The Best Escape Rooms Bali: Your Guide To The Ultimate Escape Game Adventure On The Island

The escape room concept has only recently arrived in Bali and there aren’t a huge number of rooms to choose from on the island as yet.

However, we went out to find where you can enjoy a great escape game with a game master who speaks English and this is what we discovered.

The Best Escape Games For Mind Boggling Puzzles And To Encounter Surprises In Bali

Pandora Experience Escape Room Bali

This is a completely next-level game of hidden chambers, secret passages, and intriguing puzzles that you complete as a group as you solve tasks and protect your friends.

It’s highly recommended for a family day out or for small team-building exercises.

You do not need to book in advance to take part in their programs (which include Legends of El Dorado, Neverland, Alcatraz – Freedom is an Illusion, Area 51, and Shutter Asylum and they add new programs all the time, so make sure to check their website for additional information) which means you should be familiar with the cancellation policy before you part with any cash.

There is an official minimum age limit for participants of 8 years (though we suspect they might flex a little around that) as long as the child is accompanied by an adult and this escape game at the Pandora Experience is not recommended for pregnant women (there are some jump scares involved).

The experience can last up to 2 hours and in our experience, you might need every second of that 2 hours to figure things out.

If you hunt around online you can often get a special price for the entry tickets for this attraction.

Where Is It? Jl. Dewi Sri No.45 D, Legian, Kec. Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361, Indonesia

Online: Pandora


SOS From The Deep

This excellent escape game is situated in Sanur and it’s very much aimed at team-building exercises as well as family and friend groups.

Its themes are more mature than at the Pandora Experience and you need to be over 14 to enter without adults but they will allow children as young as 6 to participate if they are accompanied.

To tackle the secret passages and hidden chambers of this game, you need a minimum of two payers and you won’t be allowed to undertake the challenge if you visit on your own, unfortunately.

The theme here is the local marine environment and you will learn alot about the plight of turtles and how the local people are working to alleviate that plight.

Where Is It? Jl. Bet Ngandang II No.88-89, Sanur, Denpasar Selatan, Kota Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia

Online: SOS From The Deep

Closed Escape Room Experiences In Bali

Bali Escape/X Indonesia

This place appears to have died during the pandemic. Their Facebook and Instagram haven’t been updated in 2 years, their website is offline.

Dusty Escape Room

We can only find ghost-like traces of this escape game anywhere online. It might not even have launched due to the pandemic. Certainly, we are positive that it’s not around now.


Where Is The Best Escape Room In The World?

This is a highly subjective question and we’re not sure that there’s a definitive answer. However, we will note that during our research the fun games in the Netherlands all seem to come near the top of every list of game experiences.

So, keep an eye out for The Laboratory, Sherlocked-The-Vault, and Mama Bazooka next time you’re in the mood for a holiday among the tulips.

Why Are Escape Rooms So Expensive?

We suspect that you wouldn’t ask this question if you’d been behind the scenes and in the various settings for these games around the world.

To manage one of these attractions is a lot of work. They need to write the storyline and ensure that the experience is challenging without being impossible, they often develop videos and other supporting materials, the rooms themselves need setting up and then resetting after each use, they need to be safe for children, the mysteries need to enjoyable and so on.

In fact, once you start digging these services are actually very reasonably priced. Sure, they make a profit, that’s why they are in business, but they aren’t a license to print money.

What Is The Most Difficult Escape Room?

The most difficult room in Bali is the Pandora Experience but the most difficult room in the world is Fractured in Melbourne according to a recent poll.

How Old Do You Have To Be To Go To The Pandora Escape Room?

You must be over 12 to go to the Pandora Experience on your own and over the age of 8 to go with an adult.

What Is The Pandora Experience?

The Pandora Experience is an escape room in Bali.

It’s the best known of these attractions on the island and a great place for team-building, family fun and for events such as hen’s nights and bucks’ dos (before the drinking starts).

On your visit, you complete puzzles as a group, uncover hints and work your way through an episode of mystery and fun.

It has the best online reviews here on the island and we thought it was a high-quality experience.

Which Country Has The Most Escape Rooms?

On a per capita basis Israel and the Netherlands have the most rooms per person. However, for now, the runaway leader in total number of rooms is the USA with over 6,000 rooms!

How To Book A Holiday To Tour Bali’s Escape Rooms?

We always recommend that you book a holiday in Bali and any tours, flights, accomodation, etc. through the lovely folks at Bali Res Centre.

They are a local travel operator that specializes in Balinese travel and they can ensure that you get to enjoy all the experiences here that you want to, in the way that you want to.

Final Thoughts On The Thrilling Journey Of Escape Rooms In Bali

If you’re in the mood for some surprises and puzzles, then the escape room settings here in Bali won’t let you down.

Sure, we don’t have as many rooms as the Netherlands but the ones we do have are fun and interesting experiences for everyone.

Once you’ve managed to solve the puzzles, we recommend you head to FINNS Beach Club, the world’s best beach club, for a few post-puzzle drinks and to enjoy the sunset over the Indian Ocean.