The Ultimate Bali Dolphins Guide: Everything You Need To Know To Meet Man’s Best Aquatic Friends

If you want an unforgettable experience while you’re in Bali, then spending some time with the most exciting marine life in Indonesia is a great idea.

Our guide to Bali dolphins will help you spend some time with friendly dolphins which are among the most intelligent animals on the planet.

Dolphin Watching From Lovina Beach

Dolphins jump out of the sea in Hualien harbor of Taiwan

The most popular experience with Bali dolphins is a dolphin-watching expedition from Lovina Beach in North Bali.

This allows for very little direct dolphin interaction but means you can see the dolphins up close in their natural habitat.

There are boats leaving Lovina Beach every morning to head off dolphin watching but it’s worth noting that these trips have become very popular in recent years and that some animal welfare groups have genuine concerns that the tours may cause the creatures distress.

We would note that not only do the animals not appear distressed, but they continue to swim and play in the same places that they always have done.

That doesn’t mean that they’re not stressed, mind you, we’re not dolphin psychologists, just that the animals aren’t exhibiting any of the usual various indications of being stressed.

However, the crowds and large numbers of boats can feel a bit overwhelming to some visitors and you certainly can’t feel like a bold explorer when surrounded by hundreds of other people all just as involved in a session of dolphin spotting as you are.

Don’t Forget Bondalem

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That’s why we like to remind our guests that there are other places to see a Bali dolphin outside of Lovina.

While there are tours that seek Bali dolphin appearances leaving from Nusa Dua and from around Denpasar, we’d opt for Bondalem, instead.

Bondalem is in the North of Bali not that far from Lovina.

However, most tourists have never heard of Bondalem and that means the dolphin spotting exercises off the coast of this part of Bali are much less busy.

Essentially, you’re exploring the same waters as the Lovina people but a bit earlier in the day, so you’re guaranteed to see some dolphins without having to deal with the crowds at Lovina.

We can’t promise it will stay like this at Bondalem for long, but for now, it’s your best option.

Swim With Dolphins

Dolphin Jumping

We discourage swimming with dolphins and believe that the best dolphins are those free in the wild. While we recognize the need for rescue centers, we believe that they should all be working to rehabilitate dolphins to return to the oceans. 

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Are There Any Dolphins In Bali? Does Bali Have Dolphins?

Yes! There are plenty of dolphin species in Bali and they are a major attraction for adults and children who come to the island.

Are Dolphins Native To Bali?

Yes! There are various dolphin species that are native to the waters of Bali.

It’s not possible to guarantee that you can interact with every species but a visitor to Bali has a great chance of seeing some dolphins if they book a boat trip from Lovina or even from near Denpasar (though you have to go further out from Denpasar than from Lovina).

How Much Does It Cost To Swim With Dolphins In Bali?

We discourage swimming with dolphins and believe that the best dolphins are those free in the wild. While we recognize the need for rescue centers, we believe that they should all be working to rehabilitate dolphins to return to the oceans. 

Where Can I Snorkel With Dolphins In Bali?

It is possible to snorkel in the area around where dolphins are found but they are not tame dolphins and that means you can only see dolphins if they decide to venture out to you.

Otherwise, you would need to be content with enjoying the other marine life in the area at the time.

What Kind Of Dolphins Are In Lovina Bali?

There are, at least, 14 different species of dolphins and whales living in the waters around Bali.

These included spotted, bottlenose, Fraser’s, Risso’s, and rough-toothed dolphins and spinners too.

You can find both Spinners and Fraser’s dolphins off the coast of Lovina nearly every day and the same is true in nearby Bondalem.

We would note that Bondalem gets fewer visitors and if you want to see a Bali dolphin close up without as many people around, you will have more fun in Bondalem.

It’s a great location that very few people seem to have heard about for dolphin watching, though it’s only a matter of time…

How To Book A Holiday To See Dolphins In Bali

We always recommend that you book a holiday in Bali and any experiences such as a dolphin experience through the Bali Res Centre.

They are a locally owned and operated travel service specializing in Balinese trips, holidays and tours.

They can ensure you get very competitive pricing and that you have a great time with some friendly dolphins too.


Final Thoughts On Bali Dolphins

Bali is one of the few places in the world where you can see dolphins in the ocean and snorkel near them in the ocean water. 

We would urge you not to visit any captive dolphin parks as we feel the only ethical place to see them is in the oceans where they belong. 


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