Suci Siren, born in 1997, has explored her desire in art of singing over the pas decade independently. Suci found her interest in music early in her childhood and since then has started learning how to improve her skills on her own.

As she started to take her passion seriously, Suci began her career by being involved in a band and professional singer at private events, weddings, and personal live appearances around Bali. Her career in music has also led her to sing overseas (China, Philippines, Maldives) and experience working with some of the most genius and talented DJs/Band Members.

She is now listed as one of the best local vocalists in the island with her strong and powerful vocal character. Highly experienced in bringing her own style of mix between classic, R&B, and soul genres in her performances, Suci Siren convey a sense of joy and mesmerizing energetic ambiance