Suci Siren has explored her desire in art of singing over the last 10 years independently. Born 26 years ago in Singaraja within a family without any artistic source except her father used to sing for traditional ceremonies and festivities. Her action determine her establishment towards hate and skepticism on her early childhood. Struggling from a self-taught method into encompassed a wide range of presence including that of band performer and professional singer at private events, weddings and live personal appearance around Bali. The shy-introvert Balinese girl transformed into a fearless woman on stage.
Her career in music has lead her singing overseas (China, Philippines, Maldives) and experience working with some of the most genius and talented DJs/Band Member.

She further well known and listed as one of the best local vocalist in the island owing to her strong and powerful vocal character.
Highly experienced bringing her own music; classic, RnB and soul genres background into her own style of voice. Suci Siren convey a sense of joy and mesmerizing energetic ambiance.



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