Bali Weather In May: Your Complete Guide To The Lovely Temperatures Of May

Want to visit Bali in May and wondering what the Bali weather will be like during your trip?

Well, we’ve got the lowdown on this month where the rainy season comes to an end and the dry season starts in earnest and we think you’re gonig to like it.

So, let’s take a look at what the weather’s going to be like and then at all the fun things there are to see and do each year in May in Bali.

What Is The Weather Like In Bali In May?

Kuta beach in Bali

May is a great month to visit Bali. It’s dry, hot and sunny but the crowds haven’t yet arrived and the prices tend to be lower.

If you love outdoor activities, swimming, hiking, etc. then you’re going to find that May is a brilliant time to be here.

An Overview Of The Average Weather In May In Bali

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Now, let’s get a numerical overview. Bali weather is great in many with an average daily maximum of just a few degrees over the daily minimum temperatures.

Minimum to Maximum Temperatures (Average Temperatures)

This ranges from 21 degrees Celcius to 31 degrees Celcius and that’s 70 degrees Fahrenheit to 88 degrees Fahrenheit!

That makes for some of the most comfortable weather for most human beings according to experts though 31 degrees can be a little warm, we recommend settling under some shade with a cool drink during the middle of the day and enjoying the dry season Bali weather as an observer.

Monthly Rainfall And Rainy Days

The island receives eight to nine days of rain on average each May, which is wetter than it is in the following months but also means that you can expect 2 out of 3 days spent in Bali in May will be dry!

That’s a pretty good result and means you can explore the island with confidence, knowing that the showers won’t last long.

We see about 7.5 cm to 11.2 cm (2.8 to 4.4 inches) of rain in total over the month which is less rain than in the rainy season in Bali but still enough rainfall to make it worth having a light jacket or mac handy when out exploring.

Hours Of Sunshine Per Day

Ulun Danu Temple in Bedugul

The island sees an average of 9 hours of sunshine every single day throughout May and that means you can be sure that your time on the beaches will be fun and that you will go with a tan if you want one.

Of course, on days with rain, you might see a little less sun but in our experience, it rarely rains for a whole day in Bali.

Relative Humidity Levels

Bali is a tropical island and it’s hot all the time, which means that it’s quite humid here all year round.

In May, the average humidity is about 80% which is humid enough that sometimes it can feel hotter than it ought to.

Tourists are well advised to keep hydrating when they are on the beaches or wandering around temples.

Average Sea Temperature

With an average sea temperature of 28 to 29 degrees Celsius (that’s about 82 to 84 degrees Fahrenheit) visitors who want to go swimming or surfing are going to be very happy, indeed.

These temperatures mean the water is cooling when compared to the heat of the beaches, but warm enough that it’s never cold.

What Are The Best Places To Visit In Bali In May?

SPLASH Splash Waterpark

Looking to plan the best trip to Bali possible in May? Then, consider adding some of these places to your itinerary, May is the hottest month of this season in Bali and you should be looking to stay cool as well as have fun.

  • Splash Waterpark Canggu – you can have a great time at Splash all year round but we recommend that you visit one of the hot months and enjoy as much sun as possible. This is a great spot on a family holiday as the children and adults can enjoy the waterslides and pools, but there are also loungers for the adults to chill on and enjoy cold cocktails while their kids continue to play. You’re also able to access Strike Bowling, Jump Trampolining and more at the FINNS Recreation Club grounds that host Splash.

  • Chill In The Coastal Areas – the pleasant weather at this time of year, combined with the reduced number of crowds makes it a great time to hit the beaches and enjoy a beautiful sunrise or sunset (depending on which coast you’re on) over the Indian Ocean.

  • Banyumala Twin Waterfall – the end of the rainy season is a great time to visit a waterfall as the waters haven’t reduced in volume as they will later in the dry season and you will find that getting to the waterfalls is easier as the paths are less likely to be wet and slippy. Banyumala is an exceptionally attractive waterfall and the May Bali weather makes it very easy to access and enjoy this lovely place.

  • Goa Gajah Elephant Cave – it’s not known why this cave is associated with elephants but the temple in a cave is worth visiting and if you have a private driver they should be able to ensure that you see it as part of a trip to Ubud. If not, you can arrange a tour to visit the cave and other attractions in the spiritual heartland of the island.

What Are The Best Things To Do In Bali During May?

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The Bali weather in May makes it very easy to do a lot of things on your holiday, some specific highlights in this part of the dry season might include:

  • FINNS Beach Club – FINNS is the world’s best beach club and we’re not shy about telling people. That’s because one in eight visitors to Bali this year will visit FINNS and we’d love for you to be among them. Our infinity pools, first-class cocktails, incredible dining options and comfy day beds make a trip to the beach in Canggu more than memorable and for all the right reasons.

