The Ultimate Guide To Bali Power Sockets, Plugs & Outlets

You’re bound to be wondering when you pack for your Bali adventure: “What plug adapter should I bring with me?” Fortunately, our guide to power sockets, plugs and outlets will ensure you always have the right plug adapter on the island.

What Plug Types Do They Use In Bali?

There are two different plug types that you will find in common use in Bali

They are both two-pin plugs, but they have slightly different designs.

Is There A Standard Bali Plug Type?

You will find that plugs in Bali are either a:

  • Plug Type C which has two round pins that slide into the wall in the same way that a standard European plug does. This plug is both ungrounded and unpolarized. These plugs tend to be used with equipment that draws at most 2.5 amps.
  • Plug Type F has two round pins but two earth clips on the side of this Bali power plug for additional safety. This is a more modern plug and tends to be found in newer buildings. The Plug Type F typically has the advantage that if it’s only partially inserted in the socket, anyone touching the prongs won’t be given an electric shock because of the two earth clips.

If you have European plugs on your electronic gear, they will fit into any Bali Power plug socket and you shouldn’t need an adapter.

Travellers from Europe from the UK, Ireland, Cyprus and Malta won’t be as lucky as they don’t use a Type C plug-in in those countries.

Please note that two-pin plugs with flat or rectangular prongs cannot be used with sockets in Bali. You will need an adapter to plug them in safely.

Under no circumstances should you force a pin into a socket it wasn’t designed for. You will most likely break the plug if you do.

What Power Supply Do They Use In Bali?

The power supply used in Bali is a 230 Volt supply with a standard 50 Hz frequency modulation.

That’s also good news for people from European countries because not only will their gear fit Bali power plug Type C and Bali power plug Type F sockets, but their power plugs won’t need any voltage modification as the island uses essentially the same voltage as they already use.

Do I Need A Voltage Converter In Bali?

It depends on two things: where you are from and what device you’re going to plug into Bali Power.

People from Australia, Europe, the UK and any other country (and that’s most countries) that uses a 220-240 Voltage system don’t need to worry about a convertor.

Americans May Need One

Americans, on the other hand, may need to bring a converter. Many modern electric appliances have a converter built into them (such as a laptop) and it’s fine if you don’t use a separate converter.

However, other devices still need to be built in this facility. If you’re in doubt and from a country that uses 100-120 Volt systems, it’s best to use a converter between your device and the supply.

Do I Need To Bring A Plug Adapter To Bali?

If your power plugs have two round pins in a standard European plug format, you will not need a travel adapter to Bali as the plug will fit in both Type F and Type C sockets.

A travel adapter is a good idea if you have a plug not in this format, such as the rectangular or square plugs used in the UK and Australia.

Adapters for charing smartphones
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Go For A Universal Design

We recommend buying a universal travel adapter plug to convert any plug type to any other.

You can take this travel adapter with you anywhere and never have to worry about whether you have the same plug as the locals use.

For those who missed bringing an adapter to Bali, there’s good news: Adapters are widely available and cheap.

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Consider An Extension Cable

If you want more than one plug, buying an extension cable with multiple sockets that you can plug into the travel adapter and then run from the outlet to wherever you want in the room is best.

You will probably want to buy this in advance as if you buy one in Bali. It’s likely to be designed to provide plug sockets for Bali power outlets.

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Do Buy A Surge Protector

Power is reasonably reliable in Bali, but it’s not perfect and that means if you plug devices directly into the local supply, you may be risking the long-term health of the device.

If the power surges, it can damage your plug. The good news is that you can buy a “surge protector” that goes between your device and the supply and acts rather like a fuse by first modulating the power to the device and eventually breaking the circuit if the surge becomes dangerous.

Surge protector
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Do I Need A UPS For My Computer?

Digital nomads will normally be fine in Bali as power outages aren’t that common and your laptop’s battery will probably last long enough if there is an outage. So, no, you don’t need a UPS.


Is Bali Plug the Same As Australia?

Australia typically uses a three-pin plug with two diagonally slanted rectangular pins and a third pin running vertically.

Bali plugs are in a Type C or Type F European style with two entirely round pins (and the Type F has clips on the side for Earthing).

Most Australians must bring a travel adapter if they want their electrical appliances usable in Bali.

What Power Plug Does Indonesia Use?

The rest of Indonesia uses the same Type C and Type F plugs as Bali. That means you don’t need to use a different adapter if you’re going to travel elsewhere in the archipelago.

The whole of Indonesia is also on a standard 230 Volt supply.

What Is Type C Plug?

This is a standard European-style plug that is used in many countries around the world.

You’ll find it in Bali and Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong in Southeast Asia.

Do I Need A Voltage Converter In Indonesia?

You should always check the required voltage for your devices before you use them overseas.

However, most of the world uses 220 Volt to 240 Volt power supplies. If that’s the case, you don’t need a converter in Indonesia, as your devices already use a similar supply.

You may need a converter if you come from one of the countries, like the USA, that uses a 100-120 Volt system.

Much depends on whether or not your devices have a built-in converter in the plugs they use (many do, but many still need to). Check with the device manufacturer if you need more clarification on this.

Final Thoughts On Powering Devices In Bali

It’s easy to power your devices in Bali and if you need to remember to bring an adapter, it’s easy to buy one here. However, most people only find a travel adapter handy if their devices already have European Type C and F plugs.

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