Bali Weather In September: Your Complete Guide To The Pleasant Month Of September

Bali in September is lovely with relatively few showers and hours of sunshine every day.

The latter part of the month can be great for holiday deals as the kids go back to school in September and the tropical climate ensures you’re going to have a great time here in Bali with fewer crowds around than normal during the dry season.

Let’s take an in-depth look at Bali in September and what you can expect from the weather when you arrive here on the island.

What Is The Weather Like In Bali In September?

Paraglider flying above Pandawa beach, Bali island, Indonesia

The weather in Bali is September is nearly always pleasantly warm and sunny and there are only very occasional rains to interrupt the weather.

In fact, we see only 3 days of rain on average each September! That means it’s a great time for swimming, surfing, snorkeling, diving, and other outdoor sports.

It’s also the perfect part of the year to visit temples, rice terraces, mountains, etc.

We should also note that thanks to the school holidays ending, you can enjoy all of these activities with fewer crowds around than you’d find in June, July or August.

An Overview Of The Average Weather In September In Bali

Young female tourist in red dress enjoying the Bali swing at tegalalang rice terrace in Bali, Indonesia

So, let’s take a look at the weather in Bali in September in terms of the numbers and see how awesome it really is.

Minimum to Maximum Temperatures (Average Temperatures)

The average temperature range is very pleasant with minimum temperatures of around 20 degrees Celsius (that’s 68 degrees Fahrenheit) to 30 degrees Celsius (86 degrees Fahrenheit).

That means it’s never going to be cold (well, unless you climb a mountain, then it will be a bit cooler than it is down by the beaches) and you will be very comfortable all of the time.

You can’t ask for a better average temperature range than we have in Bali in September.

Monthly Rainfall And Rainy Days

September is a very dry month in Bali and rain is infrequent with just 3 days of rain on average each month.

It’s also very light rain with rainfall of 4 – 5.7 centimetres (1.5 – 2.2 inches)! That means you’re unlikely to get soaked through even if there’s a brief shower.

Hours Of Sunshine Per Day

Beautiful sunset and silhouette of different people on the beach

There’s plenty of sun from the weather in September and we get between 8 and 9 hours of sunshine a day!

In fact, nearly all the daylight hours are sunny days here in September and it makes spending time on the beach amazing!

Relative Humidity Levels

It’s always humid on this tropical island and September’s no different but it’s less humid than it is during the rainy season.

Expect humidity of 78-80% which means it can often feel hotter than the temperature readings suggest.

Average Sea Temperature

The average sea temperature is a very pleasant 27 degrees Celsius (that’s 81 degrees Fahrenheit). That sea temperature is warm and pleasant.

If you love surfing, snorkeling, swimming, and water sports then the water temperature is perfect as it is cooling compared to the land temperature but never cold.

What Are The Best Places To Visit In Bali In September?

Mesmerizing shot of the Patung Garuda Wisnu Kencana statue in Bali

The pleasant temperature at this time of year means it’s a great time to get out and explore Bali and some of the highlights include:

  • GWK Cultural Park – if you want a cultural night out, then a visit to the GWK Park to see Indonesia’s tallest statue and some local dance performances while snacking on tasty Balinese food is always a good idea and the weather in Bali in September really lends itself to this experience. There are fewer crowds later in the month than there are in high season too.

  • Ayung River Rafting – rafting in the wet season comes with some real risks as the water volumes and intensity increase, so why not head up into the mountains near Ubud and enjoy this awesome activity while it’s a bit drier? The Ayung River area is very attractive and the river flows through some lush jungle and the course is suitable for almost everyone as it’s not a particularly arduous trip downstream, though, of course, it comes with a few thrills and spills!

  • Nusa Penida – this small island offshore from mainland Bali is always a pleasant destination but during the dry season, you will find that it’s the perfect time to go diving to see the mighty mola-mola/sunfish and, of course, the giant manta rays that the area is famous for. One of the best things about this weather when visiting Nusa Penida is that you’re likely to get calm seas which won’t cause sea sickness of the trip out there.

  • Mount Agung – climbing Mount Agung is no trivial thing (aim for Mount Batur is you want an easy climb) but the island’s largest volcano offers some incredible views from the summit and the weather at this time of year makes it much easier to be sure that there will no clouds spoiling the view. Destinations in Indonesia don’t get much more memorable than the sun rising over an active volcano.

What Are The Best Things To Do In Bali During September?

2023.09.14 FBC DRONE VENUE EW 3

There are plenty of great things to do all year round in Bali, but we’d argue that these are some of September’s highlights:

  • FINNS Beach Club – there’s never a bad time to come to Bali or to the world’s best beach club but there’s no doubt that our location on the beach makes the dry season a great time for a party or relaxing sunset drink. Come dive into our infinity pools, listen to our world-class DJs, lounge on our comfy day beds and eat at the best restaurants on the island. One in eight visitors to Bali comes to FINNS, don’t miss out.

