The 11 Best Cliff Jumping Spots In Bali: Where To Get Your Adrenaline Rush On The Island

If you’re looking for the perfect spot to go cliff jumping in Bali, then we’ve got plenty of options for you to try out!

Here are 11 favorite spots to enjoy your first cliff jump in Bali and some advice to ensure you stay safe while you do so.

About Cliff Jumping Bali & Cliff Jump Spots Including Safety Tips

Cliff Jumping

We need to be very clear about this we’re not recommending that you go cliff jumping. In fact, there’s no doubt in our minds that a cliff jump is not something you undertake lightly.

There are very real dangers that cliff jumpers face and while many people enjoy cliff jumps, more than a few have been injured at each of these cliff-jumping spots in Bali too.

If you visit any jump spot on the list below and opt to jump, it’s done entirely at your own risk.

However, we do have some tips for cliff jumping in Bali if you decide to go ahead that can help to limit your risks:

  • Never jump without doing a depth check. It doesn’t matter what you’ve read online, things can change and you should always inspect the landing area and ensure that there is room for you to land. Don’t forget that deep spots can disappear at low tide too.

  • Never jump without doing a debris check. If your landing zone is full of driftwood, etc. then you don’t want to jump into it.

  • Be realistic about your physical limits. That double backflip that somebody else did might look awesome but if you’ve not done any exercise in the last three years, it’s not for you.

  • Never jump without checking the water conditions. If there’s a major swell on, you might want to wait before you jump. You should always know how you’re going to get back on land following the jump too.

  • If in doubt, don’t jump. No cliff jump is worth your life. There’s no shame in not cliff-jumping at any of these spots if you’re not sure you can handle it. You can always decide to do something else like enjoy swimming, instead.

Our Top 11 Spots For A Cliff Jump In Bali

Friends cliff jumping into the ocean

Blue Lagoon Cliff Jump – Nusa Ceningan

The Blue Lagoon gets its name from the amazing bright blue water in the bay below and there’s no doubt that this spot on Nusa Ceningan island is very tempting for a jump.

However, we need to note that the jump here used to be much easier as there was a ladder built into the cliff face to help you exit the water – that ladder is now gone.

There are three marked platforms (each essentially a diving board) to jump from though (6 meters, 8 meters and 13.5 meters) and unless there’s an earthquake that dramatically changes the local geology – there will always be deep water to land in.

Be aware that you can face big swell during your jumps here and you must be certain that you’re capable of getting out before you jump.

Devil’s Tears Cliff Jump – Nusa Lembongan

Jumping at Devil’s Tears in Nusa Lembongan is downright dangerous unless there are no waves at all.

People have died being smashed against the rocks by the waves here, most recently, a paddleboarder in 2022

The jumps here are just 3-4 meters which means it can be an easy place to start with coastal jumping.

The best time of day to jump is at sunset because the tidal pools around the area pick up amazing reflections in the light and really add to the experience.

Cliff diver guy jumping in the blue sea from high rocks wall J

Dream Beach Cliff Jump – Nusa Lembongan

Cliff jumping here isn’t as easy as at some other locations, face the ocean and follow the coastline to the right. About two-thirds of the way around, you find a clearing.

Assuming that the weather isn’t too harsh, you can climb down and carry out a depth check for a good spot to jump from.

Under no circumstances, should you jump without conducting your own recon at Dream Beach Cliff Jump. The conditions here can change every single day.

Make sure to wear shoes as the exit will be over jagged rocks that could easily cut your feet.

Atuh Beach Cliff Jump – Nusa Penida

Atuh Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Nusa Penida (and that’s despite the fact that the drive there is very bumpy and it’s a bit of a hike down the cliff to the beach).

If you want to cliff jump here, you will need to climb the arch and then reach the centre point of the arch and jump into the obvious gap in the reef below.

This requires a reasonable amount of skill and isn’t something that any beginner should undertake.

Whatever you do, don’t jump from the front part of the arch, the water beneath is quite shallow and the fall is around 10 meters, you would be very likely to hurt yourself.

Mahana Point Cliff Jump – Nusa Ceningan

Mahana Point Cliff Jump is, perhaps, the best jump spot in Nusa Ceningan.

There are two boards to jump from (a 10-meter board and a 5-meter one) and there’s a ladder to help you get out of the sea and back up to Mahana Point Cliff Jump.

There’s a restaurant at Mahana Point Cliff Jump that maintains these facilities and you need to pay 50,000 IDR to use the big jump and 25,000 IDR to use the small one.

