Do NYE 2023 tickets come with a food & beverage credit?
No, NYE 2023 tickets are a ticket only purchase.

Can I buy a ticket with cash or card on the door?
Yes, ticket sales will be available at the door with EFTPOS facilities, provided the event is not already sold out. FINNS events historically sell out prior to the event, so online purchase of tickets is highly recommended.

My daughter is 17 – can she attend?
No, this is an 18+ event.

Do we have to arrive when the event starts at 2pm?
You are welcome to arrive anytime from 2pm. Doors open at 2pm. No entry after 12am. Event finishes at 2am.

Can I leave to go home and shower and change and then come back?
No, pass-outs are not allowed for this event.

Is there a dress code?
Regular FINNS Beach Club dress code applies. For Males: T-shirt, shorts/board shorts and thongs/sandals at a minimum for entry. For Females: top, shorts/skirt/sarong and footwear/thongs/sandals at a minimum for entry.

What do I need to show for entry to the NYE 2023?
Please make sure you have a copy of your ticket which you can print or present electronically. ID may also be requested.

What if we aren’t all arriving together but have purchased 1 ticket?
Please make sure everyone in your group has a physical or electronic copy of the ticket to present at check-in. Each person in your group will be checked in individually and a count of who has entered from your ticket logged.

Will there be parking available?
Off Site parking will be available for cars and scooters within walking distance to FINNS Beach Club.

Can I swim in all pools with a GA ticket?
GA has access to the FINNS Beach Party Pool and FINNS Beach Club pool. The VIP pool is reserved for VIP ticket holders.

What if it rains? Do you have any undercover areas?
Tickets with rain protection are available.

Are towels included with the VIP Beds?
Yes, one towel per person is included with VIP Beds.

What food & beverage service can we expect with a VIP Bed?
Bottle service and special VIP event menu.

What food & beverage service can we expect with a GA Ticket?
There are numerous food & bar stations to purchase food & drinks from throughout the event.

I have a tattoo behind my ear, will I be allowed in?
Please refer to our policy below. If your tattoo is outside the red line you are OK.

2023 face tattoo 02


NYE 2023 is a cashless event

What is cashless?
Cashless is a method of payment that helps improve the customer service experience. You’ll spend less time in queues, less time worrying about cash, less time concerned with fraud and theft, and most importantly, more time enjoying the evening! Your wristband acts as your wallet.

How do I get my wristband?
You will receive your wristband when you arrive and present your ticket.

How do I load funds onto my wristband?
To load funds onto your wristband, visit one of the top-up points onsite at the venue. You can’t top up before the event.

How do I purchase items during the evening?
Simply tap your wristband at any of the outlets at the venue to pay for your order and the amount due will be deducted.

Can I use cash or credit card to make purchases at the event?
No, cashless will be the only payment method for this event.

How will I know how much credit I’ve got left on my wristband?
You can request a balance check when you make a transaction or at a top-up point.

What if I lose my wristband?
If your wristband is lost or stolen, you can get a replacement. However, please keep in mind that your wristband is similar to cash. This means we can issue a new wristband, but your credit will be lost. You will need to display your e-ticket to claim a new wrist band once inside the venue.

Can I transfer my money to someone else’s wristband?
No, your credit is not transferable.

How long is the wristband valid for?
The wristband is only valid for purchases for the NYE 2023 only.
No leftover credit is able to be spent the day after.

What if I have credit left on my wristband after the event?
Reclaim unspent funds by visiting a top-up point. You will be able to cash out your wristband credit at FINNS until 11pm on Monday, 1st January 2024. Maximum 1 wristband per person. Wristband must still be on the person’s wrist. No refunds for broken or cut wristbands.

What if I have any questions about cashless?
If you have further questions, ask any of the cashless staff at the venue. If you require further information, send an email to [email protected]