  • Soundrenaline – GWK Cultural Park – this two-day festival showcases some of the best local musical talent and while this year’s dates have yet to be announced, it’s worth keeping an eye out to see if Soundrenaline falls within your Bali holiday dates. With little chance of precipitation and reasonably high temperatures, this could be a real highlight of your time in Bali. Just make sure to wear some cool clothing.

  • Lovina Beach Festival – the Northern Coast is a great place to go dolphin watching and if your best trip to Bali includes some time in nature, Lovina is a no-brainer, but this festival which runs in September adds a little more incentive to go. It’s a showcase of local dance, music and food and it’s a huge amount of fun!

  • Balinale – International Film Festival – Jimbaran – if you love film then you won’t want to miss this celebration of both Indonesian and international auteurs and cinematographers. Just make sure to book in advance.

What Should I Bring To Bali In September?

You don’t have to pack heavy for a trip to Bali as you can buy much of what you need here and given the time of year, there’s not a lot that you need to bring beyond – lightweight breathable clothing, thongs, and swimwear.

However, if you want to head up into the mountains then remember the temperature is a bit lower up there and a light jacket or hoodie can help until the sun rises above the horizon.

You may also want to bring one pair of shoes that you can use for hiking and climbing with decent grips, your thongs won’t cut it for mountain climbing or waterfall trekking.


Is September A Good Time To Go To Bali? Is There Warm Weather? What’s The Average Temperature?

Yes! September is a great time to go to Bali! The weather in September is warm, sunny and almost rain-free.

With average temperatures of between 20 and 30 degrees Celsius (that 68 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit) you will feel comfortable all month long.

Is Bali Rainy In September? Does It Rain A Lot In Bali In September?

No, Bali is not rainy in September. In fact, the island sees only 3 days of rain on average in this month. And less than 2.5 inches of rainfall in total!

Is It Windy In Bali In September?

No, it’s not windy in Bali in September. In fact, there’s a pleasant onshore breeze during most of the dry season while you’re on the beaches but thanks to the lack of rain, “wind” isn’t really a thing during September.

So, don’t worry about your hair, it won’t be blowing all over the place.

What Is The Humidity In Bali In September?

It’s reasonably humid in Bali in September with a relative humidity of around 78-80%. However, the cool breeze and dry weather mean that it feels less humid than it does at other parts of the year.

What Season Is It In Bali In September?

It is the dry season in Bali in September. As with most tropical destinations, Bali has only two seasons, one wet and one dry. However, the wet season isn’t as wet as most people imagine it to be and it’s hot and sunny all year round with a bit more precipitation in half the year.

What’s The Weather Like In Bali In September/October?

The weather here in Bali during September and October (we have a great Bali Weather in October guide) is excellent! Well, apart from the last few days of October when the wet season begins and you start to get a little more rain.

But even then, most days are hot and sunny and you will be able to enjoy an ideal climate by the sea.

What Are The Best And Worst Months To Go To Bali?

If we’re basing it on the weather, then December and January are the wettest months and July and August are the sunniest and driest. (See our Bali Weather in August guide for more details on August). 

But there’s not a lot in it and we maintain that there’s no bad time of year to visit Bali. Even in the worst part of the rainy season, we still get roughly 8 hours of sunshine a day! And the temperature is never cold either.

Is September Part Of The Dry Season In Bali?

Yes, September is part of the dry season in Bali and the weather in Bali at this time of year is very pleasant, indeed.

How Should I Book A September Holiday In Bali?

We always recommend that people book their holiday in Bali through the lovely folks at Bali Res Centre, Bali’s best travel agent.

It’s a locally owned and operated service that specializes in Balinese travel experiences. They can get you great rates on flights, hotels and tours.

When you support the Bali Res Centre, you support the local economy and ensure that your holiday spending stays here in Bali rather than being siphoned offshore by multinational companies.

Final Thoughts On Bali Weather, September

Bali in September is great. The average daily minimum and average daily maximum temperatures are in a great range that ensures you feel good all the time and there are only three days of rainfall in the month!

If you visit Bali at this time of year, you can enjoy every activity from scuba diving to climbing Mount Agung and Mount Batur, the island’s two active volcanoes without interference from storms or clouds.

Tourists looking to enjoy the heat on the island’s beaches in places like Nusa Dua should pack plenty of sun cream though as UV levels can be fairly high in September.

And whenever you decide to visit the island, you should make some space in your diary to come and join us at FINNS, the world’s best beach club. It’s the perfect place to spend some sunny days enjoying a cold drink and a magnificent view of the sunset.