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Canggu’s natural beauty and ocean views make it one of the best backdrops for yoga and meditation practice. Bali is a hotbed for spirituality and yoga retreats, and it’s easy to see why.

The Island of the Gods is well-loved by experienced and amateur practitioners and is home to a thriving community. From the temples of Ubud to the cliffs of Uluwatu, plenty of venues host yoga sessions. 

Yoga studios might seem out of place on the shores of bustling Canggu, but spaces that welcome the serenity and reflection required for the practice abound if you know where to look.

Daily yoga classes are held in various yoga shalas and yoga studios. Travellers can practice in a comfortable environment conducive to asanas and meditation. And the escalating popularity of yoga has led to even more spaces popping up across town.

You may not know that we at Finns have quite a selection of yoga classes between our two premier venues – Finns Beach Club and Finns Recreation Centre. Our classes are suited for all levels – beginners, fitness enthusiasts and advanced yogis alike.

Yoga Class Canggu – Rise and stretch at Finns Beach Club Oceanside Yoga

There are plenty of yoga classes to choose from in Canggu, from those with a fitness focus to traditional forms of yoga. You can even sign up for classes with a contemporary twist incorporating music, movement, and ecstatic dance.

However, Finns Beach Club is one of the only places on the island where you can do yoga next to the ocean, with the sounds of the waves and morning breezes. Start your day with our Ocean Yoga sessions, set in the scenic Sunset Lounge, where you can do sun salutations while looking out across the waves of Berawa Beach Canggu. Class begins at 7:15 AM daily and is open to all skill levels.

For yoga in Canggu, Finns Beach Club has six different offerings. Yoga experts have designed and crafted each session for total mind and body reconnection. Our guests leave the sessions feeling energised, rejuvenated, and ready for the day.

Yoga Studio Canggu – Finns Recreation Club offers yoga classes

If morning yoga is not your cup of tea or you are sleeping in from a long night of festivities, you can also attend yoga classes later in the day. Finns Recreation Club also hosts yoga sessions in the studio room. 

The Fitness Centre Gym Bali has expanded and now offers group classes and training, including yoga, Pilates, breathwork and sessions to relieve neck, shoulder and lower back pain.

Browse classes and check the group class fitness schedule at Finns Recreation Club to see what types of yoga are offered throughout the week. Pick one or try out a class daily to find a new favourite style.

Best Yoga in Canggu: the types of yoga at Finns Canggu

If you’re still unsure about which class or yoga style suits you, you can look below for brief descriptions of each type of yoga we have at Finns. 

Don’t worry because the classes are for all skill levels, and the chances of ending up with a class you dislike are slim. But to find the class to start with, here’s a short guide to the most popular types of yoga.

Hatha Vinyasa

Vinyasa means “to flow with breath”, while hatha is a general term used to refer to any type of yoga that melds breath with movement.

Our hatha vinyasa classes use a flowing, dynamic pace that synchronises the poses with your breathing. A class will include opening sequences that warm the body, sun salutations stretching and relaxing, and various seated and standing poses focusing on breath and body awareness.

It’s a perfect class for beginners, but anyone can join to reap this refreshing yoga style’s physical and mental benefits.

Essential Vinyasa

Another great yoga class is the essential vinyasa class, which focuses on the breath. It aims to connect the mind, breath and spirit.

Students transition from each poses to the next, emphasising each inhale and exhale. Vinyasa yoga classes boost strength, encourage flexibility and get the blood flowing. It’s also open to all levels.

Look forward to leaving the studio with a more serene headspace and a fresh perspective.

Creative Flow

People who crave a more low-key yoga class will like the creative flow class at Finns.

It starts with a guided meditation to calm the mind and then shifts into a flow sequence to wake up the body and take it through its full range of motion.

The result is a release of tension, especially from stress points, and students finish the class in a relaxed and lighter state as if they were floating from the mat.

Align and Vinyasa Flow

This yoga class uses the mind, breath, and stretches to align the neck, shoulders and back.

People who suffer from chronic back or neck pain will be delighted as this is designed to relieve those tensions in the body. Physiotherapy, Pilates, and traditional yoga inspire the mix of breathwork and poses.

Power Yoga

Power yoga classes at Finns Recreation Club are well-rounded sessions that stimulate energy, improve focus and boost clarity.

Power yoga is a fast-paced flow style of yoga that’s great for stress relief and blood circulation. This is the best class if you’re looking for a workout and a yoga class in one session. You’ll leave the studio feeling stronger and more limber.

Soulful Yoga

Soulful yoga is the most gentle type of yoga at Finns.

It’s made to still and rejuvenate the body and mind using Yin poses (yoga poses that are held for longer periods) and passive stretches. The slow pace brings total relaxation and releases underlying tension in the body.

It’s an incredibly healing form of yoga that practitioners love for its effects on stress, pain, and anxiety.

Yoga Class Canggu: Spirituality, Wellness and Healing

The yoga tradition is an integral piece of the Bali community. If you’re a beginner, an experienced teacher, a seasoned expert, or on a Bali yoga retreat or yoga teacher training, you can find solace in this piece of paradise and a holistic physical and spiritual experience for the mind, body, and soul.

Why do yogis love Bali?

The island is a well-established attraction for yoga practitioners and hobbyists alike because of its diverse studios and the stunning natural views conducive to the practice.

The Canggu and Bali wellness community and the number of healing practices are growing. Aside from the popular yoga styles, you can also find energy healing, Reiki, sound healing, hypnotherapy, psychic and spiritual guidance and traditional Balinese healing on the island.

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