday than you have.

If they’re all about hanging out in the mountains in the spiritual heart of the nation visiting temples and monkey forests and you’re all about being on the beach indulging in the surf, then you’re likely to end up frustrated with each other if you don’t communicate this in advance.

If you do know what each other wants, then you can plan your trip based on both your needs and your relationship is much more likely to thrive on the island.

Choose Your Accommodation For Your Bali Trip Together

A great way to end a vacation in an angry row is to book disastrous accommodation and then blame your boyfriend or girlfriend for booking it in the first place.

If you make shared decisions about where you stay, you’re likely to stay friends if things don’t turn out perfectly.

Share The Romantic Sunset Together Not With Others

FINNS VIP Beach Club Grazing on the green Sunset Ocean Front

The number one way to cause the Bali Breakup Curse to destroy a couple’s happiness is to start falling in love with the temptations of Bali.

This island is full of beautiful people. Surfers, yoga instructors, etc. Give into temptation on the island of Bali and your trip is bound to damage your relationship.

That’s not a story of myth or legend, mind you, just one of common sense.

Keep The Emphasis On Romance

If you create a romantic sense of wonder that you can indulge in together when you visit Bali, you’re going to find that your time together as a couple brings you closer together.

You can check out our list of ideas for Valentine’s Day in Bali for some ways to keep things romantic while you’re in Indonesia.

Create Some “Me Time” Too

We all know the story of a couple that broke up because they started to feel overwhelmed by each other.

You need to spend “me time” on your trip to Bali as well as enjoying the island together. One of you might visit a temple, while the other goes surfing, for example.

Keep Listening And Reassuring

The princess in our legend might not have come up with a curse at all if she’d spent more time listening to her prince and finding out what his real intentions were.

If your partner really wants to spend a sunset together, it’s going to help you stay together if you spend one together. Ask about what matters to the other person in your relationship and then make it happen.

Budget Together And Stick To The Budget

It’s not just on the island where finances can take a heavy toll on a couple’s happiness. Before you come to Bali, it’s a good idea to agree on a budget and to stick to it when you arrive.

That way money can’t come between you.


Can Unmarried Couples Stay Together In Bali? Can You Go To Bali If You Are Not Married?

Yes. There is a law against staying together for unmarried foreign couples but the Bali government has been clear that this will not be enforced for foreign visitors.

What Is The Breakup Curse?

The Bali Breakup Curse is a tale out of Balinese folklore about unmarried couples on the island who are doomed to fail because of a dishonest Javan prince and his princess.

Why Is Tanah Lot Cursed? What Is The Myth Of Tanah Lot Temple?

A Javanese prince and his consort became intimate near the temple and then in the morning the prince ran away and failed to marry his princess. She cursed the area because of this.

How To Book A Romantic Break In Bali?

We find the easiest way to avoid accommodation invoking the Bali breakup curse is to book through the awesome local travel service at the Bali Res Centre.

Final Thoughts On The Bali Breakup Curse

The Bali Breakup Curse doesn’t have to affect you and your time in Bali. You just need to make sure that you’re focused on the other person in your relationship as much as yourself.

It’s a cool myth, but not one that has any real influence over your future.