We would note that the water is reasonably deep at both jump points but we’d be reluctant to pin-drop into the water as you might scrape the bottom at Mahana Point Cliff Jump.

Once you’ve made your jump, we’d recommend you check out the Mahana Point Cliff Jump restaurant and grab something to drink.

Friends cliff jumping into the ocean

Aling Aling Waterfall Cliff Jump – North Bali

Aling Aling Waterfall is a bit of a trek and the journey involves a trip to several other waterfalls along the route.

You will need the services of a local guide to tackle this jump and that’s a good thing because even seasoned jumpers flinch a little when they see Aling Aling Waterfall for the first time.

The water below the Aling Aling Waterfall jump is rough and the jump is a dramatically high launch from the cliffs, the guides will make sure that your jump is safe and sane.

The guides will also take some awesome photos for you to ensure your memories of this experience in North Bali are immortalized forever.

Balangan Beach Coastal Cliffs Jump – Pecatu

If there’s a jump on this list that is almost certainly unsafe for everyone, it’s this one.

The jump is at least, 20 meters. The landing point is shallow-ish with just 4-5 meters of water. You must clear the under-hanging rocks during your jump.

The exit here is a sheer climb up a sharp rock face and you cannot jump at low tide at all.

Under no circumstances should anyone with a ton of experience tackle this jump. Stick to scuba diving in the local area, instead.

Jimbaran Panorama Point Cliff Jump – Jimbaran

This viewpoint gets very few visitors which is a bit of a shame as even if you don’t want to jump in this area, you can get an amazing photograph here.

The jump is quite small – just 3-5 meters and the water below is deep and wonderfully blue.

We’d recommend you go snorkeling after you’ve jumped as the water is full of interesting marine life.

This is an ideal spot for a beginner to try a cliff jump in Bali if they really must jump without supervision.

Friends cliff jumping into the ocean

Tegal Wangi Cliff Jump – Jimbaran

This is a great place to jump because the water below is clear and very deep in most spots (always check it yourself before you jump, mind you).

However, be warned, it’s quite a challenge to get back out of the water after you jump and we wouldn’t risk it if the waves are too rough.

You may need to swim for up to 10 minutes down the coast to find a point where you can get ashore.

Kroya Waterfall Cliff Jump – Sambangan Village, Buleleng Regency

There’s a pleasant 5-meter jump at Kroya Waterfall which you will be walked through by your local guide (don’t consider a waterfall jump without advice from a local guide).

It also has a rather pleasant natural rock slide that runs about 12 meters, so if you decide not to jump, you can still do something thrilling at Kroya Waterfalls.

Kembar Waterfall – Suksada District, Buleleng Regency

Kembar Waterfall is not far from Aling-Aling and it offers a 10-meter jump into a natural pool below which is about 4 meters deep.

If you want an easy cliff jump that still delivers on all the thrills, Kembar Waterfall is a great place to get started.


Is There Cliff Jumping In Bali?

Yes, there are plenty of places where you can cliff jump in Bali.

How Tall Are The Cliffs At Uluwatu?

The cliffs at Uluwatu are nearly 70 meters tall and under no circumstances should you think about cliff jumping from these cliffs. At best, you would seriously injure yourself on the rocks below, at worst, you would lose your life.

How High Are The Jumps At Blue Lagoon?

There are several spaces for cliff jumps at Blue Lagoon, Bali and you can start with 6 meter cliff jumps and work up to jumps of around 13 meters.

Does Bali Have Cliffs?

Yes! In fact, as an island, Bali has a lot of cliffs around the coast and there are even more cliffs on the Nusa Islands (Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan) which are offshore.

How To Book A Holiday To The Best Cliff Jump Spots In Bali?

Whether you want to find the best cliff jump spots or want to enjoy a rather more chilled holiday in Bali, the best people to book your trip through are at the Bali Res Centre.

This locally owned and operated travel service can help you find the right flights, accomodation and local transport to the beaches, waterfalls, etc. and at a very competitive price.

Final Thoughts On Cliff Jumping

Cliff jumping provides a lot of fun to some visitors to Bali but it’s not something to undertake lightly.

If you’ve never done it before and really want to, we would recommend doing a few jumps at one of the supervised locations at Bali’s waterfalls rather than jumping into a random rocky cove by yourself.

Each of the locations above has proven to be a great spot for cliff jumping for some people, but again, we stress, that there’s no shame in not jumping either. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.