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Just because you are away from home doesn’t mean that you have to miss your favourite team play. At Finns, we have one of Bali’s best sports bars, located inside Finns Recreation Club. The best part is, you don’t have to be a member to enjoy the sports bar. Members do receive discounts on food and drinks, but our Sports Bar is open to everyone, with the region’s and world’s biggest sporting events on our 10 huge TVs. The beers are always cold, and the air conditioning is always on, so book your spot to watch your favourite teams play today!

Canggu Sports Bar: Bali’s best sports bar is at Finns Rec Club 

Think all sports bars are made the same? Think again! Being an island that welcomes tourists from all over the world, Bali certainly has its share of sports fans. At almost any time of day, you can find a sporting event, whether you’re following Australian, Asian, European or American time zones. 

Check our schedule online to see what is showing every single day. 

Our Sports Bar caters to sports enthusiasts who want to watch their favourite games in a cool and lively atmosphere. Here are other reasons why you should watch your teams with us:

Ample space and comfort. There’s no shortage of space with our high tables and bar seasons giving everyone ample space and comfort. Our 10 enormous TV screens are positioned in a way that can be easily viewed from any seat, and our quality sound systems make the overall environment enjoyable for patrons.

Wide range of viewing options. You won’t miss a minute of the game or have your view blocked with 10 TVs and screens, allowing for multiple teams and games to show at the same time. We’ve got you covered with multiple live-streaming capabilities so no one misses out on their favoured sport or game. 

A great selection of food and drinks. One of the best things about sports bars is the food! We have a wide selection of items on offer from bistro.c, so you can enjoy your breakfast, lunch or dinner, depending on what time your game is on. We also have a selection of ice-cold beers on tap in the bottle or ask the bartender for your favourite game-time cocktail.

Atmosphere. Nothing brings people together like sports, whether in the agreement or a friendly rivalry. Bali attracts sports fans from every walk of life and all corners of the world, and everyone is welcome at Finns. At Finns, everyone can come together and cheer or jeer and enjoy the lively sports atmosphere. 

Location. Finns Rec Club is in the heart of Berawa, very easily accessible from all corners, from Canggu to Seminyak. It’s a central meeting spot, and very easy to find so everyone can gather here with no problems of getting lost or long travel.

Finns facilities and venues. Don’t just come for the game and leave. You’ll be missing out on everything else that Finns has to offer. Head over to Splash for some water slide action, and enjoy some time in the 25m pool. You can also go for a game of bowling at Strike, flying and jumping at Bounce, or even slip into a world of virtual reality at White Rabbit VR. If watching athletes gets you motivated, then you can also hit the gym at the Fitness Centre or spend some time on the boxing, tennis or basketball courts.

Special events and promotions. The bar should offer special events and promotions that coincide with major sporting events or notable fixtures. This includes happy hours, game-day specials, and custom promotions for fans.

Bring the kids. Sports bars aren’t typically the best place for kids, and we understand that too, but you can still bring them to Finns, where they will have a ball. They can go to Splash Water Park or Bounce Trampoline Centre, or you can also drop them off at Cubby House Kids Club, where they will be fully supervised and have plenty of options for hands-on activities, movies, toys, games and more.

In summary, a great sports bar should offer patrons a comfortable and engaging environment to watch live games with friends while enjoying quality food and drinks. A great bar should be strategically located, fan-friendly, offer a wide selection of viewing options, and frequently offer special events and promotions for fans.

Canggu Sports Bar: What to watch at Finns

What are the most popular sports to watch at Finns? It depends on the time of year, but the games or events that bring in the biggest crowds, and you’ll find on the TVs at Finns, are below. 

UFC. UFC is easily one of the most popular sports to follow in Bali. UFC is mixed martial arts (MMA) that produces high-energy and fast adrenaline fights between athletes from different disciplines. It has gained popularity because of its intense and exciting fighting style, competitive matchups and unique personalities of fighters. It’s an all-year-round sport. Since most of the fights are live from Las Vegas or in the USA on Saturday evenings, they are life in Bali on Sunday mornings. Sunday mornings watching fights over brunch and eggs, with beers or bloody marys, have become a regular part of Bali life.

AFL. AFL, or Australian Football League, is a professional football league in Australia. With Australians being a major audience in Bali, AFL is incredibly popular here. Most, if not all, of the matches will be shown on TVs where there are a lot of tourists, including at our bar in Finns. If you aren’t Australian, you might not be familiar with the rules since it is a unique and highly entertaining sport, combining elements of soccer, rugby, and American football. Matches are played from late March to late September, with finals held in October.

NRL. NRL, or National Rugby League, is the premier rugby league competition in Australia. The fans are passionate and easy to spot here in Bali. The league features 16 teams from across Australia and New Zealand. NRL games are played between March and October, with the finals held in September. The game is popular and fast and has become a source of national pride and fierce rivalries, creating a very lively atmosphere at sports bars, including our watering hole at Finns Sports Bar.

Premier League. No matter where you are in the world, you can find fans of the English Premier League, and that includes along the shores of Bali. It is a professional football league competition featuring 20 club teams from England, with each team playing 38 games. It is widely regarded as one of the most popular and successful leagues in football history. It has global appeal, and players are regarded as some of the biggest stars in the world. The league runs from August to May each year, with the winner securing the Premier League trophy.

World sporting events. There are some sports and events that bring the world together, and we’ll show them at Finns. This includes the World Cup, the Olympics, Wimbledon or Australian Open, the Super Bowl, State of Origin, the F1 Grand Prix, and even the PGA Masters, and more. 

We show all the major events on our TVs, so you can either check our schedule online or ask our team about a certain event or game. We’ll save you a seat and keep your beer cold at Finns!

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