Yoga in Bali – The Perfect Balance of Mind, Body and Soul

Bali and yoga seem to go hand-in-hand, with the island being one of the most popular spots in the world for the practice. Yoga has roots in Hinduism, and it harmonises with the island’s spirituality, natural beauty, and relaxed atmosphere. The Island of the Gods is the perfect place to practise yoga, go inwards, relax your mind and stretch out your body. The yoga culture and community is thriving here, from the temples and hillsides of Ubud, down to the shores of Canggu Beach, and through the cliffs of Uluwatu.

Bali’s natural, spiritual setting with its lush green rice fields and stunning ocean views is endlessly calming. Throughout the island, yoga shalas and yoga studio Bali continue to grow in popularity, while creating spaces to practise yoga in a comfortable and inclusive environment. Whether you’re a dedicated yogi or complete beginner, there are daily yoga classes for everyone. 

At Finns, we have a selection of yoga classes between our two premier venues, Finns Recreation Club and Finns Beach Club, so yogis or fitness enthusiasts or beginners can choose a session to meet their needs and lifestyle. Start your day with an early invigorating Ocean Yoga session at Finns Beach Club, in a beachfront setting with morning ocean breezes.  Or, later in the day, head to Finns Recreation for yoga classes in our studio rooms.

Yoga Class Bali – Finns Beach Club Oceanside yoga to start the day

Throughout Bali you’ll find a new variety of yoga classes from fitness focussed, to deeper flexibility to traditional forms of Yoga. You may even find a few that are more modern, to incorporate music, movements and ecstatic dance

At Finns Beach Club, we offer a morning yoga class every day at 7:15am.  Our classes are in the Sunset Lounge, a serene setting overlooking the sand and waves of Berawa Beach Canggu.  Finns Beach Club Bali ocean yoga classes are for everyone and all skill levels.  If you’re looking for a yoga class in Canggu there are 6 different types of classes to choose from. Each session has been carefully designed and crafted by our team of yoga experts, to awaken your mind and body. So you’ll end your class feeling revived, relaxed as well as energised for your day.

Yoga studio Bali – Finns Rec Club’s newly revamped Fitness Centre includes yoga

If you cannot make it to Ocean Yoga in the morning, don’t worry, we also have classes later in the day, in our studio room at Finns Rec Club. As part of our brand new Fitness Centre Gym Bali, we have expanded our offering for group classes and training, which includes yoga, pilates, breathwork, and sessions that are specifically designed for neck and shoulder pain, and lower back pain relief.

Check the Finns Recreation Club group class fitness schedule to see which day offers each type of yoga. You can choose or join us every day to try them all. 

Best Yoga in Bali. The types of yoga at Finns

Not sure which type of yoga or class is right for you? Below is a brief description of the types of yoga classes held at Finns. All of the classes are for everyone, so you really can’t go wrong, but you may find one that is more suitable for your needs.

Hatha Vinyasa 
“Vinyasa” translates to “to flow with breath.” A dynamic style of yoga which joins physical postures and your breathing, a hatha yoga flow class is designed to encourage heat flow throughout the body with sequences, sun salutations, and seated and standing poses and a strong focus on the power of breath and your awareness. Everybody can join this class at any level; you’ll leave feeling refreshed and strong.

Essential Vinyasa
Connect your mind, breath and spirit. This class focuses on breath as you flow from pose to pose, connecting your breathing with your movement. Vinyasa yoga will increase strength, flexibility and improve your blood circulation. Everybody can join this class at any level and leave with a clear mind and fresh lookout.

Creative Flow
If you prefer a more gentle yoga practice, this class is for you. It begins with a guided meditation to awaken the mind, then leads into an energising flow of poses that take the body through a full range of motions, to release tension from all points. Everybody can join this class, and you’ll feel like you’re floating off the mat, feeling relaxed and replenished.

Align and Vinyasa Flow 
Use your mind, breathwork and stretching to align your neck, back and shoulders. You can relieve your back and neck pain through focusing on breath, and a mix of poses and exercises from physiotherapy, yoga and Pilates.

Power Yoga
All-in-one session to boost clarity, focus and energy levels. Power yoga is faster paced and can relieve stress, improve circulation throughout the body, and connect your breath, core movements and strong poses, to build strength and flexibility. It’s definitely a workout! Everybody can join this class, you’ll leave feeling strong and powerful.

Soulful Yoga
Slow down, and enjoy the stillness and rejuvenation of the body and mind. This session combines the Yin poses and passive stretches, held for at least a minute to calm and relax the body and release deep rooted tension. The slow movements cultivate the body’s natural healing powers, relieve anxiety and pain through focus and calm. Soulful yoga is rejuvenating and powerful for clarity of the mind, and finishes with a peaceful meditation.

Yoga Class Bali for spirituality, healing and fitness

The tradition of yoga in Bali has become an integral part of life on this beautiful island. If you’re here to try for your first time, a seasoned regular, or if you are here for a yoga retreat Bali, or yoga teacher training, you will find a holistic, spiritual experience involving the mind, body and soul.

Bali’s spirituality attracts yogis from around the world, because of the yoga’s well-known benefits for healing the body through breathwork, flexibility, and strength-building. Bali is well-known for providing unique healing options through spirituality. This is why many healers and yoga wellness centres have a variety of therapy healing programmes.

The wellness community in Bali is enormously popular and now has so many different styles of healing practices. From energy healing, Reiki, sound healing, hypnotherapy, psychic and spiritual guidance and traditional Balinese healing.

Yoga Bali benefits beyond fitness and flexibility

It’s no secret that yoga has numerous benefits for your mind, body and soul. It’s an ancient practice, with roots dating back over 5,000 years to North India, and many terms used throughout the practice are Sanskrit.

For the mind, yoga is widely known to alleviate stress, improve your mental health, reduce anxiety and improve your quality of life and longevity. Movement based and breathing based practices have been shown to drastically improve depressive symptoms and support anxiety. It has also been proven to improve your self-esteem and potentially prevent burnout.

Physically, yoga is known for the benefits of building strength and improvising mobility and flexibility. It can also reduce inflammation, improve your agility and balance and promote your cardiovascular health. It also helps improve sleep, straightens your posture and body awareness.

The pillars of yoga are meditation, breathwork and rituals. With the foundations and a few basic poses, anyone – from toddlers to seniors – can experience the simple benefits of yoga with clarity and calmness of the mind, the release of tension, and a happier mood overall.

Things to do in Bali – Yoga is just the start!

After you’ve finished your morning Yoga Class Bali at Finns Beach Club, or one of our sessions at Finns Rec Club, continue your day with us with fitness or fun in the sun. Recharge with a healthy breakfast and fruit smoothie, or with a selection of day passes, you can try more classes at Finns Rec Club, or even a stop at Splash Water Park for some water slide action, relax with spa treatments at Body Temple Spa, or book a daybed at Finns Beach Club or Finns VIP Beach Club.

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