Basketball, Bali – Get The Lowdown On Where To Play And On Bali United BC

Basketball is not as popular in Bali as it is in Australia. But that’s probably because there are so many choices of sports here on the island. However, it’s still a popular sport and here’s everything you need to know about basketball in Bali.

Where Can I Play Basketball In Bali?

We don’t like to blow our trumpets, but one of the best casual games you’ll find is at the rec club from Finns. We can also find our Bounce trampolines handy for practising your jump shots.

If you want to join a game to have fun on your holidays, we’ve got you covered.

What About In Denpasar?

If you’re over in Denpasar, there’s often a game on the Kelandis court. But the timing of those games could be more consistent. Sometimes, you can rock up for a game first thing in the morning. And sometimes, you will get a game late in the afternoon or even early evening.

Street Games

There’s also a cool street basketball group, but sadly, their advertising material is all in Bahasa and might not be very accessible for a Westerner wanting to play.

Coaching For Young Players

There is also a coaching institute for young players, the BBA Indonesia. They’re a relatively new institution. Thus, we are curious if they’ll turn out the top players for Prawira Bandung, Mountain Gold, Satria Muda, West Bandits or the Tangerang Hawks.

Is There A Professional Basketball Team In Bali?

Yes! Bali United BC, in fact. They were formed back in 2016 and are a professional team in the Indonesian leagues. Indonesia has a very competitive company considering that the game has yet to become popular here.

Bali United BC playing basketball

What’s Their Play Style Like?

They’re famous locally for playing attacking, aggressive basketball and the team has a hard-working attitude that helps them grind out victories where skill alone isn’t enough.

Has Bali United BC Won Anything?

They have yet to win any significant prizes, though they have shown they can play the game with the best of them. They have certainly kept up with other big teams like Satria Muda and the Tangerang Hawks.

You can watch Bali United battle Satria Muda on YouTube.

Where Are They In The Standings?

Bali United BC currently ranks 7 in the Indonesian Basketball League rankings overall. That’s a decent position in the standings and as the game grows in popularity, Bali United will likely see improved positions and more investment.

For this season, they can be happy that they’ve left Mountain Gold in the dust. Sadly, they’re quite a bit behind the leaders, Prawira Bandung.

Where Can I Learn More About The Team?

You can find the Bali United official Facebook page here.

You can also find their website here, but our antivirus didn’t like their site. So, approach that link with caution.


Bali United BC fan

Final Thoughts On Basketball In Bali, Indonesia

The game has a long way to go if Indonesia wants to match the scale of the sport in the Philippines, where it’s huge.

However, the local side, Bali United, is very entertaining to watch and there’s a ton of enthusiasm for the game at the grassroots level.

It wouldn’t surprise us to see Bali United BC become a club to watch in the future.

You can always come to Finns and have a game with friends. It’s the best place to enjoy a game in Bali. 

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