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Digital nomads are living the dream in Bali, having the ability to work and earn money from anywhere in the world, including a tropical island paradise. The island’s digital nomad community is growing in popularity and population, and it’s not just about working remotely anymore. These tech-savvy remote workers and entrepreneurs are looking for endless espresso drinks, lightning-fast WiFi, air conditioning, and quiet meeting spaces. In addition, they are finding trendy spaces with collaborating colleagues, networking opportunities, and then somewhere to finish a hard day’s work with a coconut or cocktail by sunset.

Working online in Bali has become increasingly popular and is now much easier with access to WiFi in most cafes and restaurants. This new age of travel and working with your laptop has created the rise and boom of coworking spaces in Bali, especially Canggu.  On any given day, you’ll find tourists and locals alike, settling in for a morning of online work, networking, brainstorming, diving into their new project, or starting up a new business venture. 

At Finns Recreation Club, we have one of Bali’s best, most accommodating coworking spaces.  Members have access to our amenities, spread across multiple hectares and venues. No other space in Bali has more benefits than Finns Coworking Hub.  We’re going beyond great coffee and fast WiFi, with access to all of our Rec Club facilities and venues – including the gym, tennis courts, and even Splash Water Park and Strike Ten Bowling!

Coworking Space Bali: What are the benefits of using a coworking space?

If you aren’t familiar with the concept of a coworking space, that’s understandable. They are a relatively new trend in the modern work environment.

Coworking spaces are shared spaces for working, and they offer a range of benefits for their users. Workers can join as solo workers, but they are becoming more popular for entire companies to use as well.

Networking and collaborating.  One of the key benefits of using a coworking space is the ability to network and collaborate with others, and in Bali, those sharing the space are likely an international and creative community.  This collaboration and networking can lead to new perspectives and insights, learning from others’ experiences, and potentially finding new clients or business opportunities. Many coworking spaces also host regular networking events and workshops, which can provide additional opportunities to connect with others and learn new skills.

Cost saving. Rather than paying for the asset of an office or office building, coworking spaces offer shared equipment, fast internet, utilities, refreshments, and other services. This is the perfect workspace if you’re working freelance, working remotely, or just launching a start-up, or for small business owners or small teams, without the need or budget for office space.  Many also offer flexible options for day passes or memberships, with added values that can be tailored to your needs and business.

Flexibility.  Many coworking spaces offer a range of rental options, from daily drop-in rates to monthly memberships. Not only can this help to save on costs, but the flexibility also allows you to scale up or down as needed, depending on the size of your team and your business’s needs.

Increased productivity and creativity.  Rather than working from home or in an office, a coworking space offers a different setting, designed to increase productivity and get creative juices flowing. The flexible scheduling allows you to adapt for when you are most productive and motivated, such as in the morning after coffee or a yoga session, or possibly after an afternoon swim. 

Variety of amenities and resources. Many coworking spaces, like Finns Coworking Hub, offer a range of facilities and services, including high-speed internet, conference rooms, food & beverage options for coffee or meals as well as an event space. This can be particularly beneficial for small businesses and entrepreneurs, who may not be able to afford these amenities in their own offices. Finns Coworking Hub has all of the above amenities, and also has gym and fitness facilities, and much, much more.

Working Space Bali: Finns Coworking Hub has it all

So now you know the benefits, where are you going to find all of this?  As we mentioned,  Finns Coworking Hub is the best coworking space and creativity hub in Bali. It is the perfect place if you’re here for a short time as a digital nomad, living here as an expat, or part of a business community. Become a Finns Bali member to get access to the amazing amenities.

Workspaces. The Finns Coworking Hub workspaces have everything you need to work in a productive, quiet environment. There are indoor, air-conditioned working rooms where everyone has a dedicated desk and meeting rooms for groups. Our spaces are also comfortable and ergonomic chairs that are suitable for long hours of sitting while writing or taking conference calls. There’s a library of resources, and we also have a calendar of seminars and networking events. And that’s just the start…. 

Fast internet.  This is a MUST for any coworking space, and at Finns Coworking Hub, we won’t let you down. The internet at Finn’s Rec Club is incredibly fast, allowing members to get serious work done without any interruptions or delays. From downloading files to video conference calls, you can be sure to stay connected while at Finns. 

Fully-equipped gym. Members also have access to our state-of-the-art, fully equipped gym and sports field. There are also fitness classes, boxing, and social sports, along with access to the sauna and ice bath recovery zones. 

25m lap pool.  One of the best highlights of the fitness venues at Finns, which we know no other space in Bali can provide, is the 25m lap pool. Not only can you take a nice cool, relaxing dip in the swimming pool, but few exercises are more beneficial for the muscles and brain than swimming.

Best Spa Bali. Additionally, if you need to relax and recharge, Body Temple Spa is the perfect place to escape for an hour or two.  There are massages and treatments for whatever you need for your mind or body. You’ll walk out feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Tennis Centre. Work up a sweat and recharge your brain with a game of tennis or just a few rounds of practice. 

Food & Beverage. Sure, other spaces are trendy cafes with all the fancy espresso drinks, but at Finns Coworking Hub, we have much more.  Visit bistro.c and open-air cafe, for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or even just an afternoon snack. Or you can even take a break or meet up in the sports bar to watch your team or challenge your colleagues to a game at the pool table. 

Workspace Bali: You can also bring the kids to Finns

If you are on holiday with kids or need to keep the little ones entertained while you work, bring them to Finns.  While you work at the Coworking Hub, you can drop the kids off at Cubby House Kids Club, where they will be supervised by our team and entertained with movies, toys, books, activities, and more. 

You can also take a break from the laptop and Zoom calls, to enjoy some fun at Finns. Head to Splash Water Park, Bounce Trampoline Centre, Strike Ten Pin Bowling, or watch a game in our sportsbar.

Best coworking space Bali: From Rec Club to Beach Club

Members enjoying the Coworking Hub amenities can also grab a free shuttle to Finns Beach Club.  There are quieter areas of the beach club where you can continue to be productive while working oceanside. Grab a coconut or a cocktail, and enjoy the best of the digital nomad lifestyle in Bali. 

Bali is welcoming and accommodating for digital nomads, for both the community aspect as well as workspaces. From quaint to chic, there are entrepreneurial, optimistic, and creative vibes throughout the cafes and spaces, even those with pools to take a lunchtime dip. There’s also planning of meet-ups, greet-ups and weekend trip to the best places to visit in Bali, where you can take on the island’s waterfalls, rice paddies, temples, and beaches to have retreats, explorations, and adventures. 

Whether you are just visiting here on holiday and need to get some work done, or if you are in Bali long term and need to find a place to be productive and profitable, the Finns Coworking Hub is the perfect spot. Ask our team about membership benefits and day passes.

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