  • Ubud Food Festival – this festival celebrates the local Balinese food culture and it’s one of the highlights of the year in this central Bali city. Ubud is a little cooler than the rest of the island, so it’s a great place to visit on your holiday when you’re ready to take a little break from the hot sun and do some cultural activities.

  • Bali Spirit Festival – this festival, also in Ubud, is themed around the concept of Tri Hita Karana which means living in harmony with the land, sea, other people and the spiritual world. It’s also a chance to embrace yoga and traditional healing practices. There are some wonderful live music performances to offer the visitor some sonic healing too.

  • Bali Blues Festival – alternatively, if you like your music a little more aggressive, head to the Bali Blues Festival in Sanur, where you can enjoy some of the best sounds on the island. The Bali weather in May is so good that even sleepy Sanur is taking advantage of the arrival of the dry season!

What Should I Bring To Bali In May?

We recommend that you pack light as you can buy anything you need here in Bali and given that there are plenty of 24-hour-a-day laundry services, you don’t need a huge amount of stuff, so save the planet by reducing your bag weight and travel light.

You will, however, probably want some thongs, swimwear and lightweight clothing if you want to enjoy the beaches and maybe spend some time snorkelling on a coral reef or two.

We also prefer to bring sunscreen to Bali as it’s quite expensive to buy it here.

If you want to explore the cooler highlands, it can get a bit chilly above sea level, particularly late at night and for the best Bali experiences, you’re going to want to bring a light jacket or hoodie.

We’d also recommend that if you’re climbing mountains or involved in other outdoor activities you bring some solid shoes that can grip wet rocks and protect your feet.

You don’t want to slip and even though there’s less rain in May, you can still get caught in a shower.


Is May A Good Time To Go To Bali? Is There Warm Weather? What’s The Average Temperature?

Yes, May is a great time to go to Bali.

There’s plenty of warm weather, in part at least, because Bali never gets cold as it’s in the tropics and with the average temperature range between 21 and 31 degrees Celsius (70 to 88 degrees Fahrenheit) you should feel comfortable nearly the whole day long though the middle of the day might be a good time to find some shade or even some air-conditioning.

Is Bali Rainy In May? Does It Rain A Lot In Bali In May?

Yes, it rains in Bali. But it’s the end of the rainy season and the start of the dry season and you will find that it rains roughly 1 in 3 days during this time of year.

Bali weather in May is very comfortable and even when it does rain, it won’t normally rain all day long – only for an hour or two before you’re back on the beach with a cold drink in hand.

Is It Windy In Bali In May?

It can be windy at the end of the rainy season but it won’t be windy most of the time in May, in fact, there may be a gentle onshore breeze in the later part of the month which helps you feel cool in the heat.

What Is The Humidity In Bali In May?

It’s always humid in Bali and in May the average humidity is about 80%.

What Season Is It In Bali In May?

It’s the shoulder season which means it’s part dry season and part rainy season in May. However, the rainy season is coming to an end and the dry season is beginning which means the weather keeps getting better as the month progresses.

You can compare this to the April weather in Bali which is completely in the rainy season. 

What’s The Weather Like In Bali In May/June?

It’s very pleasant and it’s one of the most popular times of year to visit Bali. June is much busier than May as the school holidays begin and many of the attractions can become quite crowded. (You can find out more about the June Weather in Bali in our guide). 

You may find that you get better deals on hotels and flights in May than during June as it’s still officially part of the low season, whereas June is peak season in Bali.

Is May Part Of The Dry Season In Bali?

Part of May is part of the dry season in Bali but it’s also part of the rainy season.

How Should I Book A May Holiday In Bali?

We always recommend visiting Bali and booking your holiday through the excellent folks at the Bali Res Centre, a locally owned and operated travel service.

Because they specialize in Balinese travel, they can ensure that when you visit Bali, you get the best rates on hotels, flights, and tours and you get to see everything that you want to see.

It’s also a good way to support the local economy and ensure your money stays here in Bali rather than going offshore to a multinational corporation’s bank account.

Final Thoughts On Bali Weather, May

Bali’s dry season is one of the most popular times to come to the island and while the start of the month can see high season prices thanks to the school holidays, by the middle of the month you can enjoy beach parties and sunny days galore at lower prices than at other times of the season.

While technically, May might be described as the “shoulder season, in reality, you can expect mainly dry weather and little of the worst of the rainy season.

Of course, when you visit Bali in May, you’re going to want to spend some time at FINNS, the world’s best beach club. We’re here in the wet season and dry season to welcome you to the island and ensure you have a great time.