A Finns Bali membership offers access, exclusive benefits and discounts at Finns Bali’s comprehensive range of facilities. Including the island’s premier entertainment, leisure, co-working, fitness & sporting venue, Finns Recreation Club.

Set across 2 internationally awarded locations – The Finns Recreation & Beach Clubs – offer tourists, families, business travelers and expats alike endless opportunities for socialising, daily activities, pampering and networking. Becoming a member of Finns Bali provides you an unparalleled level of benefits and access to our facilities.

Finns Bali members come from around the world and comprise both the expat and local community as well as regular visitors to beautiful Bali. Finns offers a variety of membership options.

The perfect choice to enjoy Finns Beach Club and Finns VIP Beach Club to the fullest while you are in the island of Gods for holiday. Guest memberships are ideal for short term visitors who plan to relax & unwind at the World’s Best Beach club, meet new people, play social sports, or simply enjoy a variety of discounts across many fun activities at Finns.

Lifestyle Membership is the best way to enjoy all that Finns has to offer. Work, gym, play & socialise in style.

Expect the best of Bali, enjoy unrestricted access to our coworking hub, gym, tennis centre, enjoy free yoga and fitness classes, get pampered at our day spas, and spoiled with VIP treatment at the world’s largest beach club in what is truly the most enviable lifestyle you’ll ever know.

This is your chance to market your villa or business as coming with it’s own ‘Finns Bali’ membership. This membership will not only enable you to offer your guests access to the Recreation & Beach Club, it will boost your marketing & overall activity. Platinum membership cards are interchangeable making them the perfect compliment to your business – increase your value proposition to potential and returning clients.


Visit the Membership Desk located at Finns Recreation or Finns Beach Club.
Phone: + 62 361 848 3